The Sub Shop Franchising Guide

Joining a sub shop franchise is a great solution for entrepreneurs who prefer to use a proven model rather than start from scratch. Often, the most important decision you'll make when becoming a franchisee is which franchise to join. Use our carefully selected list of sub shop franchises to find the right one for you.


A lunch staple, sandwiches are as popular as ever and with a "bigger-is-better" attitude towards food, subs are a common choice. A sub shop franchise typically costs between $100,000 and $1,500,000 to start, while returns can be slow to see in the first few years. Someone who loves subs will enjoy being able to turn a passion into a payday, but there's a lot more to running a successful food-industry business. Unless hiring a full team right from the start, you'll likely spend long hours working in the store(s) and handling clerical work.


Choosing the right sub shop franchise can be the difference between frustration and success. We've taken a look at a number of sub shops offering franchise units, and chosen the best options. From big names like Subway and Jimmy John's to local favorites like Togo's, we've included the franchises that have the best programs, brand recognition, and positive customer reviews.

Franchise Fee: $21,000-$30,000
Total Investment: $274,000-$508,700
Minimum Net Worth: $300,000 (1-2 units), $900,000 (3+ units)
Number of Units: ~300
Location: West Coast

Company Overview

Togo’s is a sandwich shop dedicated to providing high quality subs at reasonable prices. Originally a sandwich shack in San Jose, Togo’s has been providing delicious subs for over forty years. Mostly located in California, Togo’s is looking to expand across the West Coast and further east.

Program Overview

Togo’s puts the same amount of effort into its training program as it does its menu offerings. Togo’s takes a big-company approach when it comes to teaching its close-knit community customer service. That training translates well—Togo’s has higher sales than most sandwich shops.

Jimmy John's

Franchise Fee: $30,000-$35,000
Total Investment: $329,500-$557,500
Minimum Net Worth: $300,000

Jimmy John’s prides itself on quick delivery of great sandwiches. Jimmy John’s makes ordering sandwiches easy and it makes being a franchisee easy too. With a simple menu consisting of a limited, uncomplicated inventory, Jimmy John’s keeps things simple and tasty.


Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000
Total Initial Investment: $116,000-$263,000
Minimum Net Worth: Not listed

A sandwich giant, Subway has been one of the top performing franchises in the last decade. Not only that, but Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world. So when you join Subway’s franchise program, you join a well-established company that serves over 8 million fresh sandwiches each day.

McAlister's Deli

Franchise Fee: $35,000
Total Investment: $177,000-$1,412,500 (minus real estate costs)
Minimum Net Worth: $500,000 (single unit); $1,500,000 (multi-unit)

Steeped in southern hospitality, McAlister’s deli focuses on more than just sandwiches. At McAlister’s customers can enjoy a bigger menu of sides, salads, and subs. McAlister’s is also present in 28 states with over 400 locations, so franchisees are in good company.

Firehouse Subs

Franchise Fee: $20,000
Total Investment: $131,150-$928,405
Minimum Net Worth: Not listed

Founded by firefighters, Firehouse Subs is focused on hearty subs made with high quality ingredients and a unique steaming process. Firehouse Subs has over 1,000 locations with strong brand recognition making this a great choice.