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Northwest Registered Agent and Tailor Brands are two well-respected LLC formation services, and we happily recommend both – but there are some key differences that are important to point out. One we recommend for those on a budget, while the other we recommend for those that need a premium, comprehensive service. 

Northwest is the more budget-friendly choice that is ideal for entrepreneurs who just need the basics like LLC formation. Tailor Brands, on the other hand, is best as a premium, all-in-one solution to boost your brand and online presence as quickly as possible. 

Here we will take a look at both Northwest and Tailor Brands, including the pros and cons of each service. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about whether one of these two services is the right fit for your LLC formation and brand-building needs. 

Recommended LLC Service: Northwest ($29 + State Fees)

Northwest vs. Tailor Brands: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Our Approach:

When we started comparing Northwest and Tailor Brands, we focused on three main questions for our review:

  • Is it a good deal?
  • Is there a better deal?
  • Who uses this LLC service and how did they review their experience?

We analyzed the LLC formation services’ overall value, customer reviews, customer service, included features, and ease of use to determine which company is best for you and your business.

Quick Comparison:

1. Choose Northwest if: You need basic LLC formation services and/or you are on a budget.

Northwest ($29 + state fees) is our top pick for those who need to form an LLC and don’t want to break the bank doing it. It offers the best combination of features and value of any of the services that we have reviewed. If you are looking to form an LLC and want to get it done quickly and easily, this is the way to go. 

One of the things we like about Northwest is that it gives you a year of registered agent service for free – something Tailor Brands does not. That often costs $100 or more when purchased separately. 

By giving you a year of registered agent service along with LLC formation, Northwest stands out as a real value. That’s why it’s our go-to choice for entrepreneurs on a budget.

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Best LLC Service: Northwest

We recommend Northwest ($29 + State Fees) as the overall best online business formation service because of its affordability and knowledgeable customer support.

Visit Northwest

2. Choose Tailor Brands if: You are ready to launch your brand and build an online presence and are willing to pay a premium for AI-driven marketing tools. 

Tailor Brands has set itself apart from the competition by focusing on branding for small businesses. There are plenty of LLC formation services out there, but few of them offer the high-quality tools and features that Tailor Brands does. And where this company’s offerings really shine is in its premium plan. 

Tailor Brands’ Elite Plan ($199 + state fees) includes multiple logos using the company’s logo maker – one of the best out there – along with graphic design tools for social media posts. These and a variety of other business-building tools are worth the investment in the Elite Plan if you are focused on building a brand and making your presence known online. 

While Tailor Brands has two lower-tier plans, we think the Elite Plan is where the company stands out. If you are ready to invest in branding along with LLC formation,Tailor Brands is ideal.

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Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands provides the best premium, one-stop shop package ($199 + state fees) for entrepreneurs to form an LLC and build their online presence.

Form an LLC

Need more details? Read on for a more in-depth breakdown of our Tailor Brands vs Northwest LLC services comparison.

LLC Packages: Northwest vs. Tailor Brands

Let’s compare our two favorite plans so you can see the differences more clearly. Northwest only offers one package, and we think it’s excellent for basic LLC formation. Tailor Brands offers three packages, but we are only going to look at its top-tier plan because that’s the one we recommend. 

Please note that the service costs for each plan do not include the state filing fees which vary by state.

LLC Formation: Plan Comparison

Northwest vs Tailor Brands Side by Side Comparison
Northwest Tailor Brands
ORDER PROCESSING TIME 2 days 7-10 days
REGISTERED AGENT Included for one year, then $125 per year $199 per year
EIN REGISTRATION $50 extra $99 extra

Northwest vs. Tailor Brands: Customer Reviews

Northwest is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Just need LLC formation services
  • Want to take advantage of a free year of registered agent services
  • Don’t need website building services
  • Don’t need branding tools

Here are some verified Northwest reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“I didn't have too much knowledge on LLC's, the process was easy and fast, the same week all the process was done with no issues and everything 100% digital without waiting for mail. Also affordable (around $100 than competitors), I recommend it for small businesses.”

"Easy to contact, an actual person picks up. Emails I’ve sent have been responded to within the same day. Plenty of free information if you’d like to perform tasks yourself to save money. In their surveys they don’t ask between 7 genders what you are like competitors. Light years better than ZenBusiness or LegalZoom.”

