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Namelix Business Name Generator Review

The Namelix Business Name Generator is a tool to help entrepreneurs find a brandable business name and logo for their business. Relatively easy to use, you just type in a keyword, select your name type, and instantly receive business names and logos.

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Namelix Business Name Generator Review

What Is the Namelix Business Name Generator?

The Namelix Business Name Generator is a tool that randomly generates business names and logos. Names are generated based on keywords. The generator generates countless names for you to review, to determine which one matches the vision you have for your business and brand.

Using the Namelix Business Name Generator is guided and easy. Just input a keyword (we recommend using an industry term to help with SEO), and the generator’s artificial intelligence will use that keyword to come up with names and brandable logos. Once you pick a name that suits you, Namelix provides options for you to purchase your name and logo.

Quick Peek

We test drove the Namelix Business Name Generator to see how it worked.

Here’s what our experience was like:

  • We quickly found a name we liked
  • When we made our choice, we realized that we had to pay for the logo design.
  • Logos were brandable, but they weren’t anything special
  • Upon reusing the generator, we noticed that some names were recycled

Pros and Cons of Namelix Business Name Generator

The Namelix Business Name Generator does have its pros and cons. Here’s what we discovered using the tool that you may want to be aware of.


  • Decent name generation
  • Generated brandable logos
  • Multiple naming options
  • Easy-to-navigate platform


  • Recycled names and logos
  • Not an SEO-friendly name generator
  • Does not check to see if your name is available
  • No additional information on naming restrictions

Who Is Namelix Right For?

The Namelix Business Name Generator is best suited for those that are looking to design a logo right at the time of their research process. Namelix generates logo possibilities with each name that they produce, which can be helpful for entrepreneurs that struggle with the design process.

How to Start an LLC Tip Icon

If you want a name generator that automatically creates logo designs, then check out the Namelix Business Name Generator.

Namelix Business Name Generator Alternative

The Namelix Business Name Generator is a decent tool, but it’s more focused on logo design rather than the name itself. Consequently, its domain name purchase options are not very user-friendly, and because they appear to recycle their results, the generated names could be in use by another company.

An alternative name generator that’s easy, doesn’t collect personal information, and only shows available domains is the TRUiC Business Name Generator. This tool provides SEO-friendly domains to help your small business grow.

Why you might want to use the TRUiC Business Name Generator:

  • SEO-friendly names generated with advanced AI technology
  • Checks for .COM domain availability
  • Discounts on domain name registration
  • Ability to generate a free logo using your new business name

How We Rate the Namelix Business Name Generator

We rated the Namelix Business Name Generator based on five criteria: name variety, user privacy, SEO optimization, ease of use, and name availability. Here is how Namelix rates.

Variety of Names

Namelix gives you countless names when you enter your keyword into its business name generator. The names generated seem to be a good selection of names related to the keywords we put in.

User Privacy

Unfortunately, Namelix does collect your personal information. If you value your privacy, we recommend you read its privacy policy closely.

SEO Optimized

Namelix doesn’t offer SEO advice. Namelix is more about selling brandable logos than helping entrepreneurs navigate starting a business.

Ease of Use

If your intention is to purchase a name and logo for your business, then the process is very guided. However, if you want to make sure your name isn’t in use and the domain can be purchased, it’d be best to look elsewhere for a business name generator.

Name Availability

Namelix was not super forthcoming on whether business names were available. The website doesn’t list any domain name prices and seemed to recycle names in each generator search. To determine domain name availability, users must click the “register” button over their desired name, which redirects them to Namecheap.

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Final Thoughts on the Namelix Business Name Generator

Namelix’s name generator will definitely generate some names for your business. However, it’s only worthwhile so long as you’re willing to go through the extra steps to research whether the name is already registered and whether you can purchase the domain; additionally, you’ll need to be willing to purchase a logo to go along with your name, which might not be right for every entrepreneur.

When selecting a business name, you have to make sure you are careful when going through the registration process and abiding by name restrictions. Unfortunately, the Namelix Business Name Generator doesn’t take this process into account, and Namelix also doesn’t guarantee the name you select will be SEO-friendly. This can be detrimental for an online business, as it may lead to lower traffic and lower sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Namelix Business Name Generator generate SEO names to help local businesses?

No, Namelix names are merely randomly generated names. You’ll have to do your due diligence and pick a name that is SEO-friendly.

Does the Namelix Business Name Generator let you purchase a domain name to go along with your business name?

No. In fact, you’ll want to check the availability of your domain using the domain name registrar before purchasing your name and logo to make sure it is available.

Do I have to be tech-savvy to use the Namelix Business Name Generator?

No. The Namelix Business Name Generator is straightforward and easy to use.

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