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Plain Text QR Code Generator for Your Small Business

Plain text QR code generators create QR codes that relay short phrases or texts after they have been scanned. 

These QR codes enable business owners to communicate highlighted points of information to consumers — or prospective consumers — without having to direct them to a large file or piece of content (e.g., a URL website). 

Examples of where plain text QR codes may be used include:

  • WiFi passwords
  • Product instructions
  • Discount codes
  • Contact information

How Does a Plain Text QR Code Work?

A plain text QR code allows users to scan it in order to display a relatively short phrase of text. This can reach up to 300 characters and include special characters and emojis.

For perspective, Twitter allows its users to input up to 280 characters in each tweet, meaning that plain text QR codes are only slightly larger than a single tweet.

Unlike other forms of QR codes, plain text does not require users to be connected to the internet. 

Note: A plain text QR code is a static form of code, which means that — like with most QR codes — they cannot be altered after they have been finalized.

What Is a QR Code?

A QR code, or quick response code, is a type of unique barcode that is created for devices like smartphones to scan and read. It’s easy to embed almost any type of information into a QR code — from letters and digits to phone numbers and URL links. That’s what makes them so versatile, especially for small business owners. 

Unlike standard barcodes — which can only read information in one direction — QR codes can read in two (i.e., top to bottom and right to left). This means that they are much better for storing large amounts of data. 

QR codes can be used to track products and information in logistical operations. Since most consumers have phones with built-in QR readers, they are also great for advertising campaigns. 

Having access to a trouble-free way to create your own distinct QR code can help you keep things running smoothly.

How Do I Use a Plain Text QR Code for My Small Business?

You can use plain text QR codes in many different ways. Like with most QR codes, these are ideal for increasing brand loyalty by incentivizing user engagement, as well as for generating marketing leads.

Generally, plain text QR codes provide the following advantages for small businesses:

  • Increased simplicity
  • High customization
  • High applicability
  • No cost

Increased Simplicity

Plain text QR codes can be great for displaying short texts without needing to print out entire documents. You can use these to communicate valuable information to your employees or prospective clients, including:

  • Discount codes
  • Contact information
  • WiFi passwords
  • Product instructions

High Customization

With our QR code generator, your plain text QR codes can be tailor-made so that they fit in with your brand.

This includes your:

  • Logo
  • Choice of color(s)
  • Choice of shape(s)

High Applicability

Since plain text QR codes do not require an active internet connection to work, they are very applicable. They can be used by virtually anyone and at any point, as long as a device with a QR reader is accessible.

These forms of QR codes can also be opened by all devices regardless of the operating software (e.g., iOS, Android, etc.) and can be read by any QR code scanner.

No Cost

Our QR code generator offers fully-customizable plain text QR codes at no cost. This means it is perfect for small businesses with relatively tight budgets who want to make sure that only high-quality content is associated with their brand name. 

Having said that, there are a few notes to consider when ensuring that your QR codes will be as effective as possible:

  • Ensure that your content is accurate: Since plain text QR codes are a form of static code, they cannot be altered after they have been finalized. It is important that you ensure that the information that you want to publish is accurate before you begin sharing your QR code(s).
  • Optimize your QR code’s size: Generally, you want to avoid making your QR codes too large, as this can decrease their scannability. Aim for compact but recognizable QR codes before you share them. This is particularly important if you intend to use them in an offline format (e.g., flyers, packaging, store windows, etc.).
  • Add your own logo: Adding your own logo is entirely free and can be done extremely easily by simply uploading the image of your choice. If you are a trusted brand, including your logo can go a long way in ensuring that your customers will never hesitate to scan your QR codes. 
  • Consider any character limitations: Since plain text QR codes are capped at 300 characters, you need to take this into account when constructing the message that you want to convey in order to structure it in a coherent and succinct manner. 
  • Choose eye-catching colors: Contrary to popular belief, QR codes are not limited to black and white. Users can choose a wide range of combinations of colors so that they align with their brand image.

How to Create a Plain Text QR Code

With our free QR code generator, it’s never been easier to make your own personalized QR code. Follow these six simple steps to have your own specialty code in no time.

How to Use the TRUiC Plain Text QR Code Generator:

  1. In the “Enter Content” area, fill in all the necessary information. This will include the text that you will want users to see after they scan your QR code (up to 300 characters). 
  2. Click “Set Colors” to customize and choose the foreground and background colors of your QR code. Be sure to choose colors that align with your company and branding. 
  3. Within the “Add Logo Image” section, upload your logo and click the “Upload Logo” button once you’ve made your selection. Don’t have a logo yet? Check out our free logo generator.
  4. At the bottom, in “Customize Design,” choose your preferred weight and style for the final barcode.
  5. Finally, click “Create QR Code” to instantly generate your very own code with your personalized logo, color scheme, and connected content. Click “Download” to save and begin sharing with customers, clientele, employees, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a QR code work?

A QR code works in a very similar way to that of a barcode, containing data in the form of small dots that relay specific sets of information. They can be scanned by smartphone devices that either have in-built readers or can download third-party QR reading apps.

What does QR code stand for?

QR code stands for quick response code. The name stems from the fact that QR codes are capable of relaying information within just a few seconds.

Are QR codes customizable?

Yes, but the extent of this depends on how you go about making them. With our QR generator, users are able to customize their QR codes so that they include:

  • Specific patterns 
  • Specific colors (or combination of colors)
  • Business logos

What is a dynamic QR code?

As the name suggests, dynamic QR codes are QR codes that are editable after they have been generated. This means that they offer more flexibility than static QR codes.

How many characters can a QR code entail?

A QR code can entail up to 4,296 characters or 7,086 digits. This can make them a strong medium for conveying large amounts of information.