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Swyft Filings LLC Review

Looking for the best service to help start your business? We used Swyft Filings to form an LLC, and then analyzed the platform’s features.

In this review, we’ll go over the details of Swyft Filings’ LLC formation services and explain how it compares to others on the market. Read on to find out if Swyft Filings is the right choice for you.

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Recommended Step Before Using Swyft Filings to Form an LLC

It’s important to name your business before going through the LLC formation process with a service provider. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Discover the perfect business name for your company.
  • Conduct a business name search to make sure your desired name is available in your state and not already taken.
  • Help verify the availability and secure a domain name for your LLC.

Swyft Filings: Key Considerations

While exploring Swyft Filings, we focused on the three main questions that would ease any LLC owner’s worries; is it a good deal, who uses this service, and is there a better deal out there? Answering these questions will boost your confidence so you can choose the service that gets your business formed and running.

Is It a Good Deal?

Swyft Filings is one of the most affordable options to form your LLC. The company provides added value by including special offers and discounts through their partners. Go with Swyft Filings for a solid balance between pricing and features.

Here is a quick list of Swyft Filings’ main advantages:

  • Cost-effective LLC formation
  • No artificially-inflated turnaround times to steer you into more expensive packages for quicker processing
  • Valuable partner offers that come standard across all tiers, such as a free 30-minute tax consultation and a free domain name.

Who Uses Swyft Filings?

Swyft Filings is used by entrepreneurs who:

  • Are looking for a cost-to-benefit ratio that favors the customer
  • Don’t trust services that offer discount rates, but also don’t want to pay for premium brand name services
  • Are looking to obtain all of the LLC formation essentials for less than $200

Here are some verified reviews from the Better Business Bureau website) by people who used Swyft Filings to help launch their businesses:

“Their service was quick, easy, and reliable. Everyone was very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process.”

“I used them to set up my LLC in Georgia. It was a very smooth and easy process. I compared them to quite a few other websites I found but I found them to be the cheapest and fastest.”

Is There a Better Deal to Start My LLC?

Yes. There are better options out there such as our highest rated, Northwest.

With Swyft Filings, you have to wade through several upsell offers to complete an order for the Basic package. The Registered Agent service is also more expensive than competing services. We recommend checking out our review of the best registered agent services for alternatives.


Swyft Filings is a newer LLC service that offers a free accounting consultation and resources at a low price. They let new business owners hit the ground running without paying too much.

Consider an alternative service if you want better customer service and a better overall value.

Best LLC Formation Services

four point eight out of five Northwest ($29 + State Fees)
four out of five LegalZoom ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five ZenBusiness ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Tailor Brands ($0 + State Fees)
four out of five Bizee ($0 + State Fees)
three point eight out of five Swyft Filings ($0 + State Fees)
three point seven out of five Rocket Lawyer ($99 + State Fees)
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Swyft Filings: Rating Highlights

We further analyzed what you should keep in mind before choosing Swyft Filings as your LLC service provider. We’ve separated these points into four topics, including value, customer service, ease of use, and included features outlined below.

Customer Service - 3.5/5

Swyft Filings has a team of business specialists who can help throughout the formation process.
They can provide guidance and support, ensuring that your documents are properly prepared and filed according to the applicable laws and regulations.

There was some inconsistent information given between the chat and phone agents we got in touch with.
The phone agent was able to help us get what we wanted, while the chat agent seemed ready to end the conversation at any moment. We were able to get in touch with a chat agent almost immediately, but waited around five minutes on hold to get in touch with a phone representative.

Included Features - 3.5/5

Swyft Filings provides a customer-focused service offering.
Most customers will find exactly what they need and then some with the Basic and Standard packages. The main benefit of the Premium tier is the quick order turnaround time. Each package is reasonably priced and offers thoughtful benefits for first-time business owners.

Ease of Use - 3.5/5

Swyft Filings really shines through its user dashboard that new customers gain access to.
All of the resources - such as your filing status or compliance alerts - are streamlined in a convenient format. The same can’t be said about its ordering and checkout experience. It took several pages to accomplish our goal of completing the order and beginning the LLC formation process.

Value - 4.5/5

We really liked how Swyft Filings presented partner offers to help you save on related expenses, depending on your business needs.
This was a creative way to add value to service offerings without having to raise the prices. You can obtain most of your basic LLC formation needs with the Standard package, which is also reasonably priced.

Swyft Filings: Pricing

Like most LLC formation providers, Swyft Filings offers a tiered pricing model. Overall, Swyft Filings' packages are competitively priced, with transparent and honest fee structures. We especially appreciate that Swyft Filings does not mark up state filing fees, a practice that is all too common in the industry.

Important: Swyft Filings’ registered agent service does not come included with any service package. This service will cost you $199 annually.

Basic Pricing: $0 + State Fees

In the basic package, Swyft Filings will:

  • Verify availability for your company name
  • Prepare Articles of Organization
  • File your LLC formation paperwork with Secretary of State
  • Online Access to Your Incorporation Documents
  • Lifetime Customer Support (Phone & Email)
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Who should purchase the Basic Package?

The Basic package offers a ton of value for business owners who are starting from scratch. If you can wait a week to form your LLC, the turnaround time is perfectly reasonable. Buy the Basic tier if you’re looking for a great balance between cost and the value of features included with your LLC formation.

Standard - $199 + State Fees

The standard package includes each of the features available through the basic tier, plus:

  • Registration for Federal Tax ID (EIN) - (a $70 value)
    • You will need an EIN of your LLC has multiple members or if you will be hiring employees
  • Custom LLC Banking Resolution - (a $30 value)
    • Required by some banks to create a business bank account
  • Custom Organizational Minutes - (a $25 value)
    • Intended to help facilitate a company’s very first “Organizational Meeting.”
    • Template covers the most commonly needed discussion topics and self-adjusts to pertain to your specific business
  • Electronic Delivery of state Documents - ($20 value)
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Who should purchase the Standard Package?

If you’re looking to obtain some essentials for your LLC formation - plus a few bells and whistles - the Standard will have what you need at a fair value. This is even truer if you plan on serving as your own Registered Agent, which will save you some money.

Premium - $299 + State Fees

The Premium package includes each feature mentioned in the previous tiers, plus:

  • Faster processing
  • Customized legal documents
  • Customized Founders Kit
  • Provide important filing reminders via their ComplianceGuard Company Alerts
  • Register a domain name for your company
    • You may need to sign up for a free trial with a website builder to redeem this offer
  • Free Sate of the Incorporation for business bank account
  • FedEx Shipping with tracking # (1-2 business days) - ($25 value)
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Who should purchase the Premium Package?

You might also opt for the Premium plan if you’re under a time crunch to form your LLC.

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