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How To Create a Sales Page That Converts

Creating and building your business’s website can feel like a giant task. Knowing what pages your website will need can help with this process. 

This article will help show you how to design a sales page with all the elements you need to draw in return customers. It’ll also touch on how this ties into your business’s goals and overall website goals as well as provide some of the best sales page design examples from several businesses across different platforms for inspiration.

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Sales page on computer screen.

Before You Begin

To truly achieve success, it’s important to know which website builder will suit you and your business. Not all website builders come with everything a successful sales page needs. Finding the right fit for building and launching your business website will help clarify how you’ll create a sales page. Check out our Best Website Builder review to get started. 

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Understanding the Goal of Your Sales Page

The first part of planning and creating a successful sales page for your business website involves having a good idea of what you’d like to accomplish and how you’d like to do so. You can then apply these goals to your sales page as well as to your business and its website as a whole. 

Once established, these goals will help you decide how to design your sales page. They’ll also help you determine how to measure the success of your website and business.

Identifying Your Sales Page Goals

Even though the goals of your sales page may seem fairly obvious — to inspire people to buy from you — it’s still worth taking time to review how this goal supports your business’s purpose and website’s theme.

If you need help identifying your business and website goals, our What Makes a Good Website article includes a detailed breakdown.

Importantly, these goals will vary from business to business. Finding those that fit your brand can provide a clear way to achieve measurable success.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine your sales page goals:

  • What type of business do you have? If you run a service-based business, your sales page may provide an opportunity to convince site visitors to schedule an appointment with you. Alternatively, if you’re an artist with a new exhibit or piece of work available, your sales page can provide a wonderful way to point customers in that direction. Knowing what type of business you have will help you understand what sort of sales page you need.
  • What kind of goods or services do you provide? Do you provide a tangible product, such as items you make? If so, that should inform how you construct your sales page. If you instead offer specific services, persuading visitors to book your services will depend on your sales page. Knowing what you have to offer will help you figure out how you want to showcase it on your sales page.
  • What kind of growth and engagement do you want? A sales page can make a wonderful tool to get visitors to perform an action, such as buying your new book. But, do you also have a blog page you’d like them to read? Do you want to encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list or follow your business on social media to achieve your sales page goals? This is a good time to consider how you’d like customers to return to your site and continue to interact with you and your brand.

Your answers to these questions will help guide you toward the type of sales page your website needs. After answering these questions, it’s time to connect your sales page goals to a tangible way of measuring its success in achieving them.

Using the right website builder for your business can make all the difference. Check out our Best Website Builder review to learn more.

Measuring Sales Page Success

Having goals is a great start, but how will you know if you reach them? The best way to ensure you achieve your sales page goals involves making specific and measurable targets with tangible timelines and relevance.

  • Be Specific: A specific goal for your sales page might involve selling 100 copies of your new book. Having a numerical value instead of a general idea can help you better track your success.
  • Make It Measurable: A measurable goal for your sales page should be something you can track easily. For example, you could aim to have 10 people sign up for your services each day.
  • Make It Attainable: Are these goals realistic and reachable? If you have a particularly large goal in mind, break it down into smaller steps.
  • Stay Relevant: All of your sales page objectives should help you reach your website and business goals. Your sales page should focus on convincing visitors to purchase a product or service and then encouraging them to return. If you find yourself veering away from this goal, it’s time to circle back to the basics.
  • Ensure It’s Time-Based: Setting a deadline for specific goals provides a clear indicator of achievement. If you give yourself a timeline of one month to sell 100 tickets to an event, you’ll know by the end of that month if you succeeded.

Once you have a set of specific sales page goals with a realistic timeline, make sure they tie back to the overall intention and purpose of your website and business.

Aligning Sales Page Goals and Business Goals

Now that you have specific sales page goals, set them alongside your business goals. Will your sales page goals help you achieve your overall business goals? Will your sales page effectively help you achieve your website goals? If your sales page goals seem to veer off in another direction, work to align them with both your website and business goals.

Once you achieve alignment among your goals, it’s time to dive into what your sales page will need to succeed. We’ll discuss how your sales page’s content and design can help achieve this.

Still need to clarify the goals and purpose of your website? Read our What Makes a Good Website article to stay on track.

Determining Your Sales Copy and Design

Even if your sales page isn’t the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your website, it’s still incredibly important to the success of your business.

Sales pages typically feature either a long-form or short-form structure. Both long-form and short-form sales pages have a similar design and purpose. The only major difference is the length. 

Knowing how to structure this page and what elements you’ll need can help you create engaging content that’ll drive visitors to purchase from you.

