Best BigCommerce Website Examples For Business

BigCommerce is a flexible, open, software as a service (SaaS) platform that can help small business owners build beautiful online storefronts with a range of powerful ecommerce tools.

BigCommerce offers analytics and integration tools for third-party applications and so much more. This article showcases 10 best BigCommerce website examples to provide some inspiration as you create an online store for your brand. 

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10 Beautiful BigCommerce Website Examples

BigCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there. It boasts some of the top brands and allows for small businesses to quickly scale up. Use these beautiful BigCommerce website examples to get inspired to start your own BigCommerce store.

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Skullcandy (Audio Lifestyle Brand)

BigCommerce website examples.

Lifestyle audio brand Skullcandy sells industry-leading headphones, earphones, and other products. As such, its homepage features high-quality product photos paired with a bold graphic consistent with its branding. The company’s logo appears in the upper-left corner as well as in each product image.

This website also balances simple, engaging text with call-to-action (CTA) buttons so visitors can easily shop and learn more about the company.

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Burrow (Custom Furniture Company)

BigCommerce website examples.

Burrow sells modular furniture for customers looking to furnish their space quickly and cost-effectively — without having to compromise on style. This uniquely-designed Bigcommerce website features a full-screen photo of a room furnished with Burrow products, offering a clear value proposition to customers.

As visitors scroll down this site’s homepage, subsequent sections offer information about the brand as well as ideas for designing a new space. CTA buttons accent a series of high-quality product photos, prompting online visitors to click on them to learn more.

Bon Bon Bon (Artisanal Chocolate Shop)

BigCommerce website examples.

Artisanal Chocolatier Bon Bon Bon uses a bold design on its Bigcommerce website with a pastel color palette as sugary-sweet as its candy. This site also features many tantalizing product images to entice visitors to click on the boldly colored CTA buttons. Despite the confectioner’s decadent prices, pictures that look good enough to eat will tempt even the most frugal customer.

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LARQ (Reusable Water Bottle Company)

BigCommerce website examples.

LARQ, an award-winning designer of reusable water bottles, lets its product speak for itself with a minimalist website design. The homepage displays an image that helps customers visualize how they might use the company’s product above an impressive series of endorsements.

As visitors scroll down the page, they find more information about the product, the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment, and the cost savings they can achieve by purchasing a reusable bottle. CTA buttons accent product photos, encouraging visitors to shop as soon as they see an item that suits their needs.

Revelry (Bridesmaid Dress Retailer)

BigCommerce website examples.

Revelry's Bigcommerce website exemplifies the company’s truth in advertising with a series of photos that feature women of all sizes in a variety of bridesmaid dresses. The site’s color scheme complements the bridesmaid attire its photos showcase, creating cohesive branding. The homepage also includes an embedded Instagram feed, featuring real customer weddings.

Black Diamond (Athletic Equipment Manufacturer)

BigCommerce website examples.

The Black Diamond  website creates a sense of adventure for customers shopping for athletic equipment with bold copy set against adrenaline-inducing photos.

By highlighting the connection between the company’s products and customer experiences, this site encourages online visitors to click on CTA buttons to shop and learn more. This BigCommerce website example shows how a good mix of minimalism and bold colors can really capture the customer’s attention.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (Artisanal Ice Cream Maker)

BigCommerce website examples.

The Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams website puts its product front and center with a seasonal flavor — complete with bold copy to attract visitors’ attention. The site also has a sticky navigation menu, featuring links that allow visitors to learn more about the product and how to make a purchase as they scroll down each page.

In addition, a panel on the homepage directs visitors to a page within the site where they can learn more about the company’s ethical business practices.

Saddleback Leather Co. (Leather Products Retailer)

BigCommerce website examples.

The Saddleback Leather Co. BigCommerce website example highlights the company’s branding with leather-trimmed borders, an earthy color palette, and a vintage map in the homepage header.

The site’s homepage also displays featured products as well as customer reviews to help encourage online visitors to make a purchase. Make sure your homepage has everything it needs to shine by reading our How to Design a Homepage article.

Barron Designs (Remodeling and Home Improvement Company)

BigCommerce website examples.

Barron Designs — a company selling faux panels, columns, and beams to commercial and residential customers — makes it easy for online visitors to find the product they seek by including a style quiz on its homepage. This website’s homepage also includes a five-star icon that highlights the company’s positive customer reviews

In addition, the site’s sleek, understated design brings products to the forefront while its sticky navigation menu enables visitors to easily find key information

Beer Cartel (Craft Beer Store)

BigCommerce website examples.

The Beer Cartel website caters to its target audience of beer drinkers with a simple, laid-back design. Its homepage prominently displays featured products and brands for easy browsing as well as an embedded Instagram feed and a list of the company’s earned media placements.

Make sure your website has everything it needs to stand out by reading our How to Design a Successful Website guide.

Final Thoughts

These websites represent just a small sample of the businesses that used the BigCommerce platform to create beautiful online stores. Regardless of your industry or business size, BigCommerce can provide an incredible tool to help you create a stunning, digital storefront for your company.

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