Pagecloud Pricing and Plans for Small Businesses

Pagecloud is an intuitive, code-free, drag-and-drop website builder that's perfect for both small and big businesses alike. In this article, we will explore Pagecloud premium plans, including core offerings and pricing, so you can decide which will best meets the needs of your business.

With this information, you can be sure that whichever option you select will have all of the features you need at a cost that balances with your budget.

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Before You Begin

Pagecloud pricing and plans screenshot.

Pagecloud automatically includes a 14-day free trial for everyone who signs up for a Pagecloud account— with no credit card necessary— allowing you to build your site for free. However, to publish your website you have to purchase a premium plan. It’s crucial that you have an understanding of the features included in each plan before you make a purchase.

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Pagecloud Website Plans

Pagecloud pricing and plans

Pagecloud has a wide range of offerings for those looking to create a website for their business— whether big or small. Its plans include the “Small Business” plan, “Business” plan, and “Pro” plan. Each has its own unique features and ideal customer— so be sure to assess your needs to find your perfect match. 

All Website Plans Include

  • Templates and section libraries - thousands of carefully curated sections using the most beautiful templates available.
  • Customizable forms - turn your engagement into business using countless customizable forms to interact with your customers.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - the best SEO tools to help your business appear front and center across the web.

Pagecloud pricing and plans screenshot.

Pagecloud Small Business Plan

Pricing: The Small Business plan begins at $19/month when billed annually, with the option of monthly billing at $24/month.

Ideal Users: The Small Business plan is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to create an effective and functional website.

  • One site - for those who are looking to keep their focus on one small business or portfolio.
  • 1 TB of bandwidth/month - super-high bandwidth will ensure that your website operates smoothly and runs quickly for visitors. 
  • 100 pages - plenty of room to create a website that offers all of the information your customers will need about your business. 
  • 1,000 form submissions/month - allows you to field inquiries from up to 1,000 customers a month.
  • Two team members - allows you to add two colleagues to contribute to the site as admins, bloggers, or editors.
  • Free custom domain, $15 value - lets you select your own custom domain to use for your website.
  • Free Google Workspace, $75 value - access to a collection of cloud computing and collaboration tools to help grow your small business.
  • Expert Chat Support - should you ever need expert support, Pagecloud offers 24/7 chat support

Pagecloud Business Plan — Most Popular

Pricing: The Business plan begins at $29/month when billed annually, creating a savings of a whopping $120 a year when compared to monthly billing at $39.

Ideal Users: The Business plan is perfect for those with bigger businesses, bigger teams, and higher customer volume— with all the additional requirements that go with them.

  • Everything offered by the Small Business plan - the same great offerings and more.
  • 200 pages - expanded space makes this plan ideal for those who use their website as a resource for clients and customers.
  • 5,000 form submissions/month - allows you to field a higher volume of inquiries; perfect for those operating with a substantial client base.
  • Ten team members - ideal for those with more expansive leadership roles or those using their site as a blog or informational tool.

Pagecloud Pro Plan

Pricing: The Pro plan can be billed either monthly at $65 or annually at $50 a month. Purchasing annually results in a savings of $180 per year.

Ideal Users: The Pro plan is a great option for marketing teams and agencies, as well as freelancers and anyone looking to represent multiple brands or accommodate a high volume of visitors.

  • Everything included in the previous two plans
  • Five sites - for companies working with subsidiaries or anyone needing to represent multiple brands.
  • 2 TB bandwidth/month - for providing the most high-performance, high-speed experience possible to visitors.
  • Unlimited pages - perfect for those whose business is research and information, or anyone looking to build an expansive website without limitations
  • 10,000 form submissions/month - for those operating with high-volume client requests, this option provides ample space to field inquiries.
  • Priority response - for those who need quick resolution for on-site maintenance issues.
  • Site migration services - great for those looking to migrate an existing site to Pagecloud’s web design and hosting platform.

Pagecloud Ecommerce Plans

Pagecloud pricing and plans screenshot.

In addition to its website building and editing software, Pagecloud has an extensive set of ecommerce tools to help develop and grow your digital storefront. Each plan comes with a variety of features tailored to the needs of your business— regardless of its size.

