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WordPress is one of the world’s most prominent website builders with more bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies using it than all of the other website builders combined.

WordPress deliberately designed its software to balance ease of use with a focus on accessibility, performance, and security. That means it won’t take you ages to create your site — and you won’t need to pay someone else exorbitant fees to do it for you. WordPress achieves this by allowing users to choose from a number of WordPress themes. Read this guide to discover the best WordPress themes for small businesses. Then read our How to Use WordPress article for detailed instructions on installing a WordPress theme.

The Top 5 WordPress Themes

When building a website, it’s important to consider what it’ll look like to users so you can ensure it stands out. Do you want it to appear dynamic and stylish or static and minimalistic? Depending on the purpose of your site, different WordPress themes will complement your vision and content. (For more information, go to How To Choose a WordPress Theme.)

With the seemingly endless options, we reviewed hundreds of WordPress themes to bring you five of the best:

  1. Avada (No. 1 Best Seller)
  2. Divi (Most Popular Theme — Especially for Bloggers)
  3. Jevelin (Overall Best-Rated Theme)
  4. Learning Management System (LMS) & Online Courses (Best Theme for Elearning)
  5. Shopkeeper (Best Theme for Ecommerce)

We ranked Avada first because it’s the best seller and has a reasonable price. Divi — one of the original WordPress theme and page builder combinations — came in at a very close second.

NOTE: Most of these themes include:

  • A quality check by Envato — a world-renowned online community specializing in buying and selling creative assets, using clever design models, and acquiring creative skills
  • Future WordPress update
  • A theme hosting offer
  • Six months of support (Users may extend this support for an additional cost, as listed below.)

Avada: The No. 1 Best Seller

Avada is the best option for people who want an affordable theme they can use for any type of site. At $60 for the regular license, this theme won’t break the bank. If you want extended support from ThemeFusion, you can expect to pay an extra $18.

Avada remains one of the best-selling WordPress themes with more than 80,000 websites using it today. It’s very user-friendly, and you can make your website look distinctive with the Fusion page builder.

With Avada’s more than 70 dynamic design elements — all helpfully compiled in an easy-to-use Fusion library — there’s almost no end to what you can create. These elements have numerous premium sliders as well as a selection of header and footer designs to give you the ultimate freedom in how you design your website.

This theme also is compatible with ecommerce plug-ins, including WooCommerce — the current favorite for those starting an online shop or creating a catalog. This means you can create your shop and begin selling your products virtually straightaway.

Avada also provides extensive support and broad design incorporation for WooCommerce, giving users the chance to establish a dynamic and sophisticated website.

In addition, Avada’s skillful design ensures your site’s layout and elements aren’t distorted when viewed on mobile devices. It has a mobile visibility system that provides options on what to show on various screen sizes.

Yet, the Shopkeeper theme remains the best option when it comes to ecommerce and online shopping. If such activities represent the main purpose of your website, Avada may not be the right fit for your business.

Divi: The Most Popular Theme — Especially for Bloggers

Divi is the most popular theme ever released by WordPress. It has more than 600,000 users worldwide and provides limitless customization features and exceptional functionality — something generally only achieved by paying an expert web developer.

While Divi’s $89 license fee costs more than other top themes, it comes with access to all other themes offered by Elegant Themes (the company behind Divi), plug-ins, and theme updates as well as premium support, unlimited website usage, and a risk-free guarantee. This price also includes compatibility with WooCommerce — a massive bonus for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Alternatively, you could choose the personal package for $69 per year. But, it doesn’t include the plug-ins. Or, you could pay more upfront for lifetime access, which costs $249, if you know you’ll need the theme for a while. This costlier option also provides lifetime access to all of the annual features for a one-time fee.

Importantly, the Divi page builder combats one of the most common problems users face with builders from other themes: a limited ability to customize layouts and skins. The Divi page builder allows you to alter anything in your layout. You can change the colors, the icons, and even the page and blog post layouts — all without having to write any code. With its drag-and-drop user interface, anyone can create the website of their dreams.

