Strikingly Pricing and Plans for Small Businesses

Creating your professional Strikingly website can take a matter of minutes, but sorting through the plan features and pricing options the platform offers can be time consuming.

This Strikingly pricing guide will help you discover the best Strikingly pricing and plan for your business website. By the end, you'll have what you need to make the best decision for your business site.

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Before You Begin

This guide outlines what each Strikingly plan provides at the available pricing tiers and highlights what kind of small business or entrepreneur would benefit most from each. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to sign up for the plan best suited to your business.

Of course, it’s easy to get excited and want to start building your website right away. However, carefully considering how you want to structure your site can help prevent confusion later on. You might find it helpful to get a general sense of the various options Strikingly offers before digging in. Here’s an overview of the Strikingly pricing and plan tiers:

Strikingly pricing and plans screenshot.

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The Strikingly Limited Plan

The Strikingly Limited plan provides a general overview of the core offerings Strikingly has to offer, as well as an introduction to its ecommerce offerings. This plan is a great way to get started with Strikingly.

Core Offerings

While these features may seem pretty conventional, it’s still important to understand what each of them provides. That will help you make an informed decision about which plan best suits your business.

  • Two Limited Sites: Publish up to two sites with limited features. If you ever need more sites than what your plan allows, you can always purchase additional sites from within the Strikingly dashboard.
  • Unlimited Free Sites: Publish as many sites as you want with free features.
  • Connect a Custom Domain: Connect your current domain to your Strikingly website. Strikingly provides detailed instruction to help you with this process. 
  • Free Domain for One Year: If you don’t have a domain yet, you can purchase one from Strikingly and rest easy knowing it’s free for the first year of your subscription.
  • Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for Custom Domain: Strikingly keeps your site secure with hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) and SSL automatically applied when you connect any custom domain.
  • 1 GB Storage Per Site: Unless you’re planning on hosting a ton of videos, this is ample space for any files, images, and documents you need to upload to your site.
  • 50 GB Bandwidth: Again, this is ample space, especially for smaller websites. If you find yourself exceeding the bandwidth, Strikingly will alert you about your traffic.
  • 24/7 Chat Support: Strikingly has what it calls Happiness Officers standing by to help you with any issues that arise. Keep in mind this is not phone support, however.
  • Strikingly Branding: Even though this is a paid plan, there are still ads, banners, and logos for Strikingly displayed on your website.

Ecommerce Offerings

As a platform trying to optimize the selling experience, the Strikingly Limited plan comes equipped with basic yet useful ecommerce offerings.

  • Sell Five Products: You can add product variations, coupons, shipping regions, pre-orders, and more. 
  • Transaction Fee: There is a 5% transaction fee charged for your site’s store transactions. This is for any non-recurring payment and is in addition to payment gateway fees.
  • Connect to Payment Gateways: Strikingly easily connects users to Stripe and PayPal, making setting up payments on your website a breeze.


The Strikingly Limited plan costs $8 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $96. At this price point, this plan is one of the more affordable out there.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Entrepreneurs just starting out will find the affordability of this plan a real value. Bloggers looking to highlight some featured items for sale will also find the ecommerce capabilities of the Limited plan a great starting point to bring in some extra cash. 

But, the fact this paid plan still has ads and banners for Strikingly might hinder anyone wanting a more polished and professional feel to their site.

The Strikingly Pro Plan

The Strikingly Pro plan provides all the same core and ecommerce offerings as the Limited plan but comes with so much more.

Core Offerings

The Strikingly Pro plan includes features from the Limited plan like connecting a custom domain, secure encryption, unlimited free sites, and free domain hosting for a year. However, the Pro plan comes with several extra core offerings that can prove extremely useful.

  • Three Pro Sites: Publish up to three sites with Pro features available at this tier.
  • Three GB Storage Per Site: Allowing more room for higher quality photos and videos to be hosted on your sites.
  • 200 GB Bandwidth: Drastically increase the flow of traffic to your site, and rest easy knowing Strikingly will alert you if you’re running out or over on bandwidth.
  • Remove Strikingly Branding: Get rid of the pesky Strikingly logo from the footer of your site and remove “on Strikingly” from your site’s title.
  • Multiple Pages: You can add up to 100 pages to a single site, the sky’s the limit for any content you want to create.
  • Password Protection: Keep your site private and exclusive by adding a password. Or just keep it behind the scenes while you’re working on it.
  • Site Search: Improve visitors’ experience by allowing them to search all pages, blog posts, and products.
  • Mobile Action Buttons: Ensure your customers have a smooth experience no matter what device they are on. Customers can take action directly from their phones, including calling, finding directions, and even email.

Ecommerce Offerings

In addition to what the Limited plan provides, the Strikingly Pro plan includes quite a few offerings designed to help you expand your ecommerce capabilities. 

  • Sell More Products: With the Strikingly Pro plan you can now sell up to 300 products.
  • Site Memberships: At this tier, you can create a members-only section of your site. To start out you can have up to 100 members or subscribers, with more available for an additional fee.
  • Paid Subscription Memberships: Set up monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring payments from your members. Rest easy knowing Strikingly will handle all the billing for you.
  • Customize Checkout: In the checkout for your store, you can add any custom form fields and even set it up to take custom orders.
  • Store Product Reviews: Let your customers leave reviews and manage which ones are displayed in your store.
  • Import or Export Products: Move your store to Strikingly easily— use comma separated values (CSV) files to import or export products. 
  • Transaction Fee: At this tier, the transaction fee dips down to just 2% for your store’s transactions— and never applies to your recurring fees for members or subscribers.

