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Examples of Business Websites Built With Squarespace

Squarespace remains extremely popular among image-rich businesses (e.g., artists, photographers, wedding planners, interior designers, and boutiques), but many other industries can benefit from the contemporary layouts Squarespace offers.

After viewing hundreds of Squarespace websites in various industries, this list includes our 12 favorites for best Squarespace examples. We hope these inspire you to create your own gorgeous business website.

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Squarespace website examples.

12 Best Examples of Websites Built With Squarespace

Squarespace is known for being aesthetically pleasing and great for artists and creatives.  If you're ready to create your Squarespace website, check out this step-by-step guide to building your site and this how-to guide for insights on making your Squarespace site even more sleek and polished.

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Coals Artisan Pizza (Restaurant)

Squarespace website example.

We dare you to not crave a slice when you check out the Coals Artisan Pizza website! The close-up image of a pizza fresh from the oven in the homepage header perfectly sets the tone for this restaurant. From the homepage, you can order food online, order gift cards, view the business’s latest Instagram posts, and find information about its two restaurant locations.

Using this site’s main navigation menu, you can access the pizzeria’s menus and contact information, book a private party, and order online. The company’s brand colors appear consistently throughout the site along with gorgeous photography that showcases the restaurant and its food.

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Marty Neumeier (Marketing Expert and Author)

Squarespace website example.

This popular author and marketing expert uses a black and white color palette on his Marty Neumeier website to help his words and message really stand out. The thumbnail images of his books provide the only pop of color on the homepage.

The backgrounds of each section vary throughout this site, which helps visitors easily navigate the information on each page. Visitors can use a contact form on the “Inquiries” page to book the author for speaking engagements and workshops.

Each of Mr. Neumeier’s books has its own page, which visitors can access via the “Books” option in the main navigation menu. Another interesting item in this menu, called “Steal This Idea,” leads to a page with multiple marketing ideas he shares for free.

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Man Made Legends (Auto Restoration Shop)

Squarespace website example.

When you visit the Man Made Legends website, you’ll feel like you just stepped into an auto restoration shop because its homepage header features a video background of someone welding with sparks flying.

The site’s “Custom Builds” page — accessed via the “Builds” option in the main navigation menu — showcases old cars restored by Man Made Legends. The “Store” page uses Squarespace’s ecommerce system to sell T-shirts and baseball caps while the footer includes the latest posts from the shop’s Instagram feed.

Nissa Kauppila (Artist)

Squarespace website example.

Nissa Kauppila is a talented watercolor artist that uses a splash page with rotating images to introduce visitors to her art. Visitors must then click on the “Enter Site” button to access the homepage of this beautiful website.

Squarespace website example.

From the homepage, visitors can view artwork — by category — in a photo gallery found on the “Paintings” page. The site’s “About” page introduces the artist and includes links to the galleries displaying her artwork. The “Contact” page includes labels in both English and Mandarin.

This site demonstrates why Squarespace provides a perfect platform for artists to showcase their work.

Hayes Barton Homes (Home Builder)

Squarespace website example.

Artists aren’t the only businesses that use images to showcase their work. Home builders also rely on photographs to highlight past projects and give prospective buyers an idea of the caliber of their finished products. As such, the homepage header of the Hayes Barton Homes website features a photograph of two homes the company built.

Squarespace website example.

The site’s “Gallery” page uses large, square photos — two per row — to highlight even more of the builder’s past projects. Clicking on an image will open the full photograph in a slideshow format.

The “Process” page uses a combination of images and words to describe the steps this company takes when building a home for its customers. Finally, the “Contact” page has a form for sending an email and a clickable phone number to make it easy for site visitors to call the company directly from their mobile phone.

Something Blue (Clothing, Jewelry and Bridal Boutique)

Squarespace website example.

This Kentucky-based boutique sells women’s clothing, jewelry, and fun bridal gifts (think “something borrowed, something blue”). The Something Blue homepage highlights new items in the shop and includes an Instagram feed to showcase the boutique’s latest posts.

Squarespace website example.

This website uses a Squarespace Commerce plan to enable it to sell a variety of products, including gifts for brides as well as dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. 

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Sage Architectural Products (Commercial Construction Supplier)

Squarespace website example.

Based in Austin, Texas, Sage Architectural Products supplies Division 8 products to commercial building contractors. The firm’s website combines a simple layout with professional photos, a bold, sans-serif font, and its brand colors to create a simple, yet professional website.

The site’s “Projects” page displays images of buildings that use the firm’s products. The form on the “Contact” page includes checkboxes for the type of product a customer needs along with clickable phone numbers and email addresses.

Green Goose Writing (Ghostwriter)

Squarespace website example.

The Green Goose Writing website uses parallax scrolling for its homepage header image, which means the image stays in place while the words move up the screen as you scroll down the page. She also uses a green font in her business logo and further down the homepage to align with her business’s name: Green Goose Writing.

Squarespace website example.

As a writer, this business owner loves words. As such, she uses Squarespace’s blogging feature to add content to her website.

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Apex Executive Jet Center (Fixed-Base Operator)

Squarespace website example.

Apex Executive Jet Center is a fixed-based operator (FBO) that services private, executive jets from a Florida airport. Its blue and gold brand colors unify its website while professional photography showcases its business operations.

The site’s “FAQs” page answers many questions potential customers may have while the “Services” page pairs bullets with images to illustrate the various services this FBO offers. A banner at the top of every page of the website features a clickable email address and phone number, making it easy to contact the company.

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Little Movements (Fitness Apparel Brand)

Squarespace website example.

Little Movements makes its website’s purpose very clear: to sell athletic wear online. A video background shows people exercising in the brand’s fitness apparel while a red “Shop” button in the main navigation menu makes it easy to start shopping. The “See What’s New” button on the homepage takes visitors to a page that highlights the brand’s latest offerings.

Squarespace allows businesses that purchase one of its Commerce plans to offer coupons to their online customers. Capitalizing on this feature, the Little Movements website includes a sign-up form at the bottom of each page where visitors can insert their email address to get 10 percent off their first order. The latest posts from the brand’s Instagram feed also appear in the site’s footer.

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Defining You Pilates & Fitness (Fitness Studio)

Squarespace website example.

Defining You Pilates & Fitness — a Minnesota-based fitness studio — boasts a homepage that clearly communicates what it does. In fact, the first thing visitors see is a fitness class in action. Its homepage header also tells prospective clients that it offers fitness classes in St. Paul within an encouraging community.

This website invites new clients to learn more about the studio’s offerings with a large, green button in the upper-right corner. It also integrates with the MINDBODY platform to enable clients to book and pay for classes online.

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Faris Khalifeh (Life Coach)

Squarespace website example.

Life coaching is a popular business — and Squarespace provides a great platform for life coaches to promote their services. Faris Khalifeh is a life coach that specializes in helping introverts, which his homepage header clearly communicates.

As you scroll down this website’s homepage, short client testimonials appear one after the other powered by Squarespace’s site animation feature. A logo block highlights some of the organizations with which Mr. Khalifeh works. The bottom of the homepage includes the latest posts from his Instagram feed plus links to his other social media accounts.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these Squarespace website examples inspire you as you consider using the Squarespace website builder for your small business’s website.

If you’re still on the fence about the Squarespace website builder, be sure to read our Squarespace review and our in-depth guide to Squarespace pricing and plans.

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