All Ecommerce Plans Include

  • Access to web design tools - each ecommerce plan includes the corresponding website plan at no additional cost.
  • Coupons and discounts - reward returning customers and offer new customers deals with Pagecloud coupons and discounts.
  • Optimized for Google  - Google optimization with the inclusion of microdata for products. 
  • Advanced shipping - organize and streamline your shipping routine and these advancaed Pagecloud shipping features.
  • Customer accounts - allow your customers to build a community on your website with their own accounts, as well as preserving data for quicker checkouts. 

Pagecloud pricing and plans screenshot.

Pagecloud Starter Plan

Pricing: The Starter plan includes everything offered with the Small Business plan and is priced at $29/month when billed annually. Users can also opt to bill monthly at $39.

Ideal Users: The Starter plan is a great option for owners of a small business startup and those looking to sell a limited retail selection.

  • Ecommerce - seamlessly conduct business and make sales online.
  • 100 products - list up to 100 products on your virtual storefront.
  • Digital goods 100 MB per file - upload and sell digital goods, like ebooks or other media files, up to 100 MB per file.
  • Sell services - take payments for services sold over your website.
  • Accept donations - accept donations for your nonprofit or charity.
  • No transaction fees - enjoy zero fees on every transaction.
  • Gift cards (2% commission) - offer gift cards to customers at a low commission rate.
  • Free SSL certificates - provide customers with the highest degree of security with free SSL certificates.

Pagecloud Advanced Plan — Most Popular

Pricing: Users who purchase the Advanced plan have the option of billing monthly at $69, but can save $240 a year by opting for annual billing, priced at $49 a month.

Ideal Users: The Advanced plan is a great option for those with larger retail stores, as well as business owners who are looking to integrate across a variety of platforms while maintaining a polished, high-performance website.

  • Everything included in the Starter plan
  • 2500 products - an expanded product inventory perfect for those with a larger selection of retail goods.
  • Digital goods 1 GB per file - great for those selling digital resources that require larger file sizes.
  • Gift cards (1% commission) - reduced commission on gift cards over the Starter plan.
  • Mailchimp & automated email marketing - ability to create a business email and send automated marketing emails.
  • Sell on Amazon & eBay - ability to integrate Amazon and eBay to maximize profits.
  • Scheduled order pickup - coordinate with customers for in-store and curbside pickup.
  • Product filters - give customers the option of filtering products to find exactly what they need.
  • Product variations - help customers find similar products when the one they searched for is unavailable.
  • Automatic abandoned cart recovery - automatically recover carts when visitors return to your website after disconnecting.
  • Staff order notes - allow customers to leave a message for staff when placing an order.
  • Multilingual catalog - make your selection available to a multilingual audience.
  • Wholesale pricing groups - group products together by price when sold wholesale.
  • Discounts for customer groups - offer discounts to customer groups, including military families and seniors. 
  • Volume discounts and multi-tier prices - offer discounts based on the volume of the order and other sliding scale pricing options.

Pagecloud Unlimited Plan

Pricing: The Unlimited plan’s pricing options include paying annually at $89 per month, as well as monthly billing for $99.

Ideal Users: The Unlimited plan is the perfect option for business collectives, corporate structures with multiple subsidiaries, and any business that experiences high traffic and high-volume sales.

  • Everything included in the previous two plans
  • Unlimited products - perfect for those with an exceptionally large inventory.
  • Digital goods 10 GB per file - for those selling large files, including video content and resource materials.
  • Gift cards (no fees) - zero fees at this plan tier.
  • POS systems including Square, Clover, Alice  - excellent for those with a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Get Started with Pagecloud for Free

With a free 14-day trial automatically included without the need for a debit or credit card, you can immediately get started building your Pagecloud website with no risk. If you don’t love the website you build, you can simply choose not to purchase a plan.

After reading this article, you should have a thorough idea of Pagecloud’s pricing setup, as well as the features included with each product. Once you’ve decided which plan is right for your business, navigate over to Pagecloud and purchase the plan best suited to your web design and ecommerce needs.

To figure out how to build a website in just a few hours using Pagecloud, follow the steps listed in our How To Build A Pagecloud Website guide.

With a seemingly endless supply of beautiful templates, you can create a visually stunning, highly functional website over the course of a single afternoon. To get started, visit the Pagecloud website and create an account.

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