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An inflatable bounce house business means hours of fun for events of every variety, and its benefits are so universal that even adults are partial to getting a few jumps in. As the industry branches out into territories, such as luxury bounce houses for big affairs like weddings, you should think about what you want your logo to say about your company. An inflatable bounce house business may rent products out to fancy fundraisers or casual birthday parties alike. 

No matter what your brand stands for, the best logo design will give customers a sense of how your company can make their occasions more memorable. If you’re looking for exciting ideas, use TRUiC’s inflatable bounce house logo generator to give your company a head start. 


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Creating Your Inflatable Bounce House Business Logo

Inflatable bounce house businesses must cater to the adult parents that are actually purchasing these endlessly fun backyard attractions. However, the customers that these businesses are looking to influence are the young children who will be asking their moms and dads for these toys.

How do you go about designing a logo that captures kids' attention spans and fosters parents' belief in your product enough to trust their children’s safety? You want a bright colored logo that stimulates children’s imaginations like the assorted crayons they use to color. You need a symbol that exemplifies fun, so you should strive for a font that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Make sure to pay close attention to the following tips before you begin creating your inflatable bounce house business logo.


Blast Zone, a Nevada-based inflatable bounce house business that offers residential and commercial inflatables, uses plum purple, tangerine orange, and a darker burnt orange as its logo and branding colors. This playful set of colors mixes the cheerfulness of the oranges and the creativity conveyed in the color purple.

Bounceland offers durable wet and dry bounce houses from a manufacturer that has worked in the industry for over two decades. The colors that Bounceland uses in its logo are the three core primary colors that children learn in school: red, blue, and yellow. Red in the logo's word "Bounce" offers a youthful thrust of excitement. The blue in "Land'" conveys the stability of a landscape. The warm yellow brightens up the logo as an outer highlight color.

Cloud 9 Bouncers is an inflatable house business that is quite popular on the Amazon online retail platform with a wide range of inflatables. The "Cloud 9" wordmark is white, reflecting the color of clouds that we see when we look up in the sky. The letters are outlined in a bright sky blue, maintaining the aerial theme that Cloud 9 projects.

Little Tikes® is a major toy brand that offers many inflatable bounce houses and has made satisfied customers out of parents for over 50 years. This American staple of toddler toys further expresses its “Made in the USA” roots by using red, white, and blue in its text-based Little Tikes logo.

Popular Icons/Symbols

The wordmark symbol for Blast Zone features the 'Blast' text looking as if its letters are literally getting blasted up in the air over the word "Zone." Blast Zone's icon conveys action much in the same way that children will be jumping around on its inflatable bounce houses. Blast Zone also uses a smiling monkey as its mascot icon, in the same purple, light orange, and dark orange as its text. The fur on the monkey's hair is flipped upwards in disarray as if he or she just finished jumping around in the bounce house.

Bounceland makes great use of the letters in its text to create its icon. The blue letter "O" in the word "Bounce" is bouncing up above the other red letters in the word like a ball, standing out from the rest of the spelling.

The Top Font Styles

Blast Zone uses a sans-serif font that is free of any thin, fancy flourishes on its lettering. The big, bold, block letters present the brand with a font style similar to a superhero comic book cover, stimulating the imaginations of the energetic kids that will be having their own adventures on their new inflatable bounce house.

Bounceland uses a round, serif-style font that is similar to the Cooper font that you would see on a comedy movie poster. Kids can easily make the connection that this is a brand meant for their enjoyment, not a stuffy product for grownups.

Cloud 9 Bouncers does a few things really well with its text logo. It has made the puffy sans-serif lettering look like a cloud. It also features a little blue dot towards the top right side of each letter, almost like a kid-friendly puppet's eyeball gazing to the right. Lastly, the Cloud 9 text expresses kinetic action with a curved line under the letter "C" and one over the number “9." At first glance, you know right away that there will be no standing still with Cloud 9's inflatable bounce houses.

Little Tikes gets right to the point with its all-lowercase block sans serif, expressing that these products are indeed for little tikes, not their parents.

While there is no “correct answer” for your logo, you can take a page out of the market’s book. Top brands in this industry use bright colors that connect to children like red and blue, as well as wordmark symbols that convey movement and action in block san-serif fonts. In the same way, your bounce house business should have the perfect balance of fun and sophistication.

How to Use Our Free Logo Generator

Follow the simple steps below to create, personalize, and download your company logo design in just a few clicks:

1. Enter Your Business Name and Tagline

The TRUiC inflatable bounce house business logo generator requires you to add your business’s name and optionally a tagline, or slogan, to help generate your design.

Still need help finding a name for your company? Then check out our review of the Best Business Name Generators and find the service that will work best for you and your small business.

2. Choose a Type of Logo Design, Font, and Color Scheme

You’ll have to choose between having an inflatable bounce house logo with a graphic or a text only design.

