Our Top LegalZoom Alternative Picks to Save You Money:

1. ZenBusiness - $39 + State Fees

As an alternative to LegalZoom, we highly recommend forming an LLC with ZenBusiness. One of the main differences between the two online services would be the LLC pricing; ZenBusiness starts at $39 plus state fees, while LegalZoom starts at $79 plus state filing fees.

Additionally, ZenBusiness focuses more on corporation and LLC formation, and LegalZoom focuses more on legal services beyond business formation, such as providing attorney help, tax advice, and access to legal forms.

ZenBusiness offers some of the lowest pricing on the business formation market. Compared to LegalZoom LLC pricing, ZenBusiness offers more affordable formation packages. In fact, we even partnered with ZenBusiness to provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the best deal and discount.

ZenBusiness LLC packages include useful and necessary services and features such as the following:

If you need additional options when forming an LLC, you’ll be happy to find exactly what you’re looking for within your budget.

ZenBusinesses’s excellent customer service and complete LLC packages are the reason why we teamed up with this incorporation service. The five-star ZenBusiness reviews on Trustpilot.com should provide enough support for the company’s high-quality work, and that’s why we have selected this option as our top choice.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Best LegalZoom Alternative: ZenBusiness

Form an LLC with ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

2. Incfile - $0 + State Fees

Incfile is another excellent alternative to LegalZoom. In addition to starting an LLC, the company can also form an S-Corp, C-Corp, and nonprofit.

Incfile's basic LLC formation package only charges state fees, and similar to ZenBusiness, you’ll receive Articles of Organization filing and a full year of included registered agent services. Compared to the LegalZoom LLC cost, you'll save $79 with Incfile's basic plan.

The Incfile middle plan contains LLC essentials, such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Operating Agreement.

In addition to Incfile’s affordable LLC packages, the company also prides itself on providing responsive and knowledgeable customer support. To make the business formation process easier for customers, Incfile’s user-friendly online dashboard allows you to organize important business documents that you can access at any time.

A cube with LLC printed on its sides

LegalZoom Alternative: Incfile

Form an LLC with Incfile ($0 + State Fees)

3. Northwest Registered Agent - $49 + State Fees

Our final LegalZoom alternative choice is Northwest Registered Agent. One of Northwest’s leading strengths is their dedication to high-quality customer service; they offer their clients Corporate Guides, who are professionally trained U.S.-based support agents. Each customer gets a Corporate Guide assigned to their specific account, so you can speak to the same person if you have any questions or concerns.

As a LegalZoom competitor, Northwest tends to receive more positive customer reviews. LegalZoom reviews often mention a lack of transparency and communication, while Northwest reviews rave about great customer support and quick turnaround.

Like ZenBusiness and Incfile, Northwest includes a free year of registered agent service in their basic LLC formation package. As you can tell from the name of the company, Northwest Registered Agent focuses on providing premium registered agent services at an affordable price.

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LegalZoom Alternative: Northwest Registered Agent

Form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent ($49 + State Fees)

LegalZoom Alternatives: The Bottom Line

Choose LegalZoom if:

  • You don't mind paying extra money for business features and services
  • You want ongoing legal services beyond LLC formation
  • You are more comfortable working with a more well-known brand

Choose ZenBusiness if:

  • You want straightforward, affordable business formation packages
  • You want a full year of included registered agent service
  • You want cost-effective, premium-level service

Choose Incfile if:

  • You want free business formation (plus state fees)
  • You want a year of free registered agent service
  • You want a user-friendly online dashboard to keep track of important business documents

Choose Northwest if:

  • You want a full year of free registered agent service
  • You value high-quality customer support
  • You want a simple and quick LLC formation checkout process
A cube with LLC printed on its sides

Best LegalZoom Alternative: ZenBusiness

Form an LLC with ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)