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SMS QR Code Generator for Your Small Business

SMS QR codes allow consumers to contact you or your business’s support team without having to manually:

  • Open their device’s messaging app
  • Find and type in your business phone number
  • Type in the message that they want to send

This is all done automatically as soon as the QR code is scanned. 

For the most part, SMS QR codes are a very effective way of:

  • Generating leads
  • Improving user engagement and brand loyalty
  • Growing and sustaining SMS mailing lists

In this guide, we provide an overview of how SMS QR codes are used, the benefits that they provide, and how you can use our free QR code generator to create one of your own.

How Does an SMS QR Code Work?

An SMS QR code automatically directs potential consumers towards their device’s default messaging app. An opt-in message is then automatically typed in for them, meaning that all they need to do is click “send.” 

This makes SMS QR codes a perfect option for SMS marketing, as they can allow businesses to grow and sustain SMS mailing lists relatively easily. 

In order to create an SMS QR code for your business, you need to include the following information: 

  • Your business phone number
  • Your message, which will be the message that will be automatically typed in for your users
  • You may also want to include a call to action (CTA) next to your QR code after you have shared it

Tip: From an SMS marketing standpoint, you should always offer your consumers an alternative approach to signing up for your email listings. This will ensure that your user engagement is promoted as efficiently as possible (e.g., tell customers to scan your QR code or text a phrase to your number).

What Is a QR Code?

A QR code, or quick response code, is a type of unique barcode that is created for devices like smartphones to scan and read. It’s easy to embed almost any type of information into a QR code — from letters and digits to phone numbers and URL links. That’s what makes them so versatile, especially for small business owners. 

Unlike standard barcodes — which can only read information in one direction — QR codes can read in two (i.e., top to bottom and right to left). This means that they are much better for storing large amounts of data. 

QR codes can be used to track products and information in logistical operations. Since most consumers have phones with built-in QR readers, they are also great for advertising campaigns. 

Having access to a trouble-free way to create your own distinct QR code can help you keep things running smoothly.

How Do I Use an SMS QR Code for My Small Business?

SMS QR codes are mainly used to facilitate SMS marketing, as they can be a great way for businesses to grow and maintain their SMS mailing lists. 

The benefits of SMS marketing for small businesses include:

  • High conversion rate
  • Low cost
  • Huge reach
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Instant response

High Conversion Rate

In comparison to emails, SMS marketing tends to provide a better ROI for businesses because it is less likely to go into a spam folder where its contents will not even be considered.

Users are also generally more engaged with texts they receive because of the prevalence of spam emails.

Low Cost

In comparison to other forms of marketing (e.g., social media marketing, SEO, etc.) SMS marketing is very affordable.

This means that SMS QR codes can be great for small businesses that do not have large amounts of capital to invest in their marketing campaigns.

Huge Reach

Since virtually everyone has access to a mobile phone at the moment, SMS marketing allows businesses to obtain an affordable method of targeting a wide range of consumers.

This is a good supplement to other digital marketing methods which are targeted towards specific demographics.

Fast Delivery

One of the largest benefits of SMS marketing is that its benefits do not face any time limitations. 

Once your content is sent, your customers and prospective customers will receive your message virtually straight away. This is particularly great when you take into account that SMS marketing requires practically no preparation — especially when SMS QR codes are incorporated into the mix.

Other uses of SMS QR codes include:

  • Sales: SMS QR codes can be used to allow consumers to contact employees in sales with automated messages that relay interest in a specific item or service.
  • Product support: Customers can sometimes use these QR codes to let product support teams know that they need to be contacted.
  • Product upgrades: For example, an SMS QR code can be used to facilitate the process through which an existing customer on a “trial” period upgrades to a paid plan.

How to Create an SMS QR Code

With our free QR code generator, it’s never been easier to make your own personalized QR code. Follow these six simple steps to have your own specialty code in no time.

How to Use the TRUiC SMS QR Code Generator:

  1. In the “Enter Content” area, fill in all the necessary information. This includes your phone number and the desired message text.
  2. Click “Set Colors” to customize and choose the foreground and background colors of your QR code. Be sure to choose colors that align with your company and branding. 
  3. Within the “Add Logo Image” section, upload your logo and click the “Upload Logo” button once you’ve made your selection. Don’t have a logo yet? Check out our free logo generator.
  4. At the bottom, in “Customize Design,” choose your preferred weight and style for the final barcode.
  5. Finally, click “Create QR Code” to instantly generate your very own code with your personalized logo, color scheme, and connected content. Click “Download” to save and begin sharing with customers, clientele, employees, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are QR codes customizable?

Yes, but the extent of this depends on how you go about making them. With our QR generator, users are able to customize their QR codes so that they include:

  • Specific patterns 
  • Specific colors (or combination of colors)
  • Business logos

What is the difference between status and dynamic QR codes?

The main difference between static and dynamic QR codes is that static QR codes cannot be changed after they have been generated.

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes’ content and code can be reused and rearranged, meaning that they can be changed as many times as necessary with no problems.

How do I download QR codes?

With our QR code generator, you can download your tailor-made QR code by clicking on the “Save QR Code” button.

This is found at the right of the screen and is available after the required fields (e.g., content, logo, etc.) have been filled in.

What types of businesses use QR codes?

Since QR codes can be used in so many different ways, they do not really benefit any specific type of business more.

Generally, they are a valuable tool for any business that values its user engagement and brand loyalty. What’s more, QR codes can be incorporated in both online and offline approaches.

Can I print my QR code on physical objects?

Yes, after you have created your QR code with our QR code generator and downloaded it as a file on your device, you can print it out as you would any other PDF or PNG document.

This can then be placed on physical items in your store (e.g., packaging, window signs, etc.).

Can I scan QR codes without an app?

Generally, yes. However, this will depend on how up-to-date your phone is, as well as what type of phone you own. For example, iOS 11 or later comes with a built-in QR code reader, and Android 9 (Pie) or later comes with built-in QR codes as a result of integrating with Google Lens.

If your phone does not have a built-in QR code reader, you can download a QR code reading app from your device’s app store.