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What Is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is a business phone number that the owner chooses rather than one that’s randomly assigned by their phone service company. 

They are easier for customers to remember and help you stand out from the competition. Vanity phone numbers can be toll-free numbers or local numbers.

Our What is a Vanity Phone Number guide explains more about vanity phone numbers, toll-free vanity numbers, and vanity phone number providers.

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Definition of a Vanity Phone Number

Vanity Number Meaning: Vanity phone numbers are phone numbers that contain certain phrases or words. These usually relate to:

  • Your business’s customers
  • Your business’s brand image
  • Your business name

For example, the vanity phone number of a hair salon may be “1-800-424-7288” (i.e., “1-800-HAIRCUT”).

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The original purpose of toll-free numbers was to allow businesses to accept calls without requiring their customers or clients to pay long-distance charges. 

With today’s unlimited calling plans, toll-free numbers – including toll-free vanity numbers – aren’t usually needed for that purpose. Toll-free numbers are mainly used because:

  • They allow your customers to reach you easily and quickly
  • They are universally recognized
  • They provide numerous safety features

Note: Some businesses are using Toll-Free Vanity Numbers as their business names and domain names. For example, brands this discount contact company.

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Share-Use Toll-Free Numbers

You can also get a share-use toll-free number for your business. This has some of the advantages of a vanity phone number, like increased memorability, but it’s much more affordable.

Because more than one business relies on the same share-use toll-free vanity phone number, calls are routed to a particular business in its exclusive geographic area.

Local Vanity Numbers

If you operate your business in one state or location, you may want a local vanity number. By calling a local phone number, customers might feel like your business is directly connected with their community. This can help differentiate you from your competitors.

A local vanity number can be routed to a phone company of your choice.

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Easy-Dial Vanity Phone Numbers

If you can’t find a suitable business vanity phone number that uses a particular word or phrase, there are other options to make your phone number memorable. 

For example, you can choose a phone number with a specific numerical pattern, like repeating or sequential digits. This is especially suitable for videos and TV and radio advertising that rely on verbal communication. 

While these phone numbers are often affordable, pricing can depend on how rare and in-demand a particular numerical pattern is.

What Are the Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers?

Vanity phone numbers can benefit your business in a variety of ways, all of which will help you stand out from the competition. In particular, a vanity phone number can:

Improve Your Brand Image

A vanity phone number that spells a word relevant to your business (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS) can improve your brand image because it explains what your company does. This will differentiate you from competitors who don’t have vanity phone numbers.

Improve Your Customer Service

If your vanity phone number is easy to remember, it will be easier for customers to contact you. This is especially true for existing customers because they won’t have to look up your phone number the next time they have a question or problem. 

A memorable phone number is another way to signal to existing and potential customers that you have their interests at heart and want to make it simple for them to contact you.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Because making it easier for people to call increases customer engagement, customers are more likely to visit your website. 

A vanity number can also make your company seem more authoritative, trustworthy, and legitimate to first-time customers. This can increase website traffic as well.

Make Your Business More Competitive

All of the above — improving your brand image, improving your customer service, and increasing website traffic — will help you compete more effectively in the marketplace.

How Much Does a Vanity Phone Number Cost?

Vanity phone numbers can cost from about $10 to $100 a month. The price depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Your business phone service provider’s rates
  • Your phone plan
  • Whether your vanity phone number is toll-free or local
  • The area code you need
  • The potential popularity of the vanity number you choose

You may also be charged an initial setup fee that can cost from about $15 to $100.

How to Choose a Vanity Phone Number

Keep in mind the following when choosing a vanity phone number:

Choose Either a Local or Toll-Free Number

Even though your customers likely won’t be paying long-distance charges nowadays, a national toll-free number will help you expand to other cities or states in the future. Toll-free numbers are also universally recognized and provide important safety features. 

On the other hand, if you only plan to do business locally, a local vanity number can indicate to your customers that you’re connected to their community.

Make Your Vanity Number Easy to Remember

One of the primary reasons to purchase a vanity phone number is so your customers can easily remember it. It also shows that you’re being considerate of the time and effort it takes to contact you.

Select a Vanity Number That Represents Your Business

Your vanity phone number should represent something about your business, brand, or products and services. You can choose a phone number with your company’s name in it (e.g., 1-800-XFINITY) or one that says what you do (e.g., 1-800-HOMEBUY for a real estate agent). 

Incorporating one or more keywords that relate to your company or industry is a good strategy. Our vanity phone number generator can help.

How to Get a Vanity Phone Number

You can get a vanity phone number from your business phone service provider, which will give you a list of available numbers to choose from.

If you don’t have an account with a business phone service, you will be assigned a random number after you open an account. You can then switch to a vanity number. 

Although vanity phone numbers can be rented, we recommend purchasing one to avoid having to renew your subscription at the end of each rental period.

To get a share-use vanity phone number: 

  1. Choose a number that makes sense for your specific business model
  2. Choose the geographic area that you would like to license exclusively, which could be a metro area, a part of a state, or even an entire state
  3. Promote your new number on all of your advertisements, social media accounts, and website(s)

Vanity Phone Number FAQs

A vanity phone number means a number that someone chooses for their business rather than one that’s randomly assigned by their phone service company. Vanity numbers typically are easy to remember and represent something about the company’s products, services, or value proposition.

Get a vanity phone number by contacting your phone service provider and asking for one that’s available. See our How to Get a Business Phone Number guide for more information on vanity phone numbers and business phone numbers in general.

If you specifically chose your vanity phone number to highlight your products or services or otherwise make your business stand out from the competition, it’s a vanity number. RingCentral and Grasshopper are just two of the top business phone service providers that can supply you with a vanity number.

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