Kinsta Pricing and Plans for Small Business

Kinsta is a web hosting service specializing in hosting WordPress business websites. If you’ve decided to build a website with WordPress, you’ve probably noticed that there are many hosting service providers. A dedicated WordPress hosting service allows you to focus on running your business, while Kinsta manages your website’s maintenance and performance.

Kinsta is well regarded as a fast, reliable hosting service for businesses of any size. Boasting a wide range of clients, Kinsta offers pricing plans in multiple categories and tiers. This Kinsta pricing guide will help you understand the features and cost of Kinsta web hosting so that you can decide if Kinsta is the hosting service for you.

Recommended: After extensive research, we’ve found the Kinsta Business 1 plan to be the best fit for most business owners. 

Before You Begin

Kinsta’s pricing tiers can seem confusing at first. There are a lot of plans, and the differences between them can seem minor — especially if you’re just starting out with your website or business.

But even if your website has limited needs now, it can be valuable to see how much certain features cost, so you can budget accurately as your business grows.

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Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plans

Kinsta is built on industry-leading hardware and software. All plans include the Cloudflare Enterprise level content delivery network (CDN), including security features such as protection from cyberattacks and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Kinsta’s dashboard interface is easy to use and intuitive and backed up by 24/7 support with Kinsta’s team of WordPress experts.

While Kinsta’s many different pricing tiers can be overwhelming at first, the variety of options is one of the service’s strengths. We like Kinsta for its reliability and speed, but also for its flexibility. No matter the size of your business or the needs of your website, Kinsta has a plan for you.

The Kinsta plans are split into four categories: Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Kinsta Business and Enterprise categories each contain four numbered tiers, with higher numbers indicating higher data and bandwidth limits and more computing power and resources. 

Kinsta pricing and plans.

The prices range widely, too — from $30 per month to $1,500 per month. Keep in mind, however, that you can also get a substantial discount by paying for hosting annually. And every Kinsta plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide the service is not fitted to your needs.

Get Started With Kinsta

Kinsta is one of the top hosting providers for WordPress and is incredibly flexible. Get started hosting your WordPress site with Kinsta today!


Kinsta Starter Plan

The Kinsta Starter plan is the least expensive plan Kinsta offers, at $30 per month. It includes all of Kinsta’s basic features, with some limits to how many gigabytes (GB) of storage and bandwidth you can use.

Core Offerings

The features of the Kinsta Starter plan offer excellent security and delivery speed, thanks to Kinsta’s top-of-the-line hardware.

  • Resources for 25,000 monthly visits: Kinsta allocates resources based on the number of monthly visits to a website.
  • 10 GB of storage: Kinsta’s solid-state drive (SSD) storage is fast and reliable.
  • 50 GB of CDN data: Cloudflare CDN has data centers around the planet, so your customers will be able to access your website quickly and easily.
  • One premium website migration: Simply fill out a form and Kinsta’s team will migrate your existing website from another hosting service.
  • Staging site: Make a virtual staging site where you can see and test any changes to your site before updating the public site.
  • Automatic daily backups: Kinsta backs up your site daily automatically, but you can manually back it up, too. Backups are held for 14 days.
  • Application performance monitoring (APM): Kinsta’s APM tools allow you to easily pinpoint problems that may be slowing down your site performance.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise: In addition to its fast CDN, Cloudflare Enterprise includes security tools such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and anti-hacking tools.
  • 24/7 support: As a WordPress-only hosting company, Kinsta has a support team specifically educated to help with any WordPress issues you might face.


The Kinsta Starter plan costs $30 per month. As with all Kinsta plans, you can save by paying annually. If you pay annually, the Starter plan costs $300 per year.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Kinsta Starter plan is great for basic business pages and even blogs, as long as you do not expect over 25,000 monthly visits. Because it does not offer much support for dynamic web pages, the Kinsta Starter plan is not recommended for ecommerce or membership sites. It also does not allow cloning of its staging sites, so it is not a great fit for marketing or web development agencies that need to create copies of staging sites for clients.

Check out the Kinsta Starter plan for as little as $30 per month.

Kinsta Pro Plan

The Kinsta Pro plan costs $60 per month. It includes much of the same feature set as the Kinsta Starter plan, but with higher limits on traffic and data.

Core Offerings

The Kinsta Pro plan costs twice as much as the Starter plan and includes all the same premium features. As you might expect, it also doubles most of the limits of the Kinsta Starter plan.

  • Resources for 50,000 monthly visits
  • 20 GB of storage
  • 100 GB of CDN data
  • Two WordPress installs and/or premium migrations: If you need to build or import multiple websites, the Kinsta Pro plan allows for up to two of each.
  • Staging site cloning: If you need to show a client or another user a version of a website in development, you can make a copy of the staging site.


The Kinsta Pro plan costs $60 per month when paid monthly, or $600 per year when paid annually.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Like the Starter plan, the Kinsta Pro plan does not have the computing power to operate a complex, dynamic website, so it is not suited to ecommerce. However, its increased bandwidth and storage limits make it a better hosting option for blogs and websites with a lot of high-quality images and video content. Creatives and freelancers with high monthly traffic might find this plan fits their needs.

Check out the Kinsta Pro plan starting at $60 per month.

Kinsta Business 1 Plan

The Kinsta Business plans feature higher computing power, allowing for more complicated dynamic webpages. Basically, this means that your website can handle more simultaneous operations at once, allowing for features like membership features, ecommerce sales, and other interactive content.

There are four tiers to the Kinsta Business plans, each with slightly different limits to certain features. Kinsta Business 1 is the least expensive Business plan, at $100 per month.

Core Offerings

Kinsta Business 1 offers all of the features of the Pro plan but is optimized for more traffic, more content, and more complex operations.

