Headquartered in Houston, Texas, IncFile has helped form over 75,000 businesses since 2004. IncFile is not as well known as some of the larger providers of online legal services, such as Legalzoom and Rocket Lawyer, but has established a reputation for providing high quality service for a lower cost than the competition.

In terms of value, customer service, ease of use, and included features, we give IncFile an overall rating of 4.4 / 5, making IncFile our highest rated provider of online LLC formation services.

IncFile Advantages

  • Low prices & excellent customer value
  • Free services for which other companies charge extra:
    • Free registered agent service for one full year ($99 value)
    • Notifications about important filing and compliance requirements for your LLC ($60 value) for the life of your business.
    • Downloadable copies of all important documents uploaded to an online dashboard
    • Free shipping ($15 value)
  • Fast and easy order process; complete your order in under 10 minutes.
  • Quick order turnaround; IncFile submits the articles of organization within 1 business day of order placement.
  • No hidden fees or automatic service renewals

IncFile Disadvantages

  • Smaller organization with weaker brand credibility (but very strong customer reviews) than larger businesses, such as Legalzoom.
  • Fewer add-on/premium services than some of its competitors:
    • Limited range of legal services offered compared to larger/more established businesses
    • No database of common legal forms
  • Unable to form a PLLC (professional limited liability company, which includes certain professional businesses such as law firms and medical practices).

Form an LLC with IncFile
($49 + State Fees)

IncFile LLC Formation Packages

Similar to most other LLC formation services, IncFile offers multiple tiers of service: Silver, Gold and Platinum. All three IncFile packages offer exceptional value. We break down the differences between each tier below.

IncFile LLC services chart IncFile premium services chart

IncFile Silver

IncFile’s lowest price LLC formation package starts at $49, plus government filing fees, and includes the following services and features:

Unlimited Name Availability Search

When forming an LLC, you cannot use a name that is already in use by another business in your state. IncFile confirms availability of your preferred LLC name. If your name is not available, an IncFile specialist will contact you by phone or email to request an alternate name.

Prepare and File the Articles of Organization

IncFile files the articles of organization with the appropriate state agency in order to legally form your LLC.

Statement and Resignation of the Organizer

After forming your LLC, IncFile designates you (or whomever you designate) as rightful owner of the new LLC.

Online Access To Incorporation Documents

IncFile makes your incorporation documents available for download via an online dashboard.

1 year free registered agent service

IncFile receives official government and IRS mailings on your behalf. All important mailings will be forwarded to you and also scanned and uploaded digitally to your online dashboard at IncFile.com. Having an electronic record of your registered agent mailings is a very nice feature that is not common among most other registered agent services.

The first full year of registered agent services are included with all IncFile LLC formation packages. After the first year, you will be given the option to renew services for $99/year.

Note: To learn more about the role of a registered agent and why you may want to hire a professional service, check out our article: what is a registered agent?

Lifetime Company Alerts

IncFile helps your business stay in good standing and avoid penalties by notifying you of upcoming state and federal filing deadlines, such as annual reports required in your state. This service is good for the lifetime of your business!

1st Class Mailing

Once your state confirms formation of your LLC, IncFile will send your formation documents to the address you indicate via first class mail for no additional fee.

Next Business Day Order Processing

IncFile processes and forwards all orders to the state of formation within 1 business day of order placement. Most other LLC formation services charge extra for comparable order processing speed.

Is IncFile Silver a Good Value?

Unless you’re willing to prepare and file LLC formation documents yourself - IncFile’s Silver package offers unbeatable value. Competing services typically charge between $25 and $100 more than IncFile for basic LLC formation services.

IncFile’s inclusion of 1 full year of free registered agent services, lifetime company compliance alerts, and next day order processing make IncFile Silver an especially strong value. Competing service providers charge hundreds of dollars extra for these services and benefits.

IncFile Gold

IncFile’s mid tier package starts at $149 - $100 more than Silver.

In addition to all services and features that come standard with Silver, Gold includes the following premium features:

Employer Identification Number

IncFile will obtain an employer identification number (EIN) for your business. An EIN is needed to open an bank account and file taxes if your LLC has employees. If you purchase IncFile’s Silver package, you can purchase this service separately for $70.

Operating Agreement

In most states, LLCs are required to have an operating agreement. This document sets out the ownership rights, responsibilities and operating procedures of your LLC. IncFile’s operating agreement includes commonly used provisions that will work well for most LLCs. IncFile personalizes your agreement with company and member information provided during ordering process. IncFile will ship you a paper copy of your operating agreement. In addition, you can access and download an electronic version of your custom banking resolution through an online dashboard. If you wish to make changes to IncFile’s operating agreement, you can request an editable version of the agreement for no added cost, although. IncFile is not able to assist with such modifications/customizations.

If you purchase IncFile Silver, which does not include a custom operating agreement, you can order a customer operating agreement separately for $40.

Note: You can get a Sample Operating Agreement for Free by signing up for our Business Center, our premier resource for entrepreneurs.

Banking Resolution

IncFile will provide you with a simple letter authorizing you or another member of your LLC to establish and manage a bank account and lines of credit. IncFile will ship you a paper copy, personalized with your company’s information. In addition, you can access and download an electronic version of your custom banking resolution through an online dashboard.

If you purchase IncFile Silver, which does not include a custom banking resolution, you can order a customer operating agreement separately for $35.

