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Rocket Lawyer LLC Review 2024

Looking for ongoing legal services beyond business formation? Rocket Lawyer is a legal tech company dedicated to helping small businesses access affordable legal documents, high-quality support, and more. TRUiC partnered with Rocket Lawyer to offer a New Business Bundle filled with free incorporation services, legal advice, and further discounts!

Continue reading our Rocket Lawyer review to learn more about the company’s LLC formation services, legal services, and how it compares to others on the market.

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Recommended Step Before Using Rocket Lawyer to Form an LLC

It’s important to name your business before going through the LLC formation process with a service provider. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Discover the perfect business name for your company.
  • Conduct a business name search to make sure your desired name is available in your state and not already taken.
  • Help verify the availability and secure a domain name for your LLC.

Rocket Lawyer Overview

Rocket Lawyer is the best LLC formation service for businesses needing ongoing legal services. We made an excellent deal to bundle Rocket Lawyer's premium services into a discounted package for only $349.99 (plus state fees). You’ll save about 46% with our New Business Bundle, which includes:

  • Free Business Incorporation Service
  • Registered Agent Service for 1 Year
  • 1 Year of Legal Services

Continue reading to learn more about the legal services company and what the Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle offers.

Our Approach:

For our Rocket Lawyer review, we focused on three main questions:

  • Is Rocket Lawyer a good deal?
  • Is there a better deal?
  • Who uses Rocket Lawyer and how did they review their experience?

Rocket Lawyer Summary

Rocket Lawyer is a good deal if you require ongoing legal services past LLC formation. However, if you aren't seeking further legal support and are simply starting a small business, check out our highest-rated LLC formation service, Northwest Registered Agent, which offers a formation package tailored to your business budget.

Rocket Lawyer has a subscription-based model for ongoing legal services, giving premium members access to legal documents and legal advice. Our partnership bundles Rocket Lawyer's premium membership services into one discounted package to create the best deal for entrepreneurs seeking ongoing, affordable legal services. Instead of paying a regular price of $649.99 (+ state fee), you'll only pay $349.99 (+ state fee), saving about $300!

Our New Business Bundle deal includes incorporation services, registered agent services, an Operating Agreement, and quality legal services such as:

  • Lawyer consults on new legal matters, up to 40% off attorney hourly rate after
  • Easy-to-use legal documents
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • More discounts on future services

Researched and created by legal staff, Rocket Lawyer's library of contract templates can save a new business owner a lot of time. They can also connect you with an attorney for help with customizing or enforcing them.

Rocket Lawyer Pros

  • LLC formation services come bundled with other valuable online legal services. Get ongoing legal support for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.
  • Access a massive library of quick and easy-to-use legal forms, including an operating agreement and other useful forms.
  • Get a complimentary 30-minute legal consultation on all new legal matters with just a click or a phone call.

Rocket Lawyer Cons

  • Rocket Lawyer is one of the more expensive formation services because they are principally geared toward those who need ongoing legal services.

Rocket Lawyer Alternatives

There isn’t a better deal if you’re interested in taking advantage of online legal services through LLC formation packages. If you simply need basic LLC formation services, there are less expensive options out there — such as our highest-rated and best alternative, Northwest Registered Agent — but they don’t offer legal support.

If you are forming a business that could benefit from high-quality legal services, Rocket Lawyer would be the best choice for you. For example, let’s say you are starting a real estate company. Oftentimes, real estate businesses need extra legal support because of lease agreements, eviction notices, and so forth. Rocket Lawyer offers legal help in all of these areas and more.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing & Features

With Rocket Lawyer, you can either pay for services as a member or non-member. Membership includes valuable legal services to support your new business. Or, take advantage of the TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle, which offers an exclusive deal!

Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle: $349.99 + State Fee

You can save about $300 (over 45%!) by choosing the new business bundle.


  • Free Incorporation Service
  • 1 Year Registered Agent Service
  • Operating Agreement
  • 1-Year Legal Services:
    • Real Lawyers, Expert Advice
    • 30-minutes lawyer consults on each new legal matter, up to 40% off attorney hourly rate after
    • Easy documents and contracts
    • Accessible and effective customer service
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Who should purchase TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer’s Premium Business Bundle?

The premium business bundle is ideal for those looking for further online legal services and advice beyond business formation. For example, if you are forming a real estate company, this business involves more legal documents such as rental applications, lease agreements, etc. Choose our exclusive package for incredible discounts and high-quality services!

Rocket Lawyer Free Trial - 7 Days

The free trial subscription offers a taste test of Rocket Lawyer's basic features.