Option 1: Graphic

This type of design displays your business name with a themed inflatable bounce house business graphic that will be displayed in a few different layouts. The graphic will either sit next to your company name, or it will sit above it.

Then, choose your favorite font style and color pallet to generate your first set of choices.

Option 2: Text 

This type of inflatable bounce house logo displays your business name or just its initials in a stylized way using creative fonts and typography

After this, you’ll choose a color pallet and generate your choices.

3. Generate Inflatable Bounce House Logo Options

Our generator creates thousands of inflatable bounce house business logos to choose from. Search through our numerous options and explore!

4. Customize Your Inflatable Bounce House Logo

You've found a design you like; you can now customize it further by changing up the font and color. If you aren't happy with the changes you made, there is a reset button so that you never lose your original result.

5. Download Your Inflatable Bounce House Business Logo

We make downloading your design hassle-free with no email requirements and no sign-ups of any kind — simply download and you’re done.

Our inflatable bounce house logo generator will provide you with a high-resolution design in a scalable vector graphic (SVG) file format. This file format is the best for logos because it is easily editable and can be resized as small or as large as you need without losing any quality.

6. After Downloading, Make Sure Your Logo is Unique

Now that you have decided on your favorite inflatable bounce house logo design for your venture, you should conduct a trademark search to ensure that it is unique.

Learn more about how to trademark your professional logo and ensure its availability by visiting our guide on How to Trademark Your Business Brand.

Confirm that your new design is unique by taking the following steps:

  • Perform a reverse image search on Google.
  • Formally conduct a trademark search using a lawyer specialized in trademarks.

7. Bring Your Inflatable Bounce House Logo to Life

Once you’ve generated your logo design, it is yours to keep and use for promotional materials.

We recommend using a service like Zazzle, which provides quality printing services for a variety of materials, including business cards, flyers, banners, letterheads, and so forth.

Our logos can also be utilized for branding, social media (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.), and more.

If you already have an inflatable bounce house logo, you can also add it to a QR code with our Free QR Code Generator.

Looking for additional design inspiration? Explore more of our small business logo generators.

8. Get Your Domain and Start Creating Your Website

Once you have your inflatable bounce house business logo, you can start building your brand and creating your website.

Learn how to build a website on your own with our guide. Alternatively, you can get started with GoDaddy's free website builder which offers the best option for creating a professional website and is user-friendly.

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Things to Consider When Picking a Logo

It's best to brand your company with a logo that includes symbols, icons, colors, and fonts that clearly represent what you’re selling to your customers. Luckily, TRUiC's Free Logo Generator offers a large variety of options for all kinds of styles and branding options.

Color Psychology - Colors can help define the mood of your venture. Consider which color scheme will best represent your inflatable bounce house business when using the color editor and creating your company brand with our logo maker.

Accessibility - When it comes to creating an accessible design, the font you choose should be easy for customers to recognize, and color contrast is vital for readability.

Icons vs. symbols to make your own logo design - Symbols can help to represent your business, like products you sell or the type and quality of service you offer.

For example, a logo for a CBD oil shop could be depicted as a leaf; the symbolism being that it’s earthy, organic, natural, or all of these.

Font style - Choosing the right font is important since fonts capture the attention of customers and show what they can expect from your company.

If you own a more formal business, such as an accounting firm, you’ll likely want to choose a font that is more minimalistic and professional. If you’re opening a company such as a toy store, you’ll probably want to choose a font that is more fun and whimsical.

If you aren't feeling confident about designing your small business logo, then check out our Design Guides for Beginners.


Why should I use TRUiC's Free Logo Maker?

TRUiC's user-friendly Online Logo Maker was created for entrepreneurs with little to no design experience. It's 100% free to use, doesn't require any personal information, provides users with a high-resolution file, and offers helpful steps for users to take after they download their unique design.

Do I own my inflatable bounce house business logo design?

Yes — once you download a logo, it is yours to have for either personal or professional use.

What file format is my logo?

Once you create your inflatable bounce house logo, you can download it as both a high-resolution SVG file, which allows you to scale your design to any size without loss of quality, and as a PNG file for any of your social media accounts.

How do I make a logo?

One way is to have a professional designer make a logo for your brand. Another option is to use a tool like TRUiC's Logo Generator, which uses templates to help your company make a design.

Do I have to sign up for anything to get my inflatable bounce house logo?

No, there is no email sign-up of any kind. The TRUiC Logo Creator does not take any personal information; it is completely free with no strings attached.

How soon can I use my free inflatable bounce house business logo?

You can download and use your new inflatable bounce house logo immediately.

How much does it cost to create a logo using TRUiC's Logo Generator?

Using TRUiC’s bounce house logo generator is completely free, with no email sign ups and no strings attached.

Once you’ve downloaded your online logo, you can use it for any commercial or personal purposes. We recommend getting marketing and promotional materials, like business cards through Zazzle.