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CNA Business Insurance Review 2024

CNA is a Chicago-based insurance provider offering many types of business insurance. CNA currently sells business insurance to over 1 million small businesses throughout the US.

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CNA Business Insurance

CNA was founded in 1897 in Detroit, Michigan. The insurance provider offers many types of business insurance. Small businesses can purchase policies such as commercial property, casualty insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

The most popular coverage CNA offers is its commercial property and casualty insurance.


  • Many types of business insurances
  • Long history being in business
  • Solutions for many types of small businesses
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Nationwide coverage


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Types of Insurance Offered by CNA

CNA provides many types of insurance to small businesses. The most common policy CNA sells is their commercial property and casualty policy which protects businesses from damage to their property.

Additional types of insurance provided by CNA include:

Visit CNA’s website for a complete list of insurance types.

How to Get a Quote from CNA

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Get a Quote”
  3. Fill out information about your business
    1. If approved, you will be directed to an online form
    2. If unapproved, call CNA at 1-800-262-2000
  4. Answer some questions about your business
  5. Get a quote

CNA Review Ratings

Value — 3/5

Overall, CNA works well for most businesses because they offer many types of small business insurance suitable for the majority of small businesses. However, we found it difficult to determine what policies they offer with their insurance packages.

Customer Service — 3.5/5

CNA customer service is fair and professional. Our overall experience was average; however, some online customer reviews have complained about CNA.

Ease of Use — 2.5/5

Applying for general liability insurance was not the most convenient experience. You must call their customer service number to get a quote. No online quotes except for sheet music, printers, and picture frame stores, but others like architect firms and engineering companies must call.

Included Features — 3/5

We find CNA’s approach to insurance acceptable because of their decent customer service, reasonable quotes, and variety of small business insurance types offered. These are the primary features we like about CNA.

Other features we like about CNA include their informative website and their online bill pay feature.

Final Thoughts on CNA

CNA may be the right insurance solution for your business if you want a fair quote, have many insurance needs, and like doing business with a company that has 100+ years of experience.

CNA does not make purchasing small business insurance very easy since you have to call them to request a quote, except for a select few business types, like printers and sheet music stores. We spent several minutes on hold before we reached a live person. That said, CNA also provides satisfactory customer service, reasonable quotes, and expert insurance advice to ensure your business stays protected.

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Our Approach

Choosing the best business insurance comes down to three things:

  1. The type of business you have
  2. What you need to insure
  3. Which insurer offers the best small business insurance quote

We selected the best business insurance providers by reviewing numerous insurance companies online. Then, we analyzed them to understand the types of businesses they best serve. And finally, we narrowed down what types of insurance they provide.

We also looked into which insurers provide the best quotes, customer service, and any other aspect that make them unique.


Who is CNA?

CNA is a small business insurance provider that offers many types of small business insurance. They have been in business since 1897 and service over 1 million small businesses.

Is CNA insurance legit?

CNA is a legal entity that has been in business since 1897. They sell business insurance throughout the United States. Insurance is a heavily regulated industry. Rest assured, CNA is a legitimate business.

What type of insurance do you need for a business?

All businesses should carry general liability insurance. It covers you and your employees against potential liabilities to third parties should your products or services cause bodily injury or property damage. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may need other types of insurance.

Can I purchase business insurance online through CNA?

CNA’s website does not permit small business owners to apply for insurance through its website. To purchase insurance, you need to call their customer service number.

What’s the most popular small business insurance from CNA?

Commercial property and casualty insurance is CNA’s most sold small business insurance policy. This policy protects a business from property damage and accidents that happen on commercial property.

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