Top 10 Minimalist Logos

How can you prevent going overboard? Simply focus on the bare minimum. Stick to the essentials. Create a minimalist logo that's simple and classy but makes a significant impact, unlike anything else.

This article will show you the most famous minimalist logos. We'll also talk about how these iconic companies managed to pull off some of the simplest yet memorable logos that are now well-established trademarks.

The Top 10 Most Famous Minimalist Logos

Logos are meant to captivate consumer attention and must represent a good image for the brand. It must be modern, classy, and should be able to elevate your brand against other competitors. However, it can sometimes be very easy to take a simple chic logo and turn it into a mess by throwing in too many colors and images. This can be very distracting, especially If the logo is supposed to depict the brand's story and emphasize a particular aspect of the logo.

Creating an ideal logo is not as hard as it looks. In fact, there are now free logo maker tools available online that can help new small business owners design the perfect logo.

When it comes to planning for your logo, the first thing you want to look out for is something that represents your brand; a logo that shares your brand’s story through the shape, color, and font of your business's logo, all without going overboard.

1. Netflix

The famous binge-watching platform has had experience with using not-so-minimal logos. Since its beginning, it has transitioned from the shadowy, chunky logo, tri-colored logo to a clean flat font with its name spelled out. The “N” alone is recognizable to many consumers.

The rebranding works because Netflix refrained from going overboard. In fact, the switch made it even more versatile than it ever was. The “N” allows Netflix to be more flexible in branding and can be placed conveniently anywhere. The new logo even signifies its evolution to a well-rounded modern streaming service for viewers worldwide.

2. eBay

Similar to Netflix, eBay has its own rebranding experience. Before adopting its current logo, eBay used whimsical formatting, overlapping transparent letters, and bold colors in its design.

Today, eBay uses the “less is more” approach to its logo. While still striking, the colors are less saturated than before. It also forgoes the floaty letter placement and instead opts for a one-size sans-serif format. The new logo is now more clean-cut, chic, and quite memorable.

3. Wendy's

Wendy's probably had one of the most iconic redesigns. The original logo was a dated promotional product with a western vibe. The company name and the tagline, “Old-Fashioned Hamburgers,” were written in a thick serif font, and the colors were muted.

The redesign, however, is a lot less complicated and is easier to process. It has fewer elements with minimal text and colors. The company removed the yellow tagline from the logo and focused on red, black, white, and blue. Instead of a clunky font, the new lettering is simple and looks handwritten. Even Wendy herself is less complicated, taking on a flatter cartoon shape than her predecessor.

Clean lines and bright colors will go far — especially in the fast-food industry.

4. Apple

Apple is a trendsetter for minimalist designs in its products. It’s no surprise that its logo is just as innovative.

The logo that once was a complicated sketch grew out to be the half-bitten apple we all know. Previous iterations of the design featured bright colors and beveled shine. The current design, however, is sleek, flat, and monochromatic. 

Above all, though, Apple’s logo is easily identifiable without any words at all. This simplicity and understatement reflect the company’s products: modern, elegant, and easy to pick out of a crowd. 

5. Uber

Uber's logo is the definition of uber-chic. It is a great example of a minimalist logo that uses its wordmark to its advantage. Instead of using fancy monograms and logos like some of its competitors, it stuck to a crisp, easy-to-read font. This makes the rideshare company stand out from its peers without any embellishments.

This trend continues to Uber’s food delivery service, Uber Eats. Instead of making this logo’s font have the same weight, the “Eats” is bolded. This is a subtle way to emphasize the point of the service (food) without overcomplicating the overall design.

6. Airbnb

Being simple does not necessarily mean being plain. Airbnb’s logo is a great example of a logo that’s understated but has a deeper meaning. According to the company and its logo designer, the “A” symbol is a combination of abstract concepts, including “people, places, love, and Airbnb.” 

Even without this background in mind, consumers can find symbolism for themselves. The curvy lines make the logo look like an upside-down heart, while the loop in the middle is shaped like a modern map marker. This, combined with the modern, all lowercase font, is the complete package for a unique, minimalist brand.

7. Nike

Minimalism and Nike go hand in hand. The famous “swoosh” is an unforgettable logo that is clean and unfussy, but that also has a historical undertone. 

Nike is also the Greek goddess of victory, and the “swoosh” is meant to symbolize one of her wings. This is exemplified in the icon’s upward fluid style. With just the “swoosh,” consumers can visualize the speed and athleticism integral to the brand’s aesthetic. A logo packed with meaning makes it iconic.

8. Louis Vuitton

Who says luxury can't be minimalistic? This brand breaks that stereotype. Louis Vuitton incorporates simplicity into its design with its serif, italic font. Despite its seemingly basic design, the iconic “LV” makes for a memorable monogram that is highly sought-after in the fashion world. Its minimalist logo is a small design that speaks volumes.

9. Volkswagen

A complex but delicate design, Volkswagen’s logo is recognizable worldwide. The latest version of the logo has a distinct monogram that has stuck with Volkswagen's original branding since its launch. The letters within the logo’s circle are “VW,” however the lettering can also look like an exaggerated “W,” which speaks to the versatility of the font choice. Its tagline, “Das Auto,” is straightforward and transcends the language barrier.

10. MasterCard

MasterCard's original logo in 1968 used bright red and orange circles with the company name overlaid. Today, its logo follows a similar pattern but uses a bolder and more vibrant color palette. However, the brand took things up a notch by removing “MasterCard” from the logo, leaving just the overlapping red and orange circles. This move created the perfect, minimalist logo that is easily recognizable — even without the company name.

What Is Minimalist Design?

Minimalism essentially means “less is more.” It involves using a clean, artistic palette and is a simple approach that eliminates all the fancy embellishments and complex designs and layouts. Minimalism prefers bold, clean, and effortless designs with one or two colors. Whether you're a startup business looking to form an LLC or are on the road to your first online venture, having a logo with a minimal design is worth considering.

The appeal of minimalistic logos is that they are easy to understand. It stays at the back of the consumers’ heads and is easy to process, making the logo more memorable. This effect is a win-win situation for brands and their customers.

Instead of having to study a logo and try to put the puzzle pieces together with confusing designs, minimalist designs allow customers to know what exactly your logo is trying to represent.

Let's dive into some versatile yet minimalistic logo designs used by some of the biggest international brands.


These were some of the most well-crafted minimalist logo designs. Use these for inspiration while you create your logo, so you end up with a sleek, simple logo that is aesthetically pleasing, unforgettable, and easy for consumers to process.

If you want help with desiging a minimalist logo for your brand, check out our review of the top 5 best logo makers of 2021 and find the best tool to help you create a logo for your business.

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