Best YouTube Channel Logo Ideas

It is key to have your YouTube channel stand out in the eyes of your audience. That means grabbing their attention, and the best way to create a long-lasting impression is to create a face for your channel with a unique logo.

We've listed out the top YouTube channels and put together some helpful ideas to help you find the perfect inspiration for your YouTube channel’s logo. Using these simple tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to have an ideal logo.

Top 5 Famous YouTube Channels

Famous YouTube channels consistently strive to produce unique and engaging content. However, they also seek ways to attract new viewers and gain loyal subscribers. Finding a catchy channel name, designing a jaw-dropping logo, and creating fascinating video thumbnails all contribute towards credibility. These are some aspects you cannot ignore. Let's look at some YouTube channels and the reasons they have so much buzz around them.

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1. PewDiePie

Though this channel may not require an introduction, Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a PewDiePie, is a popular channel where Felix plays video games and gives comedic commentary in the background. His content is relatable, and the commentary covers viral internet memes and videos.

PewDiePie's logo is unique and original and is not something boring or casual. The logo depicts the “Pew” in “PewDiePie.” “Pew” is the exact cartoon sound of throwing a punch. Interestingly the logo creator also made use of a “punch” sticker within the channel's initial "P." The logo is a great example of putting up a relatable, informative logo. It is enough to hint at what viewers should expect from this channel, which is gaming and fun content.

2. Felipe Neto

Having over 39.5 million subscribers, Felipe Neto, a Brazilian vlogger, creates reactions to celebrity news and events in a comedic manner, typically using 60 frames per second, all in a home-based setting; that sure is pure talent.

With this YouTube channel logo, Felipe went with a classic and safe approach for his logo by using his name as the logo for his YouTube channel. This is a great tactic to use, especially when you wish to emphasize yourself. Felipe also went a bit further with his logo by including a cool cartoon version of his forehead emerging from right behind the logo, which makes it a bit creative at the same time rather than just using his name.

3. Buzzfeed: Tasty

One of the world's largest food networks with almost 20 million subscribers, this Buzzfeed channel was launched at the start of 2016. Tasty quickly rose to fame with its quick and delicious recipes, food video recreations, and fun challenges that chefs at Tasty accept, putting their culinary skills to the test and amazing viewers with the delicious outcomes.

Though Buzzfeed itself has been a credible entertainment channel, with plenty of sub-channels like Nifty and As/Is, this sub-channel Tasty, in particular, managed to gain recognition under its name, particularly because it is a food channel with recipes that may be more attractive to users. Not to mention its graphics (such as the logo) are well thought out and depicts the message of “food.”

Tasty has an adorable logo with a tall, fun font placed at the center of delicious food items such as donuts and strawberries. Considering it is a food channel, the fact that Tasty made use of various food items not only induced a lot of colors in the logo, making it attractive, but the food items also tied the concept of Tasty’s channel altogether.

4. Dude Perfect

With over 54 million subscribers, this American channel stems from the sports and comedy group based in Texas. The group comprises three sets of twins, all of whom were once roommates at Texas A&M University. Tyler Toney and his group of friends have collided to influence the lives of trick-shot enthusiasts everywhere. The channel surfaced in 2009, coming up with endless forms of pure entertainment. Since then, this channel has not stopped oozing creativity and hysteria.

The channel has a logo that is directly related to the name of the channel, Dude Perfect. It emphasizes the two initials of the channel "DP" (Dude Perfect). In terms of brand representation, this is smart for a comedic sports channel. The font used seems to be quite laid back and casual, almost something you would doodle at the back of your notebook, which makes sense since they all once were college students.

5. iiSuperwomanii

Lily Singh is the star of her show. Her bubbly and charming personality keeps viewers engaged and wanting more of her interesting content. The channel emerged in 2013 with the title “iisuperwomanii” also simply known as “superwoman.” Her channel has surpassed more than 15 million subscribers since she began her YouTube journey. Her comedic sketches and relatable content that sometimes features celebrities and influencers are something many people love.