Designing the Best Structure for Sales Copy

Your sales page’s structure should include digestible information about what you want visitors to buy as well as a visually appealing flow. 

Visitors to your sales page shouldn’t struggle to find key information. This page should clearly focus on its objective of enticing visitors to purchase what you have to offer as well as clearly stating the nature of those products or services.

Whether you create a long-form or short-form sales page, they should follow a similar structure. But, how do you know which type of sales page you’ll need? Typically, long-form sales pages suit businesses that sell expensive, complicated products that require more explanation to win over the general public. Short-form sales pages work well for simpler items that don’t need as much in-depth information to persuade people to try them out.

Images provide one of the best ways to quickly communicate the nature of your product(s) or service(s). They can not only help break up large blocks of text and keep visitors visually engaged, but also illustrate your product(s) or service(s) in action. Use professional photos that accurately reflect your offerings, and always ensure you have the legal right to display them on your website. 

Ultimately, the structure of this page should be clear, concise, and engaging. The easier you make it for visitors to understand what you offer, the more likely you are to achieve your sales page goals.

For more information, check out our How To Structure a Website article.

Creating Engaging Sales Copy

Providing a great user experience on your sales page also requires engaging content. In fact, the whole point of a sales page is to create the most intriguing content possible in order to convince visitors to purchase what you have to offer.

What makes a sales page seem so difficult is that it requires both writing and sales skills. There’s a nuance to selling something without coming off as disingenuous. 

One of the best ways to make your sales page feel more honest and approachable is to include a short About Us section. Briefly describing yourself and your background can help visitors understand why they should consider purchasing your highlighted product or services. 

If writing your own sales pitch begins to feel overwhelming, never fear. A great sales page should always include testimonials. Gather some customer reviews to highlight on this page. Use what others say about your business or your offerings to get the ball rolling on crafting distinctive and engaging content.

Think about your target audience and the reasons why they might visit your website and want to sign up for your services or buy your products. Use your sales page copy to tell this story. As always, make sure this story aligns with who you are and your business branding.

Incorporating Key Elements for a Successful Sales Page

Beyond the essentials every sales page needs to achieve its goals — like optimal structure and engaging content — you also can include a variety of other key elements to enhance its effectiveness. 

Here are several beneficial elements you can add to your sales page to better meet your visitors’ needs:

  • Images: Typically, photos are the most important part of a sales page. If you plan to create a long-form sales page, make sure to use a header image that accurately depicts your goods or services. Include only high-quality images designed to entice visitors to use your product or service.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons: Every sales page needs CTA buttons. They provide a clear way for visitors to sign up for the services offered or purchase the advertised product. You just spent time creating a gorgeous sales page, so ensure it’s easy for visitors to purchase what you offer with a “Buy Now” or “Book Now” button.
  • Internal Links: These embedded links help visitors navigate your entire site with ease. Great uses of these links within a sales page might take visitors to a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ), your Terms and Conditions page, and your About Us page.
  • Contact Forms: The versatility of contact forms can prove incredibly convenient when crafting a sales page. They not only provide a great way to collect visitor information, but also enable customers to reach you with any questions they may have. You also can use contact forms like a survey. If you run a financial wellness seminar, for example, you could use a contact form to ask site visitors “Would you like to manage your money better?” When visitors answer this question and provide their name and email address, you’ll move one step closer to convincing them to take your seminar.
  • Videos: These provide another great way to show your goods or services in action. You can use videos to highlight customer testimonials or your products in use. If you run an online course, for example, a video that explains what’s involved can help you provide digestible information to potential participants who learn better with visual content. 
  • Testimonials: While the previous content and structure sections mentioned testimonials, it’s important to know the type of elements you can use to display these on your sales page. Most website builders come with “Slider” sections, which rotate through a set of customer reviews without taking up too much room on the page. These sections typically also enable you to incorporate an image of the individual providing the review to add a personal touch. See what your website builder has to offer to help you make your testimonials stand out.
  • Pop-up Windows: This tool can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Pop-up windows provide a great way to offer visitors discounts or encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or service. But, use them sparingly on a sales page. If visitors must click through multiple pop-up windows just to continue reading your sales pitch, they might get frustrated and move on before deciding to buy or try your offerings.
  • Drop-Down Menus: Typically found in your site’s navigation menu, drop-down menus also can prove useful when creating long-form sales pages. For example, you can use them to create a condensed “Table of Contents” if you want to provide an overview of a course you offer. This would then enable visitors to click to expand individual menu items for more details instead of having to scroll past an overwhelming amount of information.

Use these key elements to help tell your story, thoughtfully engage with your target audience, and collect the data you need to measure progress towards your goals. Adding these elements to your sales page also will help convince visitors to become customers.