“A very excellent registered agent and company formation service. I have used others and Northwest has been the best. It's only slightly more expensive than your average provider and entirely worth it. The account area is nice and support is responsive/knowledgeable. The resources on the website are useful. And the registered agent service includes basic mail forwarding (with limitations, which for my business are fine and save me from needing a PO box). I love 'em.”

Tailor Brands is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to quickly establish an online presence and a notable brand
  • Are willing to pay a premium for an all-in-one services
  • Want to utilize the company’s industry-leading logo creation tools
  • Want to create a website for their business

Here are some verified Tailor Brands reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

"I wanted to use Tailor Brands for my logos and marketing tools. I accidentally added a subscription that I didn't need so I asked to downgrade. The customer service team were lovely and sorted it straight away. I am in love with my new logos and if I ever need the upgrade service I will definitely make the most out of it!"

"I have created a logo and paid for it (the basic plan). After awhile, I realized it is not the logo I wished to continue with and I seemed out to the help of the support ventre with Tailor Brands. They are exceptional, fast responding and very customer oriented. They resolved my issue in a timely manner and free of charge. I really recommend their services!"

"I found the team at Tailor brands amazing in their service. I had communicated with at least four different people over a few days and they always had my backstory understood my case and went out of their way to help me and explain things so that I can understand. They seem to work around the clock because, I don’t keep regular hours and, they didn’t keep me waiting long for a reply. This level of service is very rare in today’s world. Thank you all so much."

Northwest vs. Tailor Brands Review Ratings

After conducting a quick comparison, we completed a more comprehensive review of Tailor Brands and Northwest LLC services based on:

  • Cost Value
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Included Features
Northwest vs Tailor Brands Overview
Northwest Tailor Brands
Overall 4.7/5 4.5/5
Cost Value 4.5/5 4/5
Customer Service 5/5 5/5
Ease of Use 5/5 4.5/5
Included Features 4.2/5 4.5/5

Cost Value

Northwest offers the best value for those on a budget who only need LLC formation services. Tailor Brands is noticeably more expensive, but it offers a lot more features and services, like AI-powered business-building tools. Each is a good value for the right entrepreneur. 

Customer Service

Northwest is known for its premium, knowledgeable customer service. Many reviews speak about how quickly the company responds and how thorough the responses are. Tailor Brands also has excellent customer service. You can reach out 24/7 and get help through chat, email, or a callback. 

Ease of Use

Northwest has one of the best checkout experiences you will find. It’s quick, simple, and straightforward. Tailor Brands' user experience and flow is a little more in-depth and tailored to each entrepreneur. The company’s services are more complex and take more time to learn how to use. But the extra effort is worth it for the brand-building potential of those tools. 

Included Features

Northwest includes many LLC features that make it a standout among budget options, including a free year of registered agent service. Tailor Brands is unique because it offers a variety of brand-building features, including five logos, a domain name, a website builder, digital business cards, and graphic design tools for social media. Each delivers a feature-rich plan for the right user. 


Overall, we recommend Northwest if you are on a budget and simply looking for LLC formation and registered agent services. If you need to form an LLC and want to get it done fast, Northwest has you covered. 

We recommend the Tailor Brands Elite plan for business owners who are willing to spend more to get the complete package. Not only can you form an LLC, but you can also build a website, create a logo, establish an online presence, and more. This is the right choice for entrepreneurs who are committed to making an impact online.


What do I need to form an LLC and can I start one on my own?An orange arrow pointing down

You can learn everything about starting an LLC — and form one on your own — by following the steps outlined in our comprehensive state-based guides!

Which LLC service is better — Northwest or Tailor Brands?An orange arrow pointing down

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are on a budget and just need to form an LLC, Northwest is the right choice. If you are trying to build a brand online, need a website, and are willing to pay for an all-in-one service, Tailor Brands is the better option. 

Which company offers ongoing legal services?An orange arrow pointing down

Neither company offers ongoing legal services. For legal assistance along with LLC formation, we recommend Rocket Lawyer

What are some Northwest and Tailor Brands alternatives?An orange arrow pointing down

You can find Northwest and Tailor Brands alternatives by checking out our list of the best LLC services.

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