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How to Get a US Phone Number

For businesses outside of the United States, getting a US phone number can help them expand operations into the US. But how do you get a US phone number from outside the country?

Our How to Get a US Phone Number guide will lay out what makes a US phone number and how you can get one using a virtual phone provider.

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What Is a US Phone Number?

Phone numbers in the United States follow the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). When including the country code, US phone numbers typically follow an 11-digit scheme, which can be broken down into:

  • Country code: In the US, this is the "+1" that comes at the beginning of the number.
  • Area code: The three-digit area code that covers different regions across the US. Some area codes cover large amounts of land (e.g., 701 for the entire state of North Dakota), while others cover metro regions (e.g., 206 for Seattle, Washington). Some area codes, like toll-free area codes (e.g., 800, 888, etc.), aren't geographically-specific.
  • Telephone prefix: Also known as an exchange code, the telephone prefix is the three digits that identify a smaller geographic location, such as a city or a region within a city.
  • Line number: Also known as a subscriber number, this is the final four digits of the phone number. In a vanity phone number, the line number and the telephone prefix are often the portions that get customized (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS).

Many business owners living and operating outside the United States set up multiple phone numbers in different US area codes to add to the contact page on their website, along with online business listings for each city location. Businesses also advertise their phone numbers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Companies also use US phone numbers with local area codes to create business citations to list business hours, to help their website rank higher on Google and other search engines, and to help them get a US bank account.

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number in the US

The easiest way to get a phone number in the US is to sign up with a virtual phone service, or VoIP service.

What Is a VoIP Phone Number?

Having a US number makes it possible to not only receive calls on cell phones but also to receive SMS text messages. If you have an internet-enabled smartphone (i.e., iOS or Android devices), you can set up a virtual phone number for your business using a VoIP phone service.

With a virtual phone number in the US, you'll be able to dial customers, calling for free anywhere in the world through a VoIP service.

Common US VoIP services for small businesses include:

You can also do texting through your local phone number and receive voicemail through these VoIP apps.

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Signing Up for a US Phone Number With a VoIP Provider

Whether you're looking for a general phone number or something location-specific, it's easy to get a virtual US phone number and choose any area code you want.

  1. Sign up for your favorite virtual phone service. These services can get you a virtual phone number, which you can then use to forward calls to your regular cell phone or landline. Some of our top choices include RingCentral,, and Grasshopper.
  2. After signing up for an account, you can choose to add your new number. You'll be able to select from any available US area codes. Once you've found an available number that you like, get your number registered, and start using it immediately.

US Phone Number FAQ

You can either buy a SIM card with a US phone number from a mobile carrier, or you can sign up for a VoIP service that will provide you with a US phone number.

Yes, since you'll be purchasing a separate US number that can be forwarded to any phone number you choose. To forward to an international number (outside the US) you'll need to enter the plus sign, followed by the country code, followed by the area code, and the number.

There are a few different providers that offer US phone numbers, such as RingCentral,, and Grasshopper. The cost will depend on which provider you choose and what features you need.

Yes, you can forward a toll-free number to an international cell phone. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. The forwarding service will likely charge you a per-minute rate for the forwarded calls. Additionally, toll-free numbers can only be called from within the country where they are registered. So if your toll-free number is registered in the US, it can only be called from within the United States, not even Canada or Mexico.

Remember that some countries have different rules about toll-free numbers. For example, in Canada, toll-free numbers can only be used for incoming calls; they cannot be used to make outgoing calls.

Yes, you can get a US phone number through Google Voice. This number can be used to make and receive calls as well as texts.

There are many benefits to using a VoIP service like Google Voice. For one, it’s much cheaper than traditional telephone service. Plus, you get all the features of regular phone service, like voicemail and call forwarding.

No. You can use a foreign phone number to open a bank account. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you're using a foreign phone number.

First, you'll need to have your phone number verified by the bank. This usually involves receiving and inputting a verification code that the bank will send via SMS. Second, you may need to provide additional documentation to the bank, such as your passport or driver's license to verify your identity.

Overall, it's relatively easy to open a bank account in the United States without a US phone number.

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