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How to Use a Facebook Business Page to Market Your Business

A Facebook business page is an excellent free opportunity for companies to increase brand recognition, generate traffic to their website, and make sales. Follow these Facebook business page strategies for marketing your business.

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How to Make a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a free marketing asset for your business. It is an asset because it can be used to make your business money. Creating a business page on Facebook doesn’t cost money, just a tiny fraction of your time.

Follow these easy steps to set one up:

  1. Login to your personal Facebook account
  2. Go to “Account Settings” and select “Create a Page”
  3. Follow the easy instructions presented to create your company profile

PRO TIP: Depending on your business type and industry, you will probably have many different options to choose from. For example, you can create a business page designed around a particular product or service on Facebook, update the description and photos, and add links to your website and social media pages.

Creating Sales From Your Facebook Business Page

A business page for Facebook is a highly effective marketing tool that can dramatically increase a company's website traffic, which in turn generates sales. The following are just a few of the many business activities one can use such a page for.

Use Facebook Polls

A popular feature that Facebook offers its users is the ability to use Facebook polls. A poll is a question or collection of questions designed to collect feedback from your audience. These questions can be designed to gather specific demographics information, such as age, gender, race, location, or education, or they can be used to solicit general user responses.

PRO TIP: Polls can be integrated into news feeds, forum discussions, and posts, helping to build brand awareness, generate revenue, or both.

Use Profile Pictures

Use your personal profile to start posting profile pictures. Your personal profile will show up in news feeds, in comments sections, and in the news feeds of friends. Start posting photos that are related to your business or your industry and show off your best qualities. Include a link to your company website or a quick glimpse of your blog at your own site. This is another way to draw attention to your business page.

Get Involved With Facebook Groups

Get involved with Facebook groups and become a participant. Participating in conversations, forums, and events on Facebook groups and other social media sites can help you build relationships and trust with your target audience. Become an active member of the groups or events and engage with users on the platform. 

PRO TIP: Engage in conversation with others within the business community, and share tips and tricks about your brand.

How to Boost Your Facebook Business Page Results

Posting frequent and relevant content is key to a successful business page strategy on Facebook.

Strategies for Boosting Your Page Results:

  • Write posts that are useful and interesting.
  • Share tips that can be helpful to your readers.
  • Post links to your blog or website, videos that demonstrate the capabilities of your product or service, or even sample products or services so that users can see how they would benefit from them.
  • Include links to your Facebook business page so that interested parties can connect to you. The more that you share your brand's content, the more links you will have out there leading back to your main website. The more quality content that you produce, the more likely it will be shared by others on Facebook, creating more exposure for you and increasing your brand's visibility.

PRO TIP: Your page for your business needs to include a profile picture, preferably one that is visually interesting. When you start posting content, consider changing your profile picture to something different every time you update it. It will keep your page interesting and relevant, as well as having your friends identify with you easily. If you change your profile picture often, people will be able to keep up with your updates on their own, helping them keep track of changes to your page.

Engagement Tactics

Use Facebook applications that can mark your posts as "favorite" posts. With this, your followers will see posts that might interest them in the future, especially those that are relevant to their interests. This is a great way to increase your social media marketing strategy for your brand. By doing this, you are showing that you care about your brand staying relevant to everyone, and not just to people who are following you or your page.

PRO TIP: Keep your social media marketing plan updated. Make sure you continue adding content to your page to keep your audience engaged and interested. Make sure that your audience is not only interested in updates but in the overall layout of the page as well.


Editing your Facebook page is simple; just follow these six steps:

  1. Edit Your Information in the “Business Manager.”
  2. Go to “Business Settings.”
  3. Click “Business Info.”
  4. Below “My Info,” click “Edit.”
  5. Make your changes.
  6. Click “Save.”

To create business page for Facebook, visit, select “Business or Brand,” and enter your business information.

Creating a business page for Facebook is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

You will need an administrator to manage it. However, the business page can be separate from your personal Facebook page.

Facebook Business is a new platform that provides brands with an extensive range of highly targeted, high converting paid ads, organic content, and paid premium listings, enabling brands to put up their products and service in front of the largest possible audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

If you simply want to attract more customers without spending money on Facebook ads, you can try engaging with people directly through Facebook groups. You can also create a business page on Facebook and post content regularly to keep your target market engaged and coming back for more of your products.

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