Superwoman's logo is similar to that of DC's Superman, and judging by the name, consumers may expect a tough logo representing a superhero. However, it is quite the opposite, breaking stereotypes. It is neutralized with pastel colors of the rainbow and a unicorn pulling in from the background. The logo is a representation of Lily’s interests being put out in her logo, hence depicting her personality.

Popular Logotypes for Different Genres

Having a good logo is essential, as it is the channel icon and is one of the first noticeable things when visiting a YouTube channel. While every channel may differ greatly in terms of creativity and preferences, creating a logo is highly subjective. However, there are some notable similarities we've seen in some genres.

For instance, food channels are likely to have fun italic fonts with splashy colors and food items in the background. Entertainment channels commonly use initials that depict and emphasize the channel name and give off a playful atmosphere to viewers. On the other hand, art channels have a more artistic and abstract approach towards creating their YouTube logos, covers, and image displays to give off an artsy vibe.

Things to Consider While Creating a YouTube Logo

The concepts are endless, but the main string that ties a logo together is relevancy. Your logo must be relevant to the kind of content you are creating or should be able to depict your personality well. A relevant logo allows YouTubers to give viewers a hint at the kind of content they would expect to see from a YouTuber's channel. For instance, a food channel could make use of food items or kitchen utensils in its logo to give a clear message of the channel.

Here are some other considerable factors while creating a YouTube channel logo.

The first thing is to assess the kind of channel you have; whether you're an individual who wishes to put out informative yet engaging content or someone who wants to form an LLC with their brand and market it over YouTube, you need to be sure of what you want to show in your channel.

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The Optimal Size for Your YouTube Logo

Choosing your logo's perfect size is essential, and a YouTube profile picture is an ideal way to start. The square dimensions are 800 x 800 pixels; however, bear in mind the logo will have a circular crop similar to that of an Instagram display. Place a circle and stretch and adjust it according to how you want to view your logo.

What Is the Best Placement for Your YouTube Logo?

Besides the profile picture, further logo placement is another thing to consider. Some YouTubers like to display their logos at the start of their YouTube videos. They also have it as their channel icon and maybe on their cover too. Other YouTubers prefer leaving a subtle translucent version of their logo in the corners of their videos, subliminally endorsing their brand in the minds of viewers to gain recognition. Whether you use your logo as a header or the final image before the end of each video, stylize it in an exciting and unforgettable manner.

Fonts for YouTube Channels

While creating thumbnails for your channel, you should look out for both paid and free options. You need to ensure your font is bold enough to be visible but subtle enough to blend with the background.

Some examples of fonts and their uses include:

  • Long Shot: This font features slanted edges, great for music-based channels
  • Nexa Rust Bold: Ideal for food blogging, this font gives off a rustic aesthetic
  • Impact: This bold font is commonly used by PewDiePie and is great for celebrity endorsements
  • Roboto: A leaner version of Arial and a safe option when you aren't sure about your channel's genre or what to pick
  • Budmo: Starry and dotted, this is a common font used in Liza Koshy's thumbnails. It’s also great for content creators who put up relatable, funny content and wish to make a statement.

Colors to Make Your YouTube Channel Pop

Generally, you can use monotone colors for classy channels with serious, informative content. On the other hand, fun content should have a logo screaming with color. A smart tip is to search your YouTube channel name or relevant keywords on Google Images and take notes of common images and colors that stem from it. Create an image mood board on an editing app, and pick your favorite colors. Lastly, create a contrast between warm and cool tones using color wheels and establish a basic theme, base, action, and grounding color(s). Be sure to be consistent with what you choose, so everything looks in place.

In whatever way you wish to create your YouTube Logo, ensure that your style is consistent and relevant. This will allow your logo to broadcast your message to viewers on YouTube.

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