How to Integrate PayPal With GoDaddy

One of the useful features GoDaddy offers is the option to use various payment methods on your website, including Square, Stripe, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Integrating these checkout systems on your ecommerce website makes purchasing simple and quick for your customers.

So how do you link your PayPal business account to your GoDaddy website? Read on to find out.

How to Integrate Your PayPal Business Account With GoDaddy

The following instructions provide step-by-step details on integrating a PayPal checkout system with your GoDaddy Ecommerce Plan website.

Note that this is distinct from adding a PayPal button, which you can do with any GoDaddy plan, or accepting payments for online appointments, which is available on the Premium Plan.

  1. Log in to GoDaddy.
  2. Go to the Product Page.
  3. Scroll down until you see Website Builder.
  4. Click Manage next to the website or store you want to integrate with PayPal.

    How to integrate PayPal with GoDaddy.

  5. In the Dashboard, click Settings.
  6. Click Payments under Store.
  7. Click Connect next to PayPal.
  8. Follow the prompts.
  9. Sign in to your existing PayPal Business account.
  10. If you don’t already have a PayPal Business account, you can create one from this window.

You will need a PayPal business account in order to integrate it with GoDaddy. Personal accounts do not offer this functionality.

Closing Thoughts and Resources

Integrating your PayPal business account with your GoDaddy ecommerce website is simple and quick, and it will open doors to convenient payment for your customers.

If you plan to start a new business, here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

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