How to Download and Find a QR Code on My Android

If you would like to create and download a QR code for your business, you can do so easily with your Android device. QR codes are useful for many purposes in a small business, and once you learn how to create them, you may find yourself leaning on them in many applications. To get started right away, check out our free QR code generator, an online tool that works on any device.

How to Download a QR Code to My Android

Before you can download a QR code on Android, you’ll first need to generate a new code to serve some purpose in your business. We’ll talk more later about what you can use these codes for, but for now, we’ll dive right into the process of using our generator to make a new QR code.

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Started:

  1. The first step in creating a QR code on Android with our tool is to pick the type of code you want to generate. Some of the most popular options include social media links to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as URL QR codes, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. 
  2. After a type has been selected, you’ll be taken to a page with a few more customization options. Here, you can pick the color that you would like to use for the code, and you can add a logo if you would like. Also, you will need to supply the information that is going to be attached to the code, such as the URL, social media profile, phone number, or email address. 
  3. Once you tap the button to create the code, it will be generated, and you will be able to download it to your Android device.

Steps to Find a QR Code on Android

Creating a QR code on Android with the help of our online tool is quick and easy. Next, you need to find where the code was saved to your device, so you can put it to work for your business.

By default, the files you download will be saved in a specific folder on your phone or tablet. However, what that folder is called will vary, depending on what type of Android device you own. For example, if you have a Samsung device, it should be labeled "My Files." With a Google device, on the other hand, the name is likely to just be "Files."

If you don’t already know where this folder is found on your device, the best option is simply to search your phone. Use the search function and enter "Files" — you should quickly see the appropriate icon to tap on in order to open up your collection of saved files.

What Is a QR Code?

The term QR code stands for quick response code, and you have likely seen these types of barcodes in many different settings. They are square in shape and are made up of shaded and blank areas that look something like a pixelated image. By scanning a QR code with a mobile device, information can be delivered in a number of forms. Some QR codes automatically open a specific webpage on a phone, while others will save contact information to the device.

Originally developed in the manufacturing setting, QR codes are now used for many different purposes, including helping small businesses deliver information to their current and potential customers.

Why Would I Use a QR Code for My Small Business?

Downloading a QR code on Android is only useful if you have a purpose for that code within your business. What can it do to help you impress your audience and earn more revenue? Small businesses have found countless creative ways to leverage the power of QR codes to make better connections with their customers, including the ideas below:

  • Distribute your app. Has your business developed a custom app that you’d like to put on the devices of as many customers as possible? A QR code on Android can help. Create a code that links to your app and display it prominently at your location. This will allow customers to scan the code, download the app, and see what it has to offer — all within seconds. 
  • Provide directions. In this application, you are trying to help people reach your physical location with as little friction as possible. So, you could include a QR code in an email message, or display it on your website. When the user scans the code, their device will automatically generate directions that they can follow to find you. 
  • Grow a social following. When done properly, social media marketing can have a powerful impact on small businesses — especially those with a local footprint. Growing your social accounts can be a challenge, so consider using QR codes to make it easy for customers to follow your favorite channels. Link a code to your Facebook page or YouTube channel, for example, and they’ll only need to scan that code to land on your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I make a QR code on Android, will it work on an iPhone?

QR codes are not device-specific. You can create a code using any operating system, and it can be scanned by anyone with a device capable of scanning QR codes. So, feel free to use any device or computer you own to create the codes — they will still work for all of your customers.

Do QR codes have an expiration date?

No. Once you create a QR code, you can use it as long as it remains relevant for your business. As your needs change, you may wish to create updated codes that link to new information.

Is there any programming or coding required to create a QR code?

You don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to create and use a QR code. Our free QR code generator will take you through the process from start to finish with just a few taps of the screen.

How many QR codes can I use?

There is no limit to how many of these codes you can generate. However, you do want to avoid overwhelming your customers with codes, so it’s probably best to use them strategically in applications where they are most likely to be effective.