  • Access to a huge library of free contract and legal document templates
  • One Premium document from their library for free
  • One time only digital contract signature service for both template-created and original documents (requires Rocket Lawyer account for both parties)
  • Ask a Lawyer service-- ask any question for free
  • Customer support by chat, phone, and email
  • Filing of one LLC formation application. For customer support beyond the 7-day trial, membership subscription is required

Once you have completed the 7 day free trial you will automatically subscribed to the Rocket Lawyer Premium Membership at $39 per month. This can be avoided by cancelling your membership prior to the end of the trial.

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Who should use Rocket Lawyer’s Free Trial?

The trial subscription is great for anyone new to writing contracts. You could spend hours browsing Rocket Lawyer's LLC-related templates alone. Each model comes with the full confidence in the staff of legal researchers behind it. You can even create documents for organizing personal matters like estate planning and bankruptcy.

Rocket Lawyer Premium Membership: $39/Month

The Premium tier includes the free trial features and additional services.


  • Free 30-minute phone consultation on every new legal matter
  • Discounted rates when you hire an attorney
  • Their “Ask a Lawyer” your legal questions service
  • Business formation, free for new members, 25% off thereafter
  • 25% of Registered Agent service (normally 149.99 annually)
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Who should purchase Rocket Lawyer Premium Membership?

Rocket Lawyer recommends their Premium Membership for customers who need legal forms and ongoing legal services. We recommend this level if you expect to need legal advice, but want to avoid costly retainers. As an added bonus you can get this premium membership with Registered Agent Service for 1 year at a greatly reduced price when you form your business with Rocket Lawyer. Learn more.

Rocket Lawyer Customer Reviews

Rocket Lawyer is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Require ongoing legal services beyond LLC formation
  • Want to manage most of their important business documents in one place
  • Don’t have much experience writing contracts
  • Are worried about enforcing their contracts
  • Expect or would prefer to frequently consult with an attorney for legal advice
  • Have business priorities that involve protecting intellectual property through patents or copyrights

Here are some verified Rocket Lawyer reviews (from the Better Business Bureau website) by people who used the online LLC service to help launch their businesses:

“Rocket Lawyer was easy to use. There was one thing missing from an online form that I was filling out, so they put me in touch with a lawyer and it all worked out. I highly rate this company.”

“Every time I called with a question they were there to answer. No long time holding on the line. Even when I sent an email I got a quick response. The process of filing my docs through them went smooth, fast and easy.”

Best LLC Formation Services

four point eight out of five Northwest ($29 + State Fees)
four out of five LegalZoom ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Tailor Brands ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Bizee ($0 + State Fees)
three point eight out of five Swyft Filings ($0 + State Fees)
three point seven out of five Rocket Lawyer ($99 + State Fees)

Rocket Lawyer Review Ratings

Cost Value - 3.9/5

Rocket Lawyer excels at helping customers form their LLCs while saving money on legal fees.

By behaving as a middleman, they’re able to help law firms control their costs associated with finding new clients. The cost savings of this model are passed on to the customer. The result is a valuable and affordable service for new business owners.

Customer Service - 4/5

Rocket Lawyer offers an informative support center.

The service dedicates an entire page on their website covering topics including:

  • Technical support
  • Membership
  • Starting a business
  • Contracts

Their customer service allows you to receive instant help through chat, or you can reach one of their representatives by sending an email or calling the Rocket Lawyer phone number at 1(877) 881-0947, Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm PST.

Ease of Use - 4/5

The user interface is very friendly.

You can manage your LLC formation paperwork and other necessary legal documents at a glance using your Rocket Lawyer login. The platform even makes recommendations based on your type of business. In addition, they provide the following:

  • Digital signature service, which will help you create enforceable contracts for your business in a cinch
  • If you need assistance, you will be guided through each decision point for every form template

No matter what your business needs are, the most amount of time we spent building a form was about 5 minutes.

Included Features - 4.5/5

The TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer partnership offers great savings for business owners who need extra legal advice and help.

Our new business bundle deal includes a variety of quality features, such as:

  • Incorporation services
  • Registered agent services
  • Operating Agreement
  • User-friendly legal documents
  • High-quality online legal services

Final Thoughts on Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is worth consideration if you want ongoing legal advice and services past LLC formation. This platform is also great for new business owners who don’t have a lot of experience forming contracts.

Rocket Lawyer is one of the more expensive formation services because they are principally geared toward those who need ongoing legal services. Rocket Lawyer’s standard plans are billed on a monthly basis, but we have worked out a 46% discount for all our users who could use some legal expertise while starting their businesses or throughout their company’s lifetime.


You can learn everything about starting an LLC — and form one on your own — by following the steps outlined in our comprehensive state-based guides!

Rocket Lawyer is best for small business owners who want additional legal help and advice beyond company formation. However, we recommend ZenBusiness if you are simply starting an LLC and do not need ongoing legal services.

No, Rocket Lawyer is not free.

For small business owners seeking accessible and quality legal advice and support, Rocket Lawyer is worth it.

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