Reviewing Successful Sales Page Examples

Here are six examples of successful sales pages built with various website builders. Along with at least one visual for each, we’ll also provide a detailed description of what makes them so effective.

Best GoDaddy Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Organic skincare company Siphon Draw Apothecary keeps its sales page short and sweet. 

Beginning with a header image that shows the space where the company makes its products, the first CTA button encourages visitors to contact the business with any questions. That’s a good indication that a primary goal of this sales page involves engaging with customers.

Beneath the header image, visitors will find two quick, yet informative blurbs about the story behind this company’s products. Both offer personal accounts as well as descriptions of how the company sources and creates its products.

A “Visit Our Shop” CTA button at the bottom of this sales page provides a powerful way to encourage visitors to continue discovering what Siphon Draw Apothecary has to offer.

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Best Wix Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Fitness trainer Donna Gavriel of Donna’s Running Club does several things very well with this sales page. First, the header image is a great advertisement of the service in action. Second, an introduction to Gavriel appears below that image along with a CTA button that invites visitors to learn more about her.

Next, visitors will find three sections of service offerings — all with images that clearly illustrate their key activities and target clientele. Each service offering section also includes a “Book Now” CTA button should visitors want to join a class.

Further down this sales page, a rotating “Slider” section features customer testimonials. Visitors can click through to view more reviews or keep scrolling to get more information. It provides a great way to condense information to ensure this page doesn’t overwhelm visitors.

Near the end, this sales page features more images of Donna’s classes in action plus a map to highlight class locations.

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

contact form at the bottom of this sales page provides another great way to get visitors to engage with Donna and sign up for her services. Overall, Donna’s Running Club does a great job of ensuring its sales page visitors interact with well-orchestrated content to the very end.

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Best Shopify Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

The team behind Ka’Chava nutritional supplement shakes did quite a bit to make their sales page streamlined, informative, and engaging. For example, it incorporates several pop-up windows and CTA buttons to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

This business also does a great job of showcasing its product and providing personalized customer reviews. Incorporating more informative images, this page has a handy visual guide of the product’s ingredients and clearly states its nutrition facts. 

Near the bottom of this sales page, visitors will find an FAQ and a CTA button they can click on to get started with a free trial. This company does a great job of showcasing the key elements a sales page needs to pique visitors’ interest and get them to try their product.

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Best WordPress Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

The team behind Hoodzpah have a wonderful example of what makes a successful long-form sales page for their "Freelance, and Business, and Stuff” course

The top of the page outlines what the course offers followed by a video that does a great job of showcasing who they are and the general tone of what they do. Below the video, visitors will find a series of testimonials along with a CTA button that invites them to read more.

The Hoodzpah team also does a great job of breaking up their long-form sales page with engaging content and various images. This leaves visitors feeling entertained while they learn about the team’s credentials, available courses, and pricing.

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Another thing this sales page does really well involves using drop-down menus to aid its course navigation. This enables visitors to click through for more information, if desired, without clogging up the entire sales page.

Not afraid of CTA buttons, this page offers multiple ways to sign up for the course. It even includes a useful FAQ section as well as a link to learn more about where the team donates a portion of its revenue.

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Ending the page with yet another CTA button to sign up for the course — with a list of available payment plans — represents another solid way to encourage visitors to get started. This long-form sales page knows how to keep visitors engaged without overwhelming them with too much information. It also provides multiple payment options to expand the course’s accessibility.

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Best Weebly Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

LinkedIn expert Louise Bunyan created SmartFox School for individuals seeking training and advice to boost their careers.

Starting with a brief list of reasons why someone might be interested in the training courses, this sales page then highlights customer success stories and testimonials.

By breaking its content into digestible blocks, this sales page allows readers to engage with why they might want to take these courses. There’s even a video full of information about the course.

Near the bottom of this sales page, visitors will find a list of featured courses and a CTA button to view the entire course catalog. It even provides a way for them to sign up for one-on-one coaching, creating a great conclusion to a successful sales page.

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

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Best Squarespace Sales Page Example

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo uses her sales page to highlight her latest book. It touches on all the basics. To start, the header features a professional photo of the book, giving visitors a clear idea of what it looks like and what to expect. 

Immediately below the header image, visitors will find a list of clickable retailer links from which they can choose to purchase the book online. Further below those links, the page feature several testimonials:

How to Make a Sales Page that Converts.

Ending her sales page with more images to reinforce the book’s branding and tone, Lanyadoo does a great job of providing the necessary information for a successful sales page.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have the building blocks to begin creating a successful sales page for your business website, it’s time to find the right website builder. Read our Best Website Builder review to determine which platform will work best for you and your business. 

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