Jimdo Pricing and Plans for Small Businesses

The Jimdo website builder makes it easy for any small business owner to craft a professional site quickly. But, creating your professional Jimdo website can seem like a challenge given all the plan features and pricing options the platform offers. 

This guide outlines what each Jimdo plan provides at the various pricing tiers and which type of small business would benefit most from each plan. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to sign up for the Jimdo plan best suited to your business.

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Before You Begin

You might find it helpful to get a general sense of the various options Jimdo offers before digging in. Here’s an overview of Jimdo pricing and plan tiers.


Jimdo pricing and plans.

Online Store

Jimdo pricing and plans.

It’s easy to get excited and want to start building your website right away. However, you carefully consider how you want to structure your site to help prevent missteps later on. 

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Try Jimdo Free

The Jimdo Play plan is free and a great way to get a sense of what Jimdo has to offer. For a free plan, it comes with quite a bit, allowing you to set up most of your website before needing to upgrade. 

As always, we recommend upgrading, as even a well-stocked free plan comes with many limitations.

Here’s what the Jimdo Play Plan includes:

  • Two Gigabytes (GB) of bandwidth: This much bandwidth is a decent starting ground for hosting a blog or minimalist website.
  • Free domain: The catch here is that your domain will be stuck with a .jimdosite.com subdomain.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) security: Rest easy knowing that your data and your visitors’ data are protected.
  • 500 Megabytes (MB) of storage: This amount of storage is great for any website that will be mostly text with a few pictures here and there. If you plan on featuring videos you will have to upgrade.
  • Contact form: Let your customers stay in touch by providing their email and other contact info.
  • Image library: Great for any small business owner who hasn’t had the time or money to take their own professional photos yet; the Jimdo image library is full of what you need to get your site started.
  • Mobile optimized: Your website will automatically look good on any device.
  • Five website pages: Just enough pages to get a basic website started.

Keep in mind that with the Jimdo Play Plan you do not have access to its customer support team. There will also be advertisements and banners for Jimdo on your site. You can choose to keep your plan free for as long as you need. However, it’s easy and recommended to upgrade to a paid plan at any time. 

Get started for free today with Jimdo.

The Jimdo Start Plan

The Jimdo Start plan provides everything the Jimdo Play plan comes with, as well as quite a bit more. This plan is versatile and competitive when compared to other starter plans from similar website builders.

Jimdo Hosting Offerings

These features are the core hosting basics of what Jimdo provides. They may seem pretty conventional, but it’s still important to understand each of them. That will help you make an informed decision about which plan best suits your business.

  • Ten GB bandwidth: This is a great amount of space for a website with low to moderate traffic. Perfect for those businesses just starting out.
  • Free domain: Jimdo will waive the domain hosting fee for the first year of your contract with them. A domain registered with another provider can be used, also with free hosting, for the first year.
  • Five GB of storage: This is more than enough for most small business owners. However, if you will have a lot of graphics and videos, you may want to consider a higher amount of storage.
  • Connect your own domain: If you already have a domain with a different provider, it is simple to connect it to your Jimdo site without having to switch providers.
  • Connect your email address: Create and use a custom email address that matches your domain.
  • One forwarding email address: Forward your incoming emails to one other external email account.
  • Customer support: The experienced Jimdo support team will respond to your request via email within one to two business days.

Jimdo Website Offerings

The Jimdo Start plan comes equipped with helpful statistics, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. This makes it a solid contender when compared to its competitors’ entry-level plans. 

  • Ten website pages: Expand your reach and what your website has to offer with more web pages at your fingertips.
  • Ad free: With the Jimdo Start plan you no longer have any ads or banners on your site.
  • Advanced SEO: Jimdo smart technology fills in your SEO settings for you. Customized instructions for how to fully optimize your site are also provided.
  • Fast indexing on Google: With just a few clicks, Jimdo can help your website get indexed faster with the most popular search engine.
  • Statistics: Analyze your website traffic and, with Jimdo mobile capabilities, you can track your success on the go.


The Jimdo Start plan costs $9 per month when billed annually. It’s more affordable than the entry-level plans from some Jimdo competitors. Although the offerings can seem a bit sparse, it’s a great way to begin building your brand.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Small business owners just starting out, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that need an affordable landing page or basic website would all find this plan to be a decent fit. The Jimdo Start plan is a good choice for almost any individual looking to have an easy business website ready in a short amount of time.

Check out the Jimdo Start plan for as little as $9 per month.

The Jimdo Grow Plan

The Jimdo Grow plan provides all the same hosting and website offerings as the Start plan with a handful of extras. Read on to see all the features and extras available.

Jimdo Hosting Offerings

The Jimdo Grow plan comes with expanded hosting offerings that can prove extremely useful as you grow your business and web presence.

  • 20 GB bandwidth: The more popular your website, the more bandwidth it will need. This helps ensure your growing business can handle the increased flow of traffic.
  • 15 GB storage: Most websites only need about ten GB of storage, so this offering is bountiful.  This amount of storage can allow you to add significantly more pages to your website and expand your offerings to customers.
  • Five forwarding email addresses: Take your small business to the next professional level by adding more forwarding email addresses to different accounts.
  • Customer support within four hours: Take top priority with Jimdo customer support. The helpful team will respond via email within four hours to any issues that may arise.

