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Examples of Business Websites Built With Heroic

Looking to build a website using the Heroic website builder? To provide some inspiration for your own Heroic business website, here are seven beautiful sites created using Heroic’s easy-to-use website builder.

These examples represent businesses across a range of industries to demonstrate the Heroic platform’s capabilities with impeccable style.

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7 Examples of Business Websites Built With Heroic

Heroic is a great tool for anyone in the life coaching or therapy business looking to create a functional and professional website.

Though it doesn’t have the large number of apps, plugins, and integrations that other website builders come with, Heroic is unbeatable in terms of simplicity. You can easily have a fully functional website for your small business up and running within an hour.

Use these examples as inspiration to see what you can do with Heroic.

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1. Coach Abby (Life Coach)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

Recognizing that her image and reputation are her brand, Coach Abby places herself front-and-center on her Heroic website’s homepage to instantly offer visitors a chance to connect with her on a personal level. 

This homepage also makes smart use of text and images to communicate information about her business, including her experience and the types of services she offers. Near the bottom, her homepage features a set of testimonials that demonstrate the quality of her work as well as a form that invites visitors to get in touch.

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2. THE HIGH VIBE (Health and Beauty Subscription Program)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

The High Vibe website uses cleverly written copy to capture visitors’ attention. Then, below every eye-catching header, it provides valuable information about the business’s owner, Kassandra, and the types of services she offers.

This website also features a blog to help Kassandra connect with her target audience and promote ongoing engagement.

3. Amazing Girls Science (Educational Nonprofit)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

Amazing Girls Science created a youthful-looking Heroic website consistent with its branding by using a bright color palette of pink and blue.

Its homepage prominently displays the company’s mission along with photos of young girls in science classes. It also includes testimonials from happy parents of girls previously enrolled in the nonprofit’s programs.

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4. The Raw Food Organizer (Vegan Diet Services)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

The Raw Food Organizer uses high-quality images consistent with its branding as well as minimalist design elements to create a simple, yet elegant Heroic website. Owner Tammy McBee introduces herself on the homepage, offering visitors helpful information about her background and the types of services she offers. 

This website also includes integrations that allow visitors to shop for products and download the owner’s ebook via Amazon by clicking on the “SHOP” and “EBOOK” links in the navigation menu.

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5. Life in Bloom (Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

Entrepreneur Kassandra — also the owner of THE HIGH VIBE site mentioned above —  demonstrates the benefits of using the Heroic platform to create multiple sites when offering services across different sectors. 

Despite having the same owner, the Life in Bloom website stands out from THE HIGH VIBE site in both branding and the types of services it offers. With an artistic design, this website provides plenty of information about Kassandra’s experience in the industry. It also includes integrations that allow visitors to purchase services through Xperiencify by clicking on the “SELF HYPNOSIS COURSE” link in the navigation menu.

6. English Mastery for Professionals (Language Service)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

The English Mastery for Professionals website keeps its approach direct and informative. Its homepage presents a list of problems that clients may experience, and then offers its value proposition plus a call-to-action (CTA) button that invites them to get a free assessment. 

This website clearly communicates what potential clients can expect to receive, the results they can achieve, and the company’s money-back guarantee — all with a simple layout and site structure.

7. Live Your Worth (Counseling Service Provider)

Heroic Website Builder Examples.

Yingli Wang, creator of the Live Your Worth website, made a relaxed and artistic Heroic website for her London-based counseling service business. The pastel color palette creates a calming aesthetic while her “About Me” and “Services” pages provide useful information about her and what people can expect from their visit — whether it’s in person or online.

The homepage also displays the logos of several organizations that’ll verify this counselor’s credentials.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these Heroic website examples offered some inspiration as you begin exploring the process of building a business website. Heroic makes it easy for most anyone to create a thoughtful and successful business website.

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