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How to Set Up Your Domain and Email With GoDaddy and Google Workspace

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Setting up your domain and email is an essential step in building your online presence. This chapter provides a hands-on guide to setting up your domain with GoDaddy and your email with Google Workspace, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

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  • Recommended Domain Service: GoDaddy 
  • Recommended Hosting Service: GoDaddy

Setting Up Domain and Email with GoDaddy and Google Workspace

This section provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to setting up your domain with GoDaddy and email with Google Workspace. From selecting the right domain to configuring email settings, we'll walk you through the entire process, providing tips and insights to make the setup process as straightforward as possible.

How to Set Up Your Domain and Email With GoDaddy and Google Workspace – Transcript

Purchasing a domain name for your business and setting up a professional email hosting provider used to be a complicated task. But the process has never been easier than with GoDaddy domains and Google Workspace. 

Hey everybody, Will Scheren here from Small Business Startup Guide by TRUiC. This video is part of a large course dedicated to helping small business owners cut through the noise and get to the essentials of starting and operating their business. If that sounds like it would be really useful to you, be sure to like and subscribe. 

Let's dive into it. Earlier in the course, we encouraged you to build a list of potential domains in case the first domain is chosen for your business is already in use. So make sure you have that list close by. We've been building out an imaginary barbershop called North End Barbershop of Bloomington, and our first domain choice was 

To attempt to get this domain name, we'll head over to and search to see if it's available.

At TRUiC our mission is to offer all our resources and information for free - but we support our work by using affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission on many of the amazing deals we’ve negotiated for you. Full transparency, GoDaddy is one such affiliate partner. Link in description below. 

And fortunately, it is, and it's just $20 for two years, so we'll click “Continue to Cart.” GoDaddy then generally provides the opportunity to purchase upsells for your domain which you may want to consider taking advantage of, but I'll skip for now. When you finally make it to the card screen and click “I'm Ready to Pay,” GoDaddy will ask you to create a GoDaddy account with an email address or Facebook account that you already have access to. 

After creating a username and login, you'll be taken to the checkout screen to purchase your domain. As a note. You may have to verify your GoDaddy account by accessing an email that they sent you before moving forward. You'll also be required to provide a physical address where someone could reach you due to ICANN rules before checking out. Click “Checkout,” and you'll officially own the domain that you're attempting to register, and you'll be able to find it listed in your domains the next time you log into GoDaddy. 

At this point, you should leave GoDaddy's website and head over to Google Workspace to set up your professional email address so that your new domain is listed at the end of your email address instead of

Full transparency, Google is also one of our affiliate partners. Link in description.

There are lots of different websites available to purchase email hosting, but setting up email through Google Workspace is the most cost-effective way to have a professional email address while having access to the really helpful tools that Google offers. 

To get your email address set up, just click, get started. Provide your name and a current email that you could use to recover your account information if needed. Then select how many people you'd like to set up an account for. I recommend starting with just one. 

And then, since we just purchased a domain, we should select “Existing domain,” and then I'll enter the domain name I'll hit continue, and then we'll need to create a username for the email address. You could consider using some variation of your name here, or you could set up a catchall email address for your business by selecting a name like “admin” or “info.” Then create a password for your account and click “Create account and continue to check out.”

Google will start you off with the standard business plan, which includes two terabytes of storage on Google Drive and currently costs $12 a month per user. But you don't pay anything for 14 days, and if you don't need that much storage, I'll show you how to change your plan in just a moment so that you only pay $6 a month. After verifying that, you understand that you're starting on the standard business plan, you'll need to provide your payment information, and then your Google Workspace account will have been created. 

Next, you'll need to get your email set up. So just click, continue to set up, and I'll click “Activate Gmail for” Google will already know that you've hosted your domain with GoDaddy and will ask that you sign in to activate your account and prove that you have admin rights to attach your email to the domain's DNS records. So click “Sign In to Activate” and sign in. You may have to track down a verification code from your GoDaddy account email after signing in. Enter the verification code and click “Connect.” 

Google and GoDaddy can take up to five minutes to get everything connected, and then you're all set, and you have a domain name and a professional email address. 

Google will let you add more users if you want to, but we'll skip that for now so that I can show you how to downgrade your plan and save a few bucks. Just head over to the Google Admin site while you're logged into Google Workspace and then click “Manage subscriptions.” Click on your current business standard subscription, click “Upgrade or Downgrade,” click “Google Workspace Business Starter,” click “Get Started,” and leave it on Flexible Plan since there's no benefit from paying annually. Place your order, and you're done. 

And there you have it. Now you have a professional domain name and email address that you can use to look like a pro when communicating with any external parties while getting your business set up. 

For most of these early conversations, you're going to want to have a pitch deck and business plan handy, and we're going to show you how to breeze through creating these important documents while ensuring that you're communicating your business idea professionally in the next video in the course. 

This video is part of a step-by-step course that provides business owners all of the essential information to start and operate their business. We provided a link for you to get access to all of the free and discounted business tools we mentioned in this course below this video. 

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