EIN Presswire vs. Cision PRWeb 2022

Are you looking for the best press release service for your business? We’ve reviewed EIN Presswire and Cision PRWeb in 2022 and we can help you decide which service is the right choice for your LLC or sole proprietorship.

Recommended Press Release Service: EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire vs. Cision PRWeb: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Our Approach:

Selecting the best press release service for your business comes down to three factors:

  • Performance history
  • Value/Cost
  • Services

In this review, we’ll look at some of the top distribution services and determine what makes them the best for business.

Quick Comparison

  1. Choose EIN Presswire if you want a press release distribution service that provides comprehensive marketing services for clients of all sizes. Its expertise includes PR distribution, content creation, social media management and more.
  2. Choose Cision PRWeb if you want a press release distribution service that has an army of journalists and bloggers on its payroll, as well as a team of content writers who are constantly generating new releases from companies looking to get their story out.

Read our full list of the best press release services to learn which service is best for your small business.

EIN Presswire vs. Cision PRWeb: Breakdown

EIN Presswire: Most Affordable Press Release Service

EIN Presswire offers the most affordable service. This company is our next favorite because it specializes in global, SEO-friendly press release distribution. It also does media monitoring and tracking of press releases.


  • Basic ($99.95) — Placement on EIN Presswire, one press release, one distribution channel, media monitoring, and search engine optimization (SEO) functions.
  • Pro+ ($399) — Placement on EIN Presswire, 10 press releases, five distribution channels, distribution to US radio and TV stations, media monitoring, same-day distribution, SEO functions, and social media posting.
  • Corporate ($999) — Placement on EIN Presswire, 50 press releases, five distribution channels, distribution to US radio and TV stations, media monitoring, same-day distribution, SEO functions, and social media posting.


  • Accessible pricing for small businesses
  • Hyper-targeted press release distribution
  • Global distribution


  • No press release writing services
  • Distribution is limited to up to five channels, depending on your package
  • To access all of the features EIN Presswire has to offer, you need an upgraded package

EIN Presswire’s prices are the reason we rank it so high for PR distribution. Though it doesn’t have any reviews on Trustpilot or other reputable ratings sites, it does have many satisfied customer reviews listed on its own website. 

Customer Reviews

Here are some unverified reviews (pulled from EIN Presswire) by people who used EIN Presswire to help launch their businesses:

“We have used many PRs and we love this one the most. Works for our own presses and all of our clients' quarterlies! The upper-end packages are where the benefits really shine through! Can't buy enough 10 packs in a year, LOL. But seriously. ”

— William Nozak, Nozak Consulting

“EIN Presswire is easy to use, effective, with a big reach, at a fraction of the cost of other news release distributors. I love it. They have also allowed us to issue news releases on important topics, like animal agriculture's enormous role in climate change, that other news services have rejected, perhaps for fear of offending their big corporate clients. EIN Presswire is the real deal.”

— Jane Velez-Mitchell, Managing Editor, JaneUnChained.com

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Recommended: EIN Presswire is perfect for industry-specific services.

Cision PRWeb: Best SEO Service

PRWeb is the best choice for SEO. This company is another favorite because it specializes in SEO-related services and targeted placement opportunities. It can help your press releases go viral online, boosting website traffic and conversions.


  • Basic ($99) — Permanent hosting of a single press release on the PRWeb website to increase web visibility on Google, Bing, and more.
  • Standard ($189) —Syndicate a press release on hundreds of media platforms and permanent hosting of a single release on the PRWeb website.
  • Advanced ($289) — Email your press release directly to industry-focused influencers, permanent hosting of a single release on the PRWeb website, and syndicate it on hundreds of media platforms.
  • Premium ($389) — Distribute your press release to industry-curated Twitter feeds and influential blogger networks, email your press release directly to industry-focused influencers, permanent hosting of a single release on the PRWeb website, and syndicate it on hundreds of media platforms.


