Our Top Alternatives to Incfile.com:

1. ZenBusiness - $39 + State Fees

Our top Incfile LLC service alternative is ZenBusiness. We highly recommend their services when you want to form a business. Their formation plans start at only $39 (plus state fees) and include useful and necessary products such as a registered agent, an Operating Agreement, and an accounting assessment. Additional options may be added for a low price within your budget.

ZenBusinesses’s excellent customer service and complete packages are the reason why we decided to partner with this incorporation service. Their five-star reviews on Trustpilot.com should provide enough evidence for the company’s high quality work and it’s why we have selected this option as our top choice, and you should too.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Best Incfile Alternative: ZenBusiness

Form an LLC with ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

2. Rocket Lawyer - $99.99 + State Fees

Rocket Lawyer is another great Incfile alternative. Their Standard LLC formation package will cost you $99.99 (plus state fees). If you prefer legal services, you can choose to form your business with their subscription package for a monthly fee of only $39.99 per month (after a free trial).

In addition to having access to low-priced monthly legal services, the company also prides itself on providing responsive and knowledgeable customer support. Since excellent reviews are a priceless part of any customer’s experience, it is important to note that they have received a Trustpilot.com score of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Incfile Alternative: Rocket Lawyer

Form an LLC with Rocket Lawyer ($99.99 + State Fees)

3. Northwest Registered Agent - $49 + State Fees

Our final Incfile alternative choice is Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest strives to provide high-quality customer service and delivers on that promise. They offer their clients Corporate Guides, who are professionally trained U.S.-based support agents. These Corporate Guide are specifically assigned to your account, so you can communicate with the same person if you need any additional information.

Like ZenBusiness and Incfile, Northwest includes a free year of registered agent service in their basic package. As you can tell from the name of the company, Northwest Registered Agent focuses on providing premium registered agent service at an affordable price.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Incfile Alternative: Northwest Registered Agent

Form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent ($49 + State Fees)