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Pagecloud Website Examples For Small Businesses

The Pagecloud website builder offers a simple, cost-effective tool that pairs beautifully designed templates with unmatched visual-editing software to help you quickly create a high-performance website without coding.

Use these 10 best Pagecloud websites to inspire you to make your own small business website.

Learn what you’ll need to build the best website for your business by reading our How to Make a Website guide.

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10 Beautiful Pagecloud Website Examples

The main benefit of the Pagecloud website builder is how easy it is to use. With a simple, drag-and-drop format, you can easily build a functional and professional website in just a few hours— without the need for code or help from a professional designer.

Use these Pagecloud examples to provide inspiration for your own business website.

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Use these informative articles to find out if Pagecloud is the right fit for your small business website:

1. Endjinn (Automation Services Company)

Pagecloud website examples.

The Endjinn website uses high-contrast, color images to create a sleek, industrial look that elevates its brand with a sense of sophistication.

The bold, bright fonts improve this website’s legibility while careful use of Pagecloud’s “Buttons” feature makes it easy to navigate without sacrificing its aesthetic cohesiveness.

Make sure your business branding and website are cohesive. Read our guides for Best Website Fonts and Choosing a Great Color Palette.

2. Prudence Takle (Wedding and Event Planner)

Pagecloud website examples.

This Australia-based planner of weddings and other events beautifully balances text and images on her Prudence Takle website with a modified version of Pagecloud’s “Pixie” template. The pastel background makes the site’s text and images stand out while also creating a light and airy color palette consistent with the business’s branding.

This website also makes ample use of Pagecloud’s social media integration tools, maximizing engagement across multiple platforms while creating a polished and professional site.

3. Property By Ashley (Real Estate Agent)

Pagecloud website examples.

Ashley Lew created an image-forward design for her Property By Ashley real estate business website. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are used to accent content — this includes text with information about Ashley Lew’s brand and the real estate market to help engage the visitor’s attention, while keeping the experience personal with casual, relaxed photos of the agent. 

This website uses a modified form of Pagecloud’s “Northern” template, allowing Lew to connect her social media feed as well as provide plenty of images and great aesthetic design.

4. Buck & Beard (Barbershop)

Pagecloud website examples.

With dedicated pages for each of its staff members, Buck & Beard barbershop built a team-focused website that prominently highlights their skills. It also features images of their services and the results clients can expect from a visit.

This site also includes a simple, easy-to-use menu that allows clients to see the available products, services, and pricing. Online visitors can purchase the barbershop’s products via Pagecloud’s digital storefront and easily inquire about its services using the site’s contact page.

5. Bragi (Audio Products Company)

Pagecloud website examples.

The Bragi website pairs a custom-gradient background with multiple images to create a sophisticated, 3D effect consistent with its branding as a technology company. 

This site’s static header allows visitors to easily navigate the menu options while also directing them to brightly colored, CTA buttons built with Pagecloud’s “Buttons” feature.

6. Wheel Magic (Tire Repair Shop)

Pagecloud website examples.

The Wheel Magic website expertly conveys luxury with its use of high-contrast, high-quality images that epitomize the company’s branding as a provider of artisan wheel repair and refurbishment services. Bolded text and splashes of color balance well against this site’s various backgrounds for maximum legibility.

The site’s navigation menu features six items — “About,” “Services,” “Contact,” “Find Us,” “Gallery,” and “Sales” — so visitors know exactly what to expect from the company and how to get in touch.

7. Capital Angel Network (Angel Investment Firm)

Pagecloud website examples.

Capital Angel Network (CAN) opted for efficiency with a straightforward, minimalist site design that pairs muted tones with an effective pop of neon green color. This balanced, professional website also features a few stylistic touches like drop-shadows on buttons and cards to create a hovering effect.

This angel investment firm demonstrates that even the simplest Pagecloud websites can look elegant.

8. Hydrastash (Apparel Company)

Pagecloud website examples.

The Hydrastash website capitalizes on the brand’s water theme with blue-toned images and blue accents, including fonts and underlines. This creates ultra-consistent branding throughout the site. 

This website also effectively conveys information about the company’s technology. It not only features an expansive menu with options like “Products,” “Partners,” and “Tutorials,” but also helps visitors learn about the business and shop for goods using Pagecloud’s ecommerce features.

9. HIRIE (Performing Artist)

Musicians and other performing artists must put their image at the forefront of their careers — which is exactly what HIRIE did with her custom website design. Using “Songkick Integration” to share tour dates and sell tickets to fans, HIRIE makes ample use of Pagecloud’s ecommerce features.

This site also sells retail products, which visitors can easily find by clicking on the eye-catching, neon-pink, CTA prompt built with the Pagecloud website builder’s “Buttons” feature.

10. Los Pérez (Filmmaking Company)

Pagecloud website examples.

Perhaps the most artistic and unique example on this list, the Los Pérez website features a series of graphics Interchange format (GIF) files to create a visual experience for videophile visitors.

Serving as a portfolio for the two directors, this site keeps it simple with a short biography and a gallery that showcases their work. The site’s navigation menu also includes a link to a “Press” page that allows visitors to browse the duo’s earned media placements.

Final Thoughts

These 10 websites represent businesses from a variety of industries, demonstrating that everyone from technology companies to real estate agents and musicians trust Pagecloud to satisfy their website-building needs. We hope you use these as inspiration to get started building your own business website.

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