Zyro Customer Service Review for Small Businesses

If you’re considering Zyro for your business website or online store, it’s important to know what kind of support you can expect. Whether you’re starting off with some initial questions or building a Zyro website and have hit a roadblock, Zyro customer support will provide answers. 

Zyro customer service offers users with a variety of helpful features, including a live chat option, email support, informative blog posts, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). In this article, you will learn about Zyro customer support options and how to access them.  

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What Kind of Support Does Zyro Offer?

When it comes to building and maintaining a website for a small business, chances are you will have some questions along the way. In addition to 24/7 live chat and email support, Zyro offers an impressive amount of helpful, easy-to-read articles on its FAQ page, Help Center, and blog. 

Key features include:

  • 24/7 Live Chat for any logged-in Zyro customer 
  • Email Support accessible around the clock
  • Support Forms available to submit at any time 
  • FAQ Page for answers to frequently asked questions 
  • Zyro Blog for small business website tips and tricks
  • Help Center to guide you in the right direction

How to Contact the Zyro Customer Success Team

Zyro customer service review.

If you need help with your web hosting account, there are multiple ways to contact Zyro for assistance. Currently, Zyro does not offer phone support for customers, but a live agent can be reached via the chat feature. Read on to learn more about each customer support option and how to contact a representative at any time. 

Contact Zyro via Email

Zyro email support is a great way to receive assistance with non-urgent inquiries or feedback. Send an email to support@zyro.com for timely, helpful support from one of Zyro’s customer support team members.

Contact Zyro via Online Form

Customers are welcome to send questions to Zyro’s customer support team via the contact form, no login is necessary. You can submit a support form here.

Contact Zyro via Chat

Zyro’s live chat feature is available with any Zyro subscription. You can find the live chat icon on the bottom-right corner of your Zyro dashboard. If you’re logged in and still unable to access the chat support, Zyro suggests turning off your ad blocker and refreshing the page. 

For an additional $1.99 per month, Zyro customers may sign up for Priority Support. Priority Support ensures your live chat questions will be answered first. 

Zyro customer service review.

Zyro customer service review.

Other Types of Zyro Support

Small business owners comfortable with doing some light research on their own will enjoy plenty of instructive articles throughout Zyro’s Help Center, blog, and FAQ pages. Read on to learn more about what these features offer and where to find them.

The Zyro Help Center

For informative articles and quick answers to common questions, head over to Zyro’s Help Center. A hub for all Zyro articles, the Help Center provides a search bar for any user inquiry, as well as links to pages for topics like website editing, domain questions, custom widgets, and more. 

Zyro customer service review.

The Zyro Blog

The Zyro blog is an excellent resource for website tips and inspiration. Articles cover a wide range of topics like web design trends, social media marketing for small businesses, and search engine optimization (SEO) tips and strategies. 

Zyro FAQ

For fast answers to frequently asked questions, check out the FAQ section on Zyro’s Support page. From basic sign-up questions to adjusting a selected template, Zyro’s FAQ page has you covered. 

Moving Forward

Zyro customer support provides a variety of contact methods and support options that many small business owners will find helpful. Current Zyro customers and those considering Zyro alike have access to a wealth of informative articles via the Zyro Help Center, FAQ page, and blog. If you have chosen Zyro for your small business website, opting in for Priority Support will help to ensure you have live customer support whenever you need it. Try Zyro and begin building your small business website today.

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