Jevelin: The Overall Best-Rated Theme

Jevelin stands out because it’s one of the best-rated, premium WordPress themes. It has extensive customization capabilities and user-friendly, graphic, page-building tools.

Similar to Avada, it comes with an affordable regular license price of $59. If you’re willing to pay an extra $17.63, you can extend the support from Shufflehound to 12 months.

Jevelin likely earned its high rating because people can use it for business or corporate websites as well as personal or professional sites. For business use, it has a great set of plug-ins that includes WooCommerce, WPBakery, and Slider Revolution.

It also comes with premade layouts for those who don’t feel like creating one themselves as well as templates that aren’t just useful, but contemporary and stylish. Moreover, its expertly tailored demo websites show you what you’ll get with Jevelin in advance.

The primary market for Jevelin includes bloggers because it enables them to easily share their views in a simple, creative way. This can range from their written thoughts and photography to videos and other content supported by this theme’s cutting-edge administrative tools and page-building settings.

Jevelin offers six different blog layouts, numerous blog post styles, and refined features like back-to-top interfaces, vibrant categories, content carousels, and Slider Revolution-powered sliders.

LMS & Online Courses: The Best Theme for Elearning

The LMS & Online Courses WordPress theme is the best option for sites focused on elearning. Already popular with most online tutors and teachers, training academies, schools, and established training companies worldwide, this theme won’t break the bank at $59 for a standard license and six months of support.

It even has a marketplace for students with WooCommerce capabilities so users can sell online courses and then process payments through WooCommerce and s2Member plug-ins as a payment gateway.

This theme also features Google Classroom, integration with Zoom plug-ins, a widget to show course categories, and Google CAPTCHA options for all forms. To make logging in simple, it has a Facebook connection that also streamlines new registrations.

It also gives users the option to move between certain log on and registration pages, including the WordPress Default and the LMS & Online Courses theme, the Default Profile and the LMS & Online Courses theme, and the BuddyPress profile and the s2Member plug-in.

Shopkeeper: The Best Theme for Ecommerce

A great choice for anyone seeking to create a stylish online store or business, the Shopkeeper theme comes with incredible features and customization options that enable even beginners to build sites that stand out. It also adjusts fluidly to different screen sizes and supports the WooCommerce plug-in.

Bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder, this theme helps users augment and consolidate numerous design elements in their websites with a simple drag-and-drop page builder. Shopkeeper’s numerous custom widgets and great shortcodes also give users a chance to insert advanced theme elements.

If you don’t want to design something yourself, Shopkeeper’s many premade page layouts will help you build your website quickly. But, the theme will still let you design the header so it complements your brand.

In addition, Shopkeeper offers broad sliders you can use to advertise your products, any special packages, or any other services. This theme’s integration with Slider Revolution means you can create striking slideshows without much effort or extensive technical knowledge.

What makes this theme exceptional for online product advertising is its rock-solid, social media integration. This allows users to extend their reach to a much broader audience.

For the same price as Jevelin ($59), Shopkeeper also comes with $90 worth of plug-ins – including the WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution. If you want to extend the support to 12 months, expect to pay an extra $17.63.

As a bonus, Shopkeeper offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the overall best themes on which to build websites for numerous business types, then Avada and Divi are the top choices. Jevelin comes in third among the best themes suited to diverse website types.

Divi also remains especially popular with bloggers looking to showcase their creativity in every aspect of their site while retaining total control over how they display their content.

If you instead want to build a website dedicated to online shopping and ecommerce, then Shopkeeper is the best option. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to have web development experience in order to create a sophisticated, stylish site.

As educators capitalize on the incredible growth potential of the elearning industry, they should consider the LMS & Online Courses theme. It provides everything they need to successfully run online classes and courses.

Great for small to large online businesses for complete control over their website’s design and functionality

In a nutshell, there’s a good reason why WordPress serves as the foundation for 40% of the internet. It’s a robust platform with a vast support network as well as thousands of themes and plug-ins from which to choose. It’s also completely free to use. If you have moderate technical skills and a willingness to learn, WordPress could provide the perfect choice for your business’s website.

4.4/5 four point four out of five

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