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What Is GoDaddy? GoDaddy Explained For Beginners

You may have seen advertisements for during your favorite TV show or sporting event, but you might still wonder what is GoDaddy? — also known as GoDaddy, GoDaddy US, and GoDaddy USA — is an American company based in Arizona. Its primary business involves registering internet domains (i.e., website names) and hosting website data on its servers.

As one of the largest domain registrars and web hosting companies in the world, GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers worldwide. It offers a number of services and tools to both large and small businesses, and it’s often our top choice for Best Website Builder.

What Services Does GoDaddy Offer?

GoDaddy offers a number of web services for individuals as well as small and large businesses. From its most popular services, such as domain registration and web hosting, to niche services like issuing secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates, GoDaddy has everything you need to get your business website off the ground and keep it running smoothly.

What Services Does GoDaddy Offer?

If you want to start your own website, the very first thing you must do is decide on and register your website’s domain name. A domain name is what you see in the address bar of your web browser (e.g., GoDaddy and

Find a Domain Now

GoDaddy serves as a domain registrar — a company that sells, manages, and registers domain names. It’s an accredited registrar with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the domain registration governing body, and a popular choice for domain registration services.

Beyond standard domain registration, GoDaddy also offers several other domain registration-related services:

  • Bulk Domain Search – If you want to purchase multiple domains at one time, GoDaddy offers a bulk domain purchasing option that will save you money.
  • New Domain Extensions – If you want an extension other than the standard “.com,” “.org,” or “.net” options, GoDaddy can help you select the right fit from one of the new extensions available on the market. Currently, new domain extensions include “.monster,” “.shop,” “.vip,” and many more.
  • Domain Broker – If you have your heart set on a specific domain name, but someone else already owns it, GoDaddy offers broker services in which the company will try to negotiate the sale of that domain name to you.
  • Domain Name Generator – If you’re a bit lost on what domain name to choose, GoDaddy has a domain name generator that can help. You simply enter a few keywords into the generator tool and it’ll provide a list of ideas.
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  • Domain Investing – GoDaddy offers a number of domain investing tools to help anyone interested in buying or selling domain names for a profit.
  • Domain Back Order – As part of its domain investor tools, GoDaddy offers domain back order services. If you find a domain you like, but someone already owns it, you can put yourself on a waiting list should the domain name ever become available.
  • Domain Transfer – If you previously registered your website’s domain name through another domain registrar (e.g., Namecheap or Doteasy) and you want to transfer it to GoDaddy, you can use GoDaddy’s domain transfer service.
  • WHOIS – If you want to know who owns a specific domain name, you can use GoDaddy’s WHOIS search tool to find out.
  • Domain Value Appraisal – If you think the domain name you already own might be worth some money, use GoDaddy’s domain value appraisal tool to learn its current value.
  • Business Name Generator – GoDaddy also helps entrepreneurs come up with great names for their businesses. Use its business name generator to identify potential names for your new venture.
  • Domain Auctions – GoDaddy offers domain auction services to both buyers and sellers. If you’re a domain investor or just want a coveted domain name, GoDaddy’s domain auction services might have the tools you need to succeed.

Web Hosting

GoDaddy also operates as a web hosting company. Web hosting, or website hosting, is the process of setting up, selling, and managing space on dedicated web servers. A web server holds information about web pages and websites and then delivers it to people searching for that information online.

Here’s an example: If you perform a Google search for “how to form a corporation” and you click on the Start a Corporation - How to Form a Corporation link in the search results, information from TRUiC’s web servers will appear on your screen.

When you purchase a web hosting package, you can choose the amount of server space, storage, and power you need along with a specified data transfer speed. This allows you to choose the web hosting package that will best meet your needs.

GoDaddy offers a number of different web hosting packages, including:

Website Builder

Don’t know how to create a website and want an easy-to-use website builder? GoDaddy has that, too. To help you get started, GoDaddy's website builder offers a number of templates from which you can choose. Once you select a template, this intuitive platform will help you add your content, edit the design, and publish your site when it’s complete.

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SSL Certificates

While SSL certificates may seem a bit technical, every website owner should understand their important role. In the past, you likely visited websites whose URLs start with “http://” or “https://.” A site that starts with “https://” typically shows a padlock symbol right before its web address in a browser’s search bar. This means that site obtained and activated an SSL certificate for an extra level of security. GoDaddy offers SSL certificates for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises.

Website Design

If you’d rather leave your web design up to the professionals, GoDaddy offers professional web design services. These Google-friendly design services include a dedicated account manager and the ability to ask for updates when you need them.

Additional Services

In addition to its primary web hosting, web design, and domain registration services, GoDaddy also offers a number of other services that can benefit both individuals and businesses. Some of these additional services include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 software packages
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Business Email
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Services
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup

Final Thoughts

GoDaddy is one of the world’s most popular domain registrars and website hosts. It offers a wide variety of website and business-related services to meet its customers’ evolving needs.

If you want to register a new domain name or build a website for your business, you may want to consider using GoDaddy.

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Get Started With GoDaddy

GoDaddy has most everything a small business owner needs to get their enterprise off the ground. TRUiC readers receive a discount on any GoDaddy plan by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions About GoDaddy

What is the use of GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting and domain registration companies in the world. Individuals, small businesses, and large corporations all use its services.

How much does it cost to use GoDaddy?

The cost will depend solely on the services you need. Visit GoDaddy’s domain registration pricing page or its web hosting pricing page for more details. New users can get a domain name for as little as $2.17.

Is GoDaddy a safe site?

GoDaddy prides itself on being trustworthy. The company’s website states it never sells customer data to third parties, it’s committed to leading the industry in security, and it has a number of compliance measures available for its customers’ use.

How do I sign up with GoDaddy?

To sign up for GoDaddy’s web hosting services or to register a domain name, simply go to GoDaddy and select the services you need.

Is GoDaddy a good company?

GoDaddy is a very popular web host and domain registrar. In fact, it’s on our list of the Best Website Builders and the Best Web Hosting Companies. But, if you want more information about GoDaddy specifically, check out our detailed review of GoDaddy.

What are “.club” domains?

As you browse’s homepage, you might see a reference to “.club” domains. Modern websites can use many more domain extensions beyond the standard “.com,” “.net,” “.gov,” and “.org” options. Individuals and businesses may now select from a number of new domain extensions to represent themselves more accurately. The “.club” extension is one of those new options.