  • SEO targeted distribution
  • Competitive pricing
  • Real-time analytics reporting


  • No proofreading, spellcheck, or auto-save features
  • No regional distribution
  • No multimedia input on the basic plan

PRWeb’s SEO specialty is the reason we rank it so high for PR services. Its customer reviews on Trustpilot provide support for the company’s SEO work.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews (pulled from Trustpilot) by people who used Cision PRWeb to help launch their businesses:

“I am satisfied with their service. Customer support is good.”

— Ronan S.

“Horrible Service. Spent $ 289 and not a single backlink or visibility.”

  — Anubhav Saraf

“I used PRweb a few times and although the results weren't great they were acceptable. However, without telling me they were taken over by Cision who are 10 times worse than PRweb ever were.”

— Derek Newark

Final Thoughts

EIN Presswire is a press release distribution service that can help with the distribution of your press releases to the top 300 media outlets.

EIN Presswire can help you reach the news industry and increase your brand awareness. They have a team of professional journalists who are well versed in writing press releases and other media coverage for companies.

This service is available for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, making it easy for any size company to optimize its outreach efforts. With EIN Presswire, you can send out your press release in just minutes after it's written!

Cision PRWeb is part of the most widely distributed press release distribution network in the world. We like it because it’s low-cost for public relations professionals to use, easy to set up, and has a good user experience.

Cision PRWeb also provides a lot of features and benefits for public relations professionals — from access to high-quality journalists who are looking for breaking news, to having your press releases delivered as soon as they are published on sites such as CNN Business, the New York Times, News Day, and CNET.

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Our Press Release Recommendation: EIN Presswire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a press release?

A press release is a short written piece of information distributed to the media in order to announce an event, report news, or summarize recent developments.

A press release is a brief advertisement that announces an event, reports news, or summarizes recent developments. It is similar to an announcement in that it announces something without providing any further details. However, it differs from an announcement because its purpose is more informational rather than promotional.

What is a press release distribution service?

A press release distribution service is a company that specializes in distributing press releases to news outlets, blogs, and other sources of PR.

This service is becoming popular with media packs because they often have a lot of content to distribute. This allows for quicker distribution and better targeting.

Press release distribution services are also great for PR agencies because they can help them reach out to more media outlets than they might be able to on their own. They also provide companies with more focus when it comes to the distribution process as well as ensuring that there aren't any missed opportunities during the press release process.

What can press release distribution services do for my company?

Press release distribution services can be a great way for companies to reach their target audience. They help companies get the word out about their new products and services to local, regional, national and international media.

Press release distribution services are able to get your company’s press releases in front of reporters that would not have otherwise seen them. This means that even if you only use one press release distribution service, you will be reaching many journalists who may then write articles about your company in the future.

What do I need to know about press release distribution services?

Press releases are an effective way to spread your message and promote the visibility of your business. However, they may be more than you need or can handle. Press release distribution services help with distribution of press releases, making it easier for businesses to distribute their messages.

Press release distribution services are provided by many companies and individuals who manage news outlets. They help connect businesses with targeted and relevant outlets that will have the most impact on their audiences.

This service offers all the tools you need to get your message out there and is accessible for every budget level — from free press release distribution services up to luxury packages that include professional design work, photography, writing, and proofreading assistance.

What is the difference between paid and free press release distribution services?

Companies have different reasons to opt for a paid or free press release distribution service. Some companies may want to take advantage of the free press release distribution services due to the low barriers and the high exposure they provide. However, others may find them ineffective or too restricting.

Paid press release distribution services provide companies with more control over their campaigns and more freedom in terms of content production by providing opportunities for direct contact with journalists.

Free press release distribution services allow companies to access a wider audience and are seen as an effective way to build brand awareness.

Companies should also consider the cost of what they can gain through hiring a paid service versus what they would gain by hiring an individual who is better suited for their needs than these services.

How do I choose a reputable press release distribution company?

With the rise of online press release distribution companies, it can be difficult to choose a reputable company. It is important, however, that you do your research and read reviews before making a decision.

There are many press release distribution companies that claim to be the best on the market — but what makes them stand out from others?

Some things you should consider when choosing a press release distribution company include:

  • What kind of press releases will they distribute?
  • Do they provide an easy way for you to submit your releases?
  • What kind of customer support do they provide if something goes wrong with your release?