Jimdo Website Offerings

In addition to what the Start plan provides, the Jimdo Grow plan includes a few offerings designed to help you expand your social networking capabilities.

  • 50 website pages: There is almost no limit to how many pages you can add to your Jimdo website. Expand your blog, offerings, and reach.
  • Social marketing: Reach new customers with Facebook pixel, targeted ads, and remarketing strategies.


The Jimdo Grow plan costs $15 per month when billed annually. This mid-range plan boasts a competitive price given its set of helpful features.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Jimdo Grow plan would be a great fit for most any artist or freelancer with a rapidly growing client base. A small, local business looking to boost its online presence and streamline its social media marketing would also find this plan worthwhile.

Check out the Jimdo Grow plan for as little as $15 per month.

The Jimdo Basic Plan

The Jimdo Basic plan is where Jimdo begins providing ecommerce capabilities. With these new features come a few tweaks to the offerings at this level.

Jimdo Hosting Offerings

The Jimdo Basic plan includes the same general hosting offerings as other plans. These include connecting your own domain free for the first year, connecting your professional email address, HTTPS security, and email customer support. There are some differences, though:

  • Ten GB bandwidth: This is less than the bandwidth provided with the Jimdo Grow plan, but should still be more than enough to get your online store up and running.
  • One forwarding email address: Again, this is fewer than the Jimdo Grow plan, but should still be enough for a small or beginner online store.
  • Ten GB storage: Most websites function with an average of ten GB storage, meaning you and your ecommerce offerings are in good company.
  • Online store: Jimdo provides you with an easy-to-use ecommerce template that can have your online store up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • No transaction fees: Jimdo will never take a commission off your sales, ensuring all the money you make goes directly to you.
  • Email support: The friendly Jimdo customer support team is there to respond via email to any of your questions or needs.

Jimdo Website Offerings

The Jimdo Basic plan comes with many of the familiar website offerings listed so far. These include being ad-free, access to advanced SEO, contact forms, fast indexing on Google, access to the Jimdo image library, a mobile-optimized website, and access to statistics to track how well your site is doing. There is one limitation to the Jimdo Basic plan:

  • Ten website pages: At the Jimdo Basic plan level, your online store can only have up to ten pages.

Jimdo Online Store Offerings

The Jimdo Basic plan comes with one key ecommerce feature.

  • Convenient payment methods: Jimdo provides a range of checkout and payment methods you can connect to your online store. 

It should be noted that Jimdo is only set up to accept payment via PayPal for US ecommerce stores, so if you’re planning on starting an online store, you won’t have a credit card gateway unless you connect Stripe.


The Jimdo Basic plan costs $15 per month when billed annually. The simple online store features included with this plan make it easier to expand your service-based or goods-based business.

Ideal Users of This Plan

This plan suits business owners offering a service that requires accepting payment online or in person. Personal trainers or anyone in the wellness field will find that this plan can help extend their brand. Small makers and those who are beginning to branch out with some ecommerce offerings will find the Jimdo Basic plan to be a good way to try out selling online for a low cost.

Check out the Jimdo Basic plan for as little as $15 per month.

The Jimdo Business Plan

The Jimdo Business plan includes all of the same offerings as the Jimdo Basic plan. But, its added ecommerce offerings make it truly stand out.

Jimdo Hosting Offerings

The Jimdo Business plan comes with all the same hosting options as the Jimdo Basic plan, but with some expanded features.

  • 20 GB bandwidth: This is the most bandwidth Jimdo has to offer; you can highlight even more ecommerce options and increase traffic to your site.
  • Five forwarding email addresses: Connect up to five forwarding email addresses to your online store.
  • 15 GB storage: Upload more offerings to your online shop and have more graphics to display what you sell— there’s room to grow with this much storage.

Jimdo Website Offerings

The Jimdo Business plan comes with all the same website offerings as the Basic plan, but with one added area of expansion.

  • 50 website pages: This generous offering should allow you to add as many pages as your ecommerce website needs.

Jimdo Online Store Offerings

Again, the Jimdo Business plan includes all of the same features as the Basic plan. However, at this plan tier, there are several more offerings.

  • Discount codes: Offer special prices to specific customers to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Social marketing: Market your online store with the Facebook pixel analytics tool, and use the retargeting strategies provided by Jimdo to reach more customers.
  • Social selling: Automatically sync and sell your products on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Product variants: Provide your customers with a larger range of items with the ability to offer products in more colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Various product layouts: Advanced Jimdo shop designs showcase your products in a sleek and professional way, increasing customer experience.
  • Strikethrough prices: Let customers know they are getting a good deal by showing the full price of a product alongside the sale price.


The Jimdo Business plan costs $19 per month when billed annually. Its ecommerce features make this price point affordable, especially when compared to other website builders with similar amenities.

Ideal Users of This Plan

Any type of ecommerce store or online seller of physical goods or digital products should find this plan useful and versatile. The ability to sell on Instagram and Facebook can really help small business owners bring in previously untapped revenue. Moreover, this plan can enable ecommerce entrepreneurs to focus on perfecting their products with useful product layouts and variants features.

Check out the Jimdo Business plan for as low as $19 per month.

Final Thoughts

Jimdo offers a variety of plans to suit nearly any small business. Now that you know what each Jimdo plan can offer your business, you’re ready to move forward and create a professional and accessible website. To make this process even easier, follow the steps in our How to Make a Jimdo Website guide.

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