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Heroic Website Builder Review For Business

What is Heroic? Heroic is an ultra-simple website builder that you can use to create a high-performance website for your small business in a matter of minutes. This software was primarily designed for users wishing to create a portfolio and those in service-based professions— specifically life coaches and counselors.

In this review, we will walk you through some of Heroic’s most important aspects, including Heroic features, plans, and pricing. We then discuss Heroic pros and cons so you can decide whether or not the Heroic website builder is right for you. Read on to learn more about what Heroic has to offer.

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Heroic Website Builder Review - Summary

Heroic is a great tool for users looking to create a functional website very quickly. Though it doesn’t have the large number of apps, plugins, and integrations that other website builders come with, Heroic is unbeatable in terms of simplicity. You can easily have a fully functional website for your small business up and running within an hour.

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Get Started With Heroic

Heroic was designed with counsellors, coaches, and therapists in mind. If you're in the business of serving others, Heroic might be the best fit for you.

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  • It's fast. You can easily use this platform to create a website for your business in minutes.
  • Heroic is easy to use. It honestly doesn’t get simpler than this when it comes to customizing templates for your small business.
  • Gorgeously designed templates ensure that you will have a beautiful final product no matter which style you choose.


  • Limited customization will feel stifling for those looking to execute a highly specific vision for their website.
  • Zero apps and plugins.
  • Essentially no ecommerce features to speak of

Heroic Compared to Other Website Builders

Compared to other websites, Heroic tends to be simpler, faster, and more inexpensive. The trade-off? It also tends to be more limited in what you can actually do within the software. Platforms like GoDaddy offer more customizations and apps than Heroic is currently able to.

Heroic Pricing

Heroic offers all new users a 14-day free trial automatically when they sign up for the site. To get started, simply navigate to and click the link labeled “Start Your 14-Day Trial Today!” on the platform’s homepage. You will be asked to enter your name, email, and to create a password. You will then be navigated to a page where you can enter your bank card information. You will not be charged until your free trial expires.

Your 14-day free trial will give you access to all of the platform’s website-building features. However, you will need to purchase a premium plan to publish your website. Continue reading to learn more about the plans that are available through Heroic.

Before you start your Heroic free trial, you will be asked to choose from three plans, each with three billing cycle options. To learn more about Heroic plans, keep reading.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Heroic Starter Plan

The Heroic Starter plan contains nearly all of Heroic’s core offerings, without needing to purchase one of the higher-tier plans.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Core Offerings

These features come standard with every Heroic plan. While many of them are rather boilerplate, understanding the platform’s core offerings is key to making a decision about whether this website builder is right for you, and which plan suits the needs of your business.

  • One-Click Integrations: Heroic boasts about its ability to “integrate with everything,” giving users the ability to work with third-party platforms to create a fully integrated final product.
  • SEO: Heroic offers built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features— such as meta tags and meta descriptions— to attract attention to your website on popular search engines.
  • Speedy Hosting: With its “Ludicrous Mode” hosting, Heroic delivers content to your visitors in two seconds or less— helping to create a streamlined experience for visitors as well as to improve your ranking on popular search engines.
  • Advanced Security: Heroic includes advanced distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack mitigation techniques to help protect your website from malicious software.
  • SSL Security: Every Heroic website comes with a free 2048-bit SSL certificate. This added layer of security helps offer your visitors peace of mind and improves your website’s ranking in popular search engines.

Other Key Offerings

In addition to the features listed above, Heroic offers a few other features to help you build a website for your small business.

  • Free Images: Take advantage of Heroic’s selection of thousands of high-quality images available to subscribers free of charge.
  • Unlimited Live Chat Support:Help is always just a phone call away with Heroic’s unlimited live chat support feature to help guide you through any website-related concerns.
  • Blog: Connect with your audience by adding a blog to your website to offer valuable information about your products and services to potential customers.
  • Responsive, Visual Layout Builder:Easily build a high-performance website from scratch using Heroic’s responsive, visual layout builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • NativeForms Integration: Connect with visitors by adding forms, polls, and surveys to allow your audience to get in touch with you and provide input about your business.
  • Free Site Migration: Easily migrate an existing site with Heroic’s free site migration feature so you don’t lose your ranking on popular search engines when you move from one domain to another.
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel Support: Measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign with the Facebook pixel analytics tool.


The Heroic Starter plan costs $29/mo when billed monthly. Users can save 25% when billing annually at $19/mo and 40% when billing biennially at $14/mo.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Heroic has stated that its target audience includes life coaches, financial advisers, and entrepreneurial consultants. This plan is a perfect option for service-based businesses that are just starting out and looking to quickly and cost-effectively build a high-performance website.

Heroic Growth Plan

The Heroic Growth plan provides all the same core offerings as the Starter plan, with the added ability to create multiple websites for growing businesses.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Core Offerings

The Heroic Growth plan comes with one extra core offering that can prove extremely useful.