Is IncFile Gold a Good Value?

IncFile Gold is recommended to individuals who want help obtaining an EIN number AND prefer to use IncFile’s standard operating agreement. Otherwise, you’ll save money by purchasing a different package and adding on additional services as required.

IncFile Platinum

IncFile’s premium package starts at $249, $100 more than IncFile’s Silver package.

In addition to all services and features that come standard with Silver and Gold, Platinum includes the following premium features:

Customized LLC Kit

  • Professional binder for organizing important company documents
  • Company embossing seal that can be used to give your LLC’s agreements and documents an official appearance
  • 20 member certificates personalized with your company’s information that can be distributed to the owners of your new company.

Note: the items included in the corporate kit aren’t needed to form or operate an LLC. However, new business owners may appreciate the official look and feel of the kit. If you do not purchase IncFile’s Platinum package, the LLC kit can also be purchased separately for $99.

Custom Business Website and Domain

Incfile’s partner, Sniper Monkey, will purchase a web domain of your choosing and help create your own custom website. **Note: once your website is live, you will be charged on a recurring basis ($20/mo) by Sniper Monkey for web hosting services. This is above average for standard shared hosting.

Upgrade to Fedex 2-3 Day Shipping

IncFile will expedite delivery of your LLC formation paperwork, operating agreement, banking resolution, EIN information and corporate kit at no additional fee.

Is IncFile Platinum a Good Value?

IncFile Platinum may represent a good value if you want the LLC kit and expedited shipping. Otherwise, you’re probably better off going with IncFile’s Silver or Gold package.

Additional Services & Features

In addition to the standard services included in IncFile’s LLC formation packages, IncFile offers several additional services and features that can benefit your business. Two of the services you’ll definitely want to consider include IncFile’s license research service and its annual report filing service.

Business License Research

Prior to completing your order, you will be provided the option to purchase a business license research package for an additional $99. Many businesses require special federal, state or local permits and licenses to operate legally. IncFile’s partner, LicenseLogix, will research your licensing requirements and provide you with a list of federal, state and local licenses and/or permits that may apply to your business. In addition, you will be provided application forms and associated instructions. This service does not include actual filing of license/permit applications.

Annual Report Filing Service

In most states, LLCs are required to file an annual or biennial report to remain in good standing and avoid suspension or dissolution. After forming an LLC, IncFile will continue to notify you of upcoming reporting/filing requirements. For $88 plus applicable government fees, IncFile will offer to take care of these filings on behalf of your LLC.

Order Process

Forming an LLC using IncFile is fast and easy.

As soon as you begin the order process, IncFile clearly and transparently lists all service and government fees you will be charged upon completing your purchase. There are no hidden fees. In addition, IncFile provides an overview of filings that will be required to keep your LLC in good standing after formation so that you are aware of these requirements before starting an order.

Once you select a state of formation and an LLC formation package, you will be prompted to answer around 15 questions about your business, including name of the business, type of business, and information about each of the owners. At the bottom of each page, a helpful FAQ is provided to address common questions.

Unlike many other LLC formation services, IncFile’s order process is refreshingly free of spammy advertisements and promotional offers. This helps keep the order process fast and pain free.

If you have all necessary business information needed to complete your order, the entire order process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. In case you are unable to complete an order in one sitting, IncFile automatically saves your order progress so that you can return to complete an order at a later time.

Should you have questions or issues while placing your order, you can contact an experienced specialist by email or phone. We found IncFile’s support representatives to be honest, helpful and highly knowledgeable about the LLC formation process and IncFile’s service offerings.

After you complete your order

After completing your order, you will be able to log into an online account to check on the status of your order. In addition, from your online account you will be able to view and download digital copies of your business formation documents, upcoming filing deadlines, and, if you elect to have IncFile serve as your registered agent, scanned, digital copies of important legal mailings.

Once your LLC has been formed in your state of organization, IncFile mails you a package including paper copies of your formation documents and all other items included in your order.

Service Quality

We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with IncFile. Our trial order was processed quickly and smoothly and without issue. We were pleased with IncFile’s professional, knowledgeable, and responsive customer support representatives.

Order Handling and Customer Support

All orders are processed by specialists with years of experience forming businesses. They hand review all orders for common errors and typos to ensure you have a great experience.

Cost Transparency & Customer Friendly Billing Practices

We found that IncFile’s billing and pricing practices to be transparent and consumer friendly. We find that many other LLC formation services engage in one or more of the following sales tactics:

  • Deceptively marking up government filing fees
  • Enrolling customers in auto-renewal billing that kicks in after a short trial period
  • Up-selling services on services that are already included as part of a standard package

IncFile does not engage in any such sales practices.

Customer Reviews

We really like IncFile, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out the hundreds of positive customer reviews IncFile has received from satisfied customers.


Still not sure whether your should form your LLC using IncFile?

IncFile may be a good option if you:

  • Want premium level service and support on a smart budget
  • Desire to form your LLC quickly without paying a large premium
  • Want ongoing alerts and reminders about upcoming filings deadlines

You should consider an alternative LLC formation service if you:

  • Prefer to work with a well established brand
  • Wish to form a professional LLC (PLLC)
  • Need help with taxes and/or more complicated legal matters

Form an LLC with IncFile
($49 + State Fees)