Advanced Offerings

At the Strikingly Pro plan tier, there are more advanced offerings available. These can help personalize your website and improve the customer experience.

  • Embed Custom Code: For tech-savvy folks; you can embed any hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), or JavaScript code directly into your site.
  • Custom Font Upload: Access Strikingly’s library of hundreds of fonts, or upload your own for that personal touch.
  • Custom Forms:  These give you a better way to keep in touch with your visitors. Create forms with any fields you want, and easily view all collected responses.
  • Pop-ups: This handy feature allows you to collect emails, promote special offers, or verify age using pop-up windows.


The Strikingly Pro plan costs $16 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $192. This mid-range plan boasts a competitive price, especially when you take into account its set of helpful features.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Any maker or creative professional looking for a unique and streamlined way to host their online store would find this plan to be a solid fit. Artists or freelancers looking to boost their online presence and grow their client base would find the custom form feature beneficial. Plus, with the removal of those pesky ads for Strikingly, any website at this tier will look polished and professional.

The Strikingly VIP Plan

The Strikingly VIP plan provides all the core offerings included in the Limited and Pro plans along with even more features. It also gives you access to your own dedicated account manager to help troubleshoot any of your needs.

Core Offerings

The Strikingly VIP plan includes all the same core offerings as the Pro plan, with some powerful added features.

  • Five VIP Sites: Publish up to five websites, all with VIP features.
  • 10 GB Storage Per Site: Add all the quality content you may need with this ample storage.
  • 500 GB Bandwidth: Continue to grow your brand and never worry about having too much traffic to your site.
  • Priority Customer Service: Your requests are prioritized, allowing you to get a response in minutes from Strikingly’s Happiness Officers.
  • Phone Support: No longer rely on just chat boxes, call Strikingly during active hours for phone support, currently available in English only.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Rest easy knowing your very own Happiness Officer will take care of you.

Ecommerce Offerings

Adding more to what the lower-tier plans provide, the Strikingly VIP plan helps you expand your networking capabilities even further. Coming with everything included in the Pro plan, it also has these extras:

  • Sell More Products: With the VIP plan you can now sell up to 500 products.
  • Multiple Membership Tiers: Create multiple paid membership tiers for your site. Personalize it with each tier able to access different pages. Membership fees can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • 2,000 Active Contacts: Active contacts include your site’s members and subscribers. You can also add Live Chat conversations and newsletter recipients.
  • No Transaction Fee: At this level, Strikingly removes its transaction fees from your store’s sales.

Advanced Offerings

Again, the same advanced offerings as the Pro plan will be here. But with the Strikingly VIP plan, there are even more advanced features to take advantage of.

  • Send Newsletters: Compose a custom email to send out to select recipients. Filter and send newsletters directly to your audience. 
  • Live Chat Widget: Add a live chat function to your site to increase customer interaction with you. You can reply from anywhere with the Strikingly mobile app alerting you to new live chats.


The Strikingly VIP plan costs $49 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $588. This advanced plan comes with almost everything you’d need, including dedicated support.

Ideal Users of This Plan

This plan would greatly benefit small business owners seeing a jump in growth. A local business needing the extra support of a dedicated account manager will find this plan helpful. Any maker or producer with a deep array of goods and services to provide customers will appreciate the added space and capabilities of this plan.

Get Started With Strikingly for Free

When you begin creating a website with Strikingly, there is a 14-day free trial for any of its pricing tiers. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the Strikingly website builder before purchasing a plan. 

Alternatively, you can use the Strikingly Free plan.

Strikingly pricing and plans screenshot.

The Strikingly Free plan is a no-cost version of the website builder. It allows for a Strikingly landing page, a Strikingly blog, and other lite features.

Here’s what the Strikingly Free plan includes:

  • Unlimited Free Sites: Set up as many sites with Strikingly Free features as you need or want.
  • 500 MB Storage Per Site: Perfect for keeping it simple or getting a blog started.
  • Five GB Bandwidth: Great for anyone starting out with limited or small amounts of traffic to their site.
  • Access to Strikingly Templates: Get started with any of the free website templates Strikingly has to offer.
  • Strikingly Domain: Your domain will be stuck at
  • Simple Store: Get access to just one product per site. A good way to get a feel for the Strikingly website builder.
  • Customer Support: With the Free plan, you still get access to 24/7 chat support with Strikingly’s Happiness Officers.

You can choose to keep your plan free for as long as you need. However, to try out any of the features from the paid plans, you will have to sign up for a 14-day free trial of that specific Strikingly plan.

Now that you know what each Strikingly plan has to offer your business, you’re ready for the next level of creating a professional and accessible website. To make this process even easier, follow the steps in our How to Make a Strikingly Website guide.

Managing and promoting your small store or business is easier than ever with Strikingly. Start a free trial to test out templates and features, then sign up for the plan that best meets your needs.

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