  • Five Websites:Rather than just offering the ability to create a single website, users can build multiple websites with the Growth plan.

Other Key Offerings

The Growth plan offers all of the additional features included in the Starter plan. These include:

  • Free Images
  • Unlimited Live Chat Support
  • Blog
  • Responsive, Layout Builder
  • NativeForms Integration
  • Free Site Migration
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel Support


The Heroic Growth plan costs $39/mo when billed monthly. Users can save 25% when billing annually at $29/mo and 40% when billing biennially at $24/mo.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Like the Starter plan, the Growth plan is built with consultants and other service-based businesses in mind. However, with the added ability to build five websites, this option is better for growing companies that offer services across a range of industries and want dedicated websites for each service.

Heroic Scale Plan

The Heroic Scale plan provides all the core offerings included in the Starter and Growth plans, with the added ability to build an unlimited number of websites. This is best for companies looking for a plan that can scale with their business.

Core Offerings

The Heroic Scale plan includes all the same core offerings as the Starter and Growth plans, with one additional feature.

  • Unlimited Websites: For companies who are looking to scale their business, the ability to build unlimited websites can help you achieve your goals as your company grows and expands.

Other Key Offerings

The Scale plan offers all of the additional features included in the Starter and Growth plans. These offerings include:

  • Free Images
  • Unlimited Live Chat Support
  • Blog
  • Responsive, Layout Builder
  • NativeForms Integration
  • Free Site Migration
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel Support


The Heroic Scale plan costs $79/mo when billed monthly. Users can save 25% when billing annually at $49/mo and 40% when billing biennially at $39/mo.

Ideal Users of This Plan

As with the previous two plans, Heroic’s Scale plan is designed with life coaches, consultants, and other service-based professionals in mind. However, with the addition of an unlimited number of websites, this plan is designed to meet the needs of companies offering services across a wide range of categories and industries. This plan can allow your company to have a dedicated site for each service.

With an unlimited number of websites, this plan is in a better position to grow with your business.

How Simple Is the Heroic Website Builder?

Heroic is an ultra-simple website-building platform— this is the key benefit of its service. It promises the ability to create a fully functional website in just minutes, and it delivers on this promise beautifully.

The trade-off of this level of simplicity is that Heroic lacks many of the features that you get with other platforms— such as the app library you get when you use a website building platform like Wix

Who can build a website with Heroic? Literally anyone. There is no experience needed to build a website with this tool. All of the features are readily available and ultra-simple to use. No coding is required whatsoever.

In this section, we will go over some of the features of this program and its ease of use. To learn more about the downside of this simplicity, read on to the Flexibility/Expandability portion of this article.

Getting Started with Heroic

When using the Done4You setup option, we were able to fully customize a Heroic template in less than 30 minutes. We were matched with a template to complement our small business needs by answering 13 straightforward diagnostic questions.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Another option is to choose the Fastest setup option. With this option, you will have to choose your own Heroic template. This is easily done as each of these are sorted by niche— these niches include industries from Speaker and Author to Health & Fitness and more.

Review of Heroic website builder.

On the left side of the Heroic visual editor, you will see a menu that includes all of the tools available on the platform to customize your website’s elements. The upside? These tools are ultra-easy to use. The downside? There are very few of them, which severely limits your ability to fully customize your website.

Unlike other drag-and-drop website builders, you can not simply drag an element and drop it wherever you like on your Heroic website. Instead, you must add the element by hovering over a section and clicking the grey + icon. Once you have done this, you will need to edit its size and position in the left-side menu— you will only be able to choose from three positions for features like buttons: left, center and right.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Another frustrating Heroic feature is that— although you can change the size and color of text using the left-side menu— you cannot change the font. This may feel very limiting for users looking to create a more customized website for their small business.

The outcome of your Heroic website will be predictable. That being said, for some users, being predictable is a benefit. If you are simply looking for a beautiful and high-performance website with all-in-one hosting and domain, you can’t go wrong here. That may mean you have to sacrifice a bit of customization, but the upside is that you’re also sacrificing all the time and labor spent on building your website.

The main reason to keep the design control at a minimum is that responsive web design gets tougher the more small things need to change. The Heroic website builder does a great job right out of the box, ensuring your site looks good across a variety of desktop, mobile, and tablet screen sizes.

Creating and Changing Content in Heroic

If you used the Fastest or Done4You methods to create your website, you will have a website filled with generic images and text. To make it your own, you will need to go through and personalize each page so your website is consistent with your company’s branding and messaging.

Editing Text and Images

The easiest way to edit text is by double-clicking on it within the editor. When you do this, you will have two menus appear. One will be a menu bar adjacent to the text itself. From here, you can edit the size of the text, as well as boldness, italics, and underline. You may also add a quote and hyperlink to your text.

