Jimdo Website Examples For Small Businesses

The Jimdo website builder uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable users to create professional websites with minimal effort. Are you curious what a finished website built with AI could look like?

We explored many of the professional websites made with Jimdo and found 12 Jimdo website examples from different industries that demonstrate what’s possible with this powerful website builder.

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Jimdo Website Examples For Small Businesses

Jimdo is known for being helpful for web building beginners and great for those interested in how easy it is to make a website using AI. 

If you're ready to create your business website, check out these examples to help inspire you to make your Jimdo site even more impressive.

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1. Living Ginger Designs (Ceramics Studio)

Jimdo website examples.

Living Ginger Designs ceramics studio Jimdo website uses photography to highlight the works of Louise Brown. This helps communicate that Brown is a local artisan while also giving visitors an instant feel for her work. Clicking on the “Store” tab in the main navigation menu leads to a page with a lovely photo gallery layout that displays Brown’s gorgeous creations along with an easy and secure way to purchase her offerings. 

The Living Ginger Designs website also provides several different ways to contact and locate the studio space across several pages, making it easy for customers to stay engaged and in touch.

2. Zaven (Artist and Animator)

Jimdo website examples.

Paris-based artist and animator Zaven Najjar uses a slideshow header on the Zaven homepage to show visitors several of his intricate pieces right away. His homepage also provides information about the prints he sells, his artistic process, and tons of photo galleries that showcase his offerings.

This Jimdo website example features a homepage with clickable picture and text blocks that lead to more information about the available art prints. These blocks also direct site visitors to a “Store” page where they can purchase prints directly.

3. Hej. It’s Her (Portrait Photographer)

Jimdo website examples.

Alina Atzler began Hej. It’s Her with a mission to take portraits that empower women. The site’s stunning “Portfolio” page features a simple, yet gorgeous layout to effectively highlight her work and talent. 

The website’s main navigation menu includes a beautiful logo, a button to take visitors to a contact form, and a social media icon that connects to Atzler’s Instagram feed. This site exemplifies the simple, yet aesthetically pleasing Jimdo website templates.

4. Combat Ladies (Martial Arts Studio)

Jimdo website examples.

Combat Ladies — a Berlin-based fitness studio specializing in martial arts for women, by women — used the Jimdo website builder to create a streamlined and sophisticated site. Its color scheme aligns with the studio’s branding while its photos convey a fun, yet professional atmosphere. Overall, this site effectively communicates what to expect should you join a workout.

To minimize the items in its main navigation menu, the “Training” link leverages Jimdo’s drop-down menu feature. This enables Combat Ladies to use a minimalist design while helping visitors easily navigate the site.

5. CURIO Styles (Jeweler)

Jimdo website examples.

Founded by two designers, CURIO Styles makes jewelry design fun by allowing customers to choose their own adventure by combining different ring bases and tops. The result: unique pieces that make a personal statement.

With such an engaging concept, this jewelry retailer needed a clear and cohesive website. Luckily, Jimdo ecommerce functionality makes that easy to achieve. For example, the website’s “Store” page includes sections for top and bottom designs that, once clicked, allow visitors to fully customize their ring. This site makes the shopping experience both distinctive and rewarding.

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6. Heary (Educational Manufacturer)

Jimdo website examples.

The Heary website, a company striving to make the world a safer and better place for deaf or hearing-impaired individuals, has a Jimdo website that effectively highlights the company, its offerings, and the rationale for its mission. 

Heary not only offers amazing products like travel safety kits, but also provides training and informational material. Capitalizing on how easy Jimbo makes it to set-up a cohesive website with engaging graphics and video, Heary packs in as much detailed information as possible to showcase its services and partner organizations.

7. Lunaphelia (Student Photographer)

Jimdo website examples.

Lunaphelia highlights all the amazing features you can use — for free — with the Jimdo website builder. The student artist behind the Lunaphelia site seeks to change the world with her photography.

On her free Jimdo site, she not only highlights gorgeous photos with gallery layouts, but also includes sections for tips to help other enthusiasts on their journey. With a blog section to keep visitors engaged with the craft, this student used Jimdo to build a sleek and sophisticated website at no cost.

8. Craftmans Tattoo (Tattoo Studio)

Jimdo website examples.

Ben Saunders, an artist in Arnhem, Netherlands, uses his professional Jimdo website to highlight his tattoo studio: Craftmans Tattoo. His site uses gallery layouts to let visitors see inside his studio space and provides a form they can use to book appointments and make a deposit. These features make it very easy for potential and existing customers to engage with him.

The multitalented Saunders also uses his Jimdo website to highlight his music career and other artwork. This gives online visitors an intimate view of the artist before they ever set foot in his studio.

9. Taqnia International (Technology Investment and Development Company)

Jimdo website examples.

The Taqnia International venture capital firm provides a range of services both for new and established technology companies worldwide. Using a slideshow header and animated elements, its Jimdo website truly showcases the company’s pursuit of innovation. 

Taqnia International also added a branded favicon to its site, which helps it stand out — even in a sea of open browser tabs.

10. BikeWrappers (Bicycle Accessory Company)

Jimdo website examples.

BikeWrappers, a bicycle accessory company, uses one of the more actively engaging Jimdo website templates. Its homepage features a full-screen video background so visitors can watch the product in action. Below the header, visitors will find another detailed video to help them better understand the company’s product plus call-to-action (CTA) buttons that encourage them to become customers.

Leveraging the Jimdo website builder’s ability to create both informative and functional websites, BikeWrappers includes sections on its site for multiple products. It also features a helpful blog for visitors looking to become part of the cycling community.

11. Straight Edge Scaffolding (Scaffolding Company)

Jimdo website examples.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, this Straight Edge Scaffolding uses a cohesive yellow and gray color scheme throughout its website along with simple logos and icons to engage visitors. This site also features a slideshow header to display gorgeous, professional photos that highlight the company and the type of jobs it handles. 

Straight Edge Scaffolding even connected its Twitter and Instagram feeds directly to its homepage, making it easy for visitors to stay in touch or get a general sense of the company at a glance. With its Jimdo website, this company ensures potential customers can easily reach out with questions and/or request a quote.

12. Republic Capital Group (Investment Banking Services Company)

Jimdo website examples.

Republic Capital Group used the Jimdo website builder to create a sleek and compelling, professional website. Its homepage features integrated animated elements for an engaging and sophisticated touch. The site’s “About” page uses images and text to showcase the company’s management team in a friendly and inviting manner. 

This site exemplifies how Jimdo makes it easy to create a simple, yet elegant business website — even for companies that serve complex markets like investment banking. It ensures visitors will leave the site knowing who Republic Capital Group is and what it does.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these Jimdo website examples provided some inspiration as you explore how you could use the Jimdo website builder for your small business site. Jimdo uses AI to make it easy for just about anyone to get a business website up and running, regardless of technical skill level.

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