  • Resources for 100,000 monthly visits
  • 30 GB of data storage
  • 200 GB of CDN data
  • Five WordPress installs
  • Three premium migrations
  • Upgraded computing power: Four personal homepage (PHP) workers allow your website to field more uncached pages at once, allowing for smooth ecommerce, membership, and interactive content.


The Kinsta Business 1 plan costs $100 per month when billed monthly, or $1,000 per year when billed annually.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The enhanced computing power makes the Kinsta Business 1 plan a great option for a single ecommerce web store. Marketing agencies can take advantage of the multiple installs and staging site cloning.

Try the Kinsta Business 1 WordPress hosting plan starting at $100 per month.

Kinsta Business 2 Plan

This plan is almost identical to the Kinsta Business 1 plan, but with higher limits and a higher cost. It costs $200 per month.

Core Offerings

The Kinsta Business 2 plan raises the main limits on data and bandwidth.

  • Resources for 250,000 monthly visits
  • 40 GB of data storage
  • 300 GB of CDN data
  • 10 WordPress installs


The Kinsta Business 2 plan costs $200 per month when billed monthly, or $2,000 per year when billed annually.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Kinsta Business 2 plan is similar to the Business 1 plan. It serves the same kinds of companies — especially ecommerce companies and marketing agencies — but can accommodate many more visits and more hosted content.

Try the Kinsta Business 2 WordPress hosting plan starting at $200 per month.

Kinsta Business 3 Plan

Expanded storage, bandwidth, and processing power come with the Kinsta Business 3 plan, at $300 per month.

Core Offerings

The Kinsta Business 3 plan includes all of the features of the other Business plans, but with raised limits and a few more robust features.

  • Resources for 400,000 monthly visits
  • 50 GB of data storage
  • 500 GB of CDN data
  • 20 WordPress installs
  • Upgraded computing power: Six PHP workers allow for higher-volume ecommerce order processing and enhanced delivery of dynamic content.
  • 20-day backup retention: Keeping your backups longer will make recovery easier if an issue with your updates takes more time to become apparent.


The Kinsta Business 3 plan costs $300 per month when billed monthly, or $3,000 per year when billed annually.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Larger-scale ecommerce operations and companies with many subsidiaries needing their own individual websites will find the Kinsta Business 3 plan appropriate for their needs.

Try the Kinsta Business 3 WordPress Hosting plan for $300 per month.

Kinsta Business 4 Plan

The highest tier of Kinsta’s Business plans, Business 4 costs $400 per month and further relaxes the limits of the Business plans.

Core Offerings

The Kinsta Business 4 plan offers support for even more monthly visits and more content hosting.

  • Resources for 600,000 monthly visits
  • 60 GB data storage
  • 500 GB CDN data
  • 40 WordPress installs
  • Four premium site migrations


Kinsta Business 4 plans cost $400 per month when billed monthly and $4,000 per year when billed annually. 

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Kinsta Business 4 plan is ideal for very large ecommerce companies with fewer than 600,000 monthly visits. It also may be a good match for any company that needs to host a large number of individual websites, such as a large marketing firm, a parent company with various subsidiaries, or a company with many doing-business-as (DBA) companies.

Try the Kinsta Business 4 WordPress hosting plan for $400 per month.

Kinsta Enterprise Plans

Kinsta also has four tiers of Enterprise plans. These plans are geared toward very large, established companies looking to switch to Kinsta from another hosting service. These plans include five premium site migrations, longer backup retention, and one terabyte (TB) of CDN data traffic per month. Each Kinsta Enterprise plan increases computing power as well as storage and bandwidth limits. 

The increased storage, bandwidth, and computing power make the Kinsta Enterprise plans a fit only for very large businesses with multiple subsidiaries expecting over 1 million visits per month. These plans are for a small percentage of very large companies and established business groups, but we will quickly go over the differences between the plans and their pricing tiers.

Kinsta Enterprise 1 Plan

The Kinsta Enterprise 1 plan includes resources for up to 1 million monthly visits and 100 GB of disk space. It costs $600 per month when billed monthly or $6,000 per year when billed annually.

Kinsta Enterprise 2 Plan

With the Kinsta Enterprise 2 plan, you can accept up to 1.5 million monthly visits and use 150 GB of disk space. It costs $900 per month when billed monthly or $9,000 per year when billed annually.

Kinsta Enterprise 3 Plan

The Kinsta Enterprise 3 plan includes resources for up to 2 million monthly visits and 200 GB of disk space. It costs $1,200 per month when billed monthly or $12,000 per year when billed annually.

Kinsta Enterprise 4 Plan

The Kinsta Enterprise 4 plan includes resources for up to 3 million monthly visits and 250 GB of disk space. It costs $1,500 per month when billed monthly or $15,000 per year when billed annually.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t see a plan that fits your exact needs in this list, Kinsta also offers special plans for marketing agencies and custom plans for unique businesses.

Kinsta also offers a few add-on services, including extra storage and overages on the count of monthly visits. If you need extra storage, you can pay $20 per month for 20 GB of storage. If you don’t buy that extra storage and accidentally go over your limit, you will be charged $2 per extra GB. If you go over the monthly visit limit, Kinsta will keep your site running and charge you $1 per 1,000 visits over your plan’s monthly limit.

Whether you are building your WordPress website from scratch or migrating an existing website from another hosting service, Kinsta has a plan to fit your needs. Its CDN service and computing hardware are top-of-the-line, and Kinsta keeps everything updated behind the scenes so you never have to worry about whether your website is operating.

Get Started With Kinsta

Now that you know the range of features available from Kinsta’s hosting service, you can choose the appropriate plan for your website. And with Kinsta’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try out the service with no risk!


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