The second menu will appear on the left side of the editor. In this menu, you can change the heading style and text color.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Images follow much the same methodology. To edit an image, click on the section you wish to work with. Scroll down and underneath Section Elements, select the image you wish to edit. From here, you may upload a new image that is consistent with your company’s branding. You may also choose an image from Heroic’s extensive image library.

You can edit image features in the left-side menu, including filter and color overlay.

Review of Heroic website builder.

Adding New Pages in Heroic

Adding new pages is simple. Simply click on the pages icon on the top-left side of your visual editor. To add a new page, click the green New button. Either choose a page from the selection of pre-made page templates or start with a blank canvas. Templates here are sorted by category— these include Home, Products/Services, Blog/Podcast, Funnel, and Popup Modals.

Creating a new page is incredibly simple using the pre-built page templates.

Tasks More Difficult Than They Should Be

We spent quite a bit of time looking for tasks that seem more difficult with the Heroic website builder or Heroic features that are lacking. Here’s what we found:

  • Occasional Lag in the Editor Tool:  One of the few snags in Heroic’s simplicity is the editor occasionally lags, causing edits to take longer than they should otherwise.
  • There’s No “Undo” Button: There’s not a whole lot of room to make mistakes when there is no ability to easily undo them with the click of a button.

Heroic Flexibility & Expandability

We define flexibility and expandability as the answer to this question: Can this website builder effectively grow alongside your business’s and website’s needs over time?

Because the needs of every business and website will differ, we find the simplest way to rate a tool in this category is to compare it to the gold standard of website development tools: WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source tool that powers more than 30% of the world’s websites. Based on its massive plugin (third-party add-ons) market and extensive community support/paid support options, you can build just about anything within WordPress— as long as you know what you’re doing or are willing to pay someone who does. 

With that in mind, we’ll assume WordPress is “100% flexible and expandable” and that every other website builder tool falls somewhere below that mark.

Included Tools

Though it doesn’t offer as many features as some website-building platforms, Heroic does have a few handy tools for those looking to create an integrated website for your small business. 

  • One-Click Integrations
  • Free Images
  • Unlimited Live Chat Support
  • Blogging Tools
  • Responsive, Layout Builder
  • NativeForms Integration
  • Free Site Migration
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel Support
  • Popup Tools
  • Integrations With Email Programs Like MailChimp
  • Integration With Stripe for Payment Processing
  • Social Media Icons for Increased Integration

If your aim is to simply create a website where you can connect with your clientele and process payments, Heroic offers most of the essential features you will need to do this. Users looking for expansive ecommerce and analytics features will find themselves a bit more disappointed in Heroic features.

Heroic Apps and Plugins

At the time this article is being written, the Heroic website builder does not offer any apps and plugins. There are a few integrations available, including social media icons and integrations with email platforms such as Mailchimp. You may also integrate your website with Stripe to easily process payments.

Heroic Flexibility & Expandability Summary

There is no denying that Heroic is not the most flexible or expandable tool. This website building platform is not designed for large retail companies looking for expansive ecommerce features to scale with their business.

In fact, Heroic’s CEO has stated that the program is specifically designed for customers in the life coach sector, as well as other service-based professionals looking to build a touchpoint to communicate their services to clients. If this is what you’re after, and if you want to do it quickly, Heroic is a dream come true.

Heroic SEO

Heroic offers three simple SEO features: meta tags, meta descriptions, and SEO images. These can be added to every page to optimize your website in search results. When using this feature, be sure to select keywords and images that are consistent with your branding, as well as keywords that will help you rank better within your niche.

Heroic Website Builder SEO Summary

Heroic offers bare minimum SEO features. There are other websites that offer more advanced SEO— but these can be more complex and more expensive. Heroic’s software still allows you to add keywords that will help increase your ranking in popular search engines.

Heroic Support

Heroic offers free customer support to all users of its platform. Though it can take up to 24 hours to hear back from support, helpful representatives are sure to have an answer to your query.

A downside here is that you will need to send an email, as there is no built-in chat or customer service number or page.

Heroic Alternatives

If you’re still unsure whether or not the Heroic website builder is right for you, check out some of our other reviews to see if there’s a tool that will better suit your needs.

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Heroic Review - Conclusion

Despite its limitations, Heroic remains an impressive option simply for its ease of use and speed. It really delivers on its promise that you can create a website in minutes. For busy entrepreneurs, this can be a dream come true. For perfectionists who have a specific vision in mind for their website, the lack of customization may be a downside. 

Who Shouldn't Use This Tool?

  • Medium to large businesses
  • Advanced retail stores
  • Web designers
  • Businesses with advanced website needs
  • Businesses relying solely on SEO for customer acquisition

Who Should Use This Tool?

  • Small, local businesses
  • Life coaches
  • Counselors 
  • Real estate agents
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