How to Edit a QR Code

While you may be able to make QR code edits, this will depend on the type of QR codes you are using: static QR codes or dynamic QR codes.

In this guide, we take a look at the differences between static and dynamic QR codes and explain how you can go performing a QR code edit on an existing code. 

Recommended: Use our free QR code generator tool to customize your QR codes.

Editing Your QR Codes

Static QR codes are a form of static code, meaning that they cannot be tracked, edited, or updated. Therefore, a static QR code edit can only be made by creating a new QR code.

On the other hand, a dynamic QR code allows users to change its contents so that the persons scanning are able to be directed to a different source without having to scan a new QR code. 

Dynamic QR codes do not store information in the data of the code because they contain a short URL where all of the data is stored using an online QR code generator. 

You will only be able to make a QR code edit to an existing code if you are using dynamic QR codes.

Note: Since QR codes can be generated for free and provide the same level of customization, you can always choose to use a free static QR code generator instead.

Creating a QR Code

Creating QR codes for your business can be a simple process, but this will depend on the QR code generator provider that you choose to work with.

In TRUiC, our QR code generator is entirely free and allows users to create an unlimited number of QR codes by:

  1. Filling in all of the necessary information in the “Enter Content” area. This will depend on the type of QR code that you want to create (e.g., URL QR code, WiFi QR code, etc.). 
  2. Choosing your QR code’s foreground and background colors by selecting the “Set Colors” option. Keep in mind that these should be colors that align with your business’s branding.
  3. Upload your business’s logo by clicking on the “Upload Logo” button within the “Add Logo Image” section. This can make your QR codes seem more trustworthy.
  4. Choose your barcode’s preferred weight and style through the “Customize Design” button. 
  5. Click on “Create QR Code” and then select the option to “Download” it. You will now be able to share your QR code with your customers, clientele, and employees. 

Should I Use a Dynamic QR Code Generator?

Whether you should use a dynamic QR code generator or not will depend on your personal and business preferences. Having said that, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. 

For one, dynamic QR codes are generally much more expensive. This can mean that they are not suitable for small businesses with relatively tight budgets. 

Moreover, since QR codes can be generated and shared for free, the ability to edit already existing ones may not be worth the opportunity cost of a higher price for many businesses.

Nonetheless, there are a few benefits of using dynamic QR codes. These include:

Increased Security

Using a dynamic QR code effectively means that you have ultimate control over how your QR code will work. 

If you make a mistake when printing or creating it, you know that you can always edit it and remedy any mistakes made without having to worry about creating a new QR code and re-sharing on all of your online and offline platforms (e.g., brochures, social media channels, business websites, etc.). 

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Dynamic QR codes provide information that can be pivotal in any business’s marketing campaigns. This includes:

  • Number of total scans
  • The time of the most scans
  • The location where the most scans occurred

Businesses can take this information into account when deciding what changes to implement in the future.


One of the largest advantages of using dynamic QR codes is that you are able to edit them even after you have printed and shared them. 

For businesses that rely on printed advertising methods, this can actually save costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make several QR codes?

Yes. Since QR code generators are generally very user-friendly and cost-effective to use, there is nothing stopping you from creating as many QR codes as you need.

How can I make my QR codes align with my brand?

You can make your QR codes align with your business’s brand by adding your logo and choosing colors that align with your brand. This can make your QR codes seem more trustworthy to your customers and can go a long way in increasing the traffic that is generated as a result of any QR codes that you share.

Are QR codes safe to use?

Yes, QR codes are generally very safe to use, but users should beware of using them from non-trusted sources. 

Since individuals cannot read the content of QR codes at face value, it is possible that the content may be very deceiving. For example, instead of opening up a URL, it may initiate a specific action on your device or even track your data. 

This means that you should ensure that any QR code you scan — or any QR generator tool that you use — comes from a trusted business.

Can a QR Code’s internal content be edited?

Yes, but only if the QR code in question is a dynamic QR code. 

This is because dynamic QR codes store information on an internal URL link that is stored through an online QR code generator.

When were QR codes invented?

QR codes were initially invented over two decades ago by Masahiro Hara from a Japanese automotive company called Denso Wave.

The initial design for QR codes was heavily influenced by the black and white pieces of a Go board — a traditional Chinese board game. 

The initial purpose of QR codes was to track vehicles during the company’s manufacturing process. They have since been used for a lot more than that.

For more information, see our article on the history of QR codes.