GoDaddy Social Review: Maintain A Worry-Free Social Media Presence

Staying on top of the social media presence for your small business can be time-consuming and stressful. Even the most seasoned business owners may find it challenging to effectively promote their brand on multiple platforms. It takes skill to curate a natural and authentic online presence, but many entrepreneurs lack the time to develop this skill while also monitoring market trends and running their business. GoDaddy Social takes the guesswork out of building a social media presence.

This review will explain what GoDaddy Social is, what the GoDaddy Social Team does for small businesses, and who would benefit most from this service. It also will provide details on GoDaddy Social pricing and how to get started using this service.

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GoDaddy Social Review - Summary


  • It includes access to a dedicated GoDaddy Social Team and account manager who’ll promote your brand, answer questions, respond to inquiries, and take a huge chunk of work off your plate.
  • It works with many popular social media platforms, helping to keep track of reviews about your business and support cross-promotion of your products.
  • Your GoDaddy Social Team gives you more time to focus on your business by creating social media posts and other content as well as providing professional photos for you.


  • It costs more than most of GoDaddy’s do-it-yourself features because this service actually takes work off your plate. Despite its value, GoDaddy Social can create sticker shock for some business owners.

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What Is GoDaddy Social?

GoDaddy acquired Main Street Hub in 2018, and then turned its services into what is now GoDaddy Social. Unlike most GoDaddy features, GoDaddy Social is less of a tool customers can use on their own and more of a service it provides to do certain work for you.

GoDaddy Social will assign you a dedicated team and account manager to create content and interact with your customers on social media platforms. They’ll conduct in-depth research about your business and brand personality in order to develop engaging social media posts and emails. Not only that, but your team will also monitor customer reviews about your business. This means you no longer need to manage all the nitty-gritty details associated with maintaining your business’s social media presence.

If your business ever receives a negative review, your GoDaddy Social Team can also handle this interaction for you. By responding in a manner conducive to creating second chances with unhappy customers, this team helps you navigate a situation that may feel chaotic and overwhelming — especially if you have a very new or small business.

GoDaddy Social also gives you access to other features to help maintain your business, such as tools that enable you to approve posts prior to publication and track which posts have the highest engagement. Plus, your account manager will keep you informed with regular performance reports.

GoDaddy Social Pricing

You won’t find standard plan tiers and pricing for GoDaddy Social because GoDaddy tailors this service to each individual user. To get a price quote, you must call GoDaddy to discuss your specific business needs. GoDaddy’s helpful support team makes this free consultation call a breeze.

GoDaddy social review.

All GoDaddy Social plans include a startup fee — also tailored to you, your business, and its specific social media needs. This fee can range from $199 to $499, depending on the volume of your required support. While this startup fee can seem expensive, it does come with some valuable services. For example, this fee can include a professional photo shoot — an ideal service for restaurant owners seeking to highlight menu items or retailers looking to add that extra touch to their ecommerce stores.

All GoDaddy Social plans also come with an account manager who’ll serve as your main point of contact and check in with you on a regular basis. In addition, you’ll get a dedicated GoDaddy Social Team of several other professionals who’ll conduct the bulk of the work — from writing sophisticated posts to engaging with your customers.

Every GoDaddy Social plan includes management of your Yelp, Google Business Profile, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for you up to your preferred level of interaction. Depending on your needs, your plan can include email campaigns, a specific number of posts per week, and targeted ways to reach new customers.

These plans can range from $300 to $800 per month, depending on the scope and scale of your business’s needs.

How Simple Is GoDaddy Social?

It’s incredibly simple to use GoDaddy Social. Once you and your account manager determine your specific needs, your account manager will create an action plan tailored to your business. This’ll keep you on track and informed of the next steps your GoDaddy Social Team will take on your behalf.

Designed to take work off your plate, GoDaddy Social prioritizes simplicity for users. But, if you ever encounter a snag or case of miscommunication, your account manager will always have a solution and path forward.

Getting Started With GoDaddy Social

First, you must conduct your free consultation call with GoDaddy. You can either complete an online form with details about you and your business to request a call or just call GoDaddy directly to get the ball rolling.

GoDaddy social review.

GoDaddy will then connect you to your GoDaddy Social account manager, who’ll immediately start getting to know your brand thoroughly. Next, your GoDaddy Social Team will create a detailed kit to outline how they’ll represent your online presence as well as a 90-day action plan. These documents will not only help you visualize the future, but also keep you prepared and in the loop.

Once you approve your action plan, your team of writers and specialists will begin creating content that conveys your brand’s distinctive style and voice. Upon your approval, they’ll publish that content on the social media platforms your customers use daily to not only promote your business, but also to engage with new customers. Your GoDaddy Social Team will even update your photos and create a customized logo to keep your small business timely and savvy.

GoDaddy Social - Conclusion

From small business owners who need more time to focus on creating new products to local retailers who want a professional update for their social media presence, GoDaddy Social can help. GoDaddy Social also enables you to maintain control of your branding with features that allow you to review posts created by your GoDaddy Social Team before publication.

With flexible pricing tailored to the specific needs of your business, GoDaddy Social can suit almost anyone.

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Who Shouldn’t Use GoDaddy Social?

  • Artists or freelancers who already effectively manage their own social media services

Who Should Use GoDaddy Social?

  • Small businesses that need help streamlining their social media presence
  • Small or new retailers that could use a professional website and distinctive, social media branding
  • Service-based businesses that need help monitoring customer reviews and engaging with customers online

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