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9 Attractive Square Online Store Examples 2024

Are you considering the Square website builder to help you build your small business website or online store? Because Square is a major player in the digital payments industry, many businesses already use its point-of-sale (POS) system for their payment processing. But, even if you don’t already use Square, it has a lot to offer if you want to create a simple website for your business. 

These nine Square examples will give you a good idea of what you can accomplish with an online store or services-based business website built using Square Online. Take a look and see if the Square website builder can deliver the kind of online presence your business needs. 

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Best Square Online Website Examples

Square is one of the most affordable website builders around, especially when it comes to ecommerce. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it so anyone can have a successful online store up and running in no time.

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Indigo Wolf (Custom Sportswear Manufacturer)

Examples of sites made with Square.

In our first Square online store example, Indigo Wolf offers performance sportswear customizable for individual teams and/or schools. Its site takes full advantage of Square image options to place full-page photos of teams and players in the company’s gear front and center. These photos help Indigo Wolf instantly communicate its purpose and offerings to online visitors. 

The company prominently showcases its six different categories of products and services on its homepage with a photo and call-to-action (CTA) button for each — all surrounded by plenty of white space. This website isn’t complicated, but it’s still effective and engaging.

Sheek Studio (Beauty Salon and Retailer)

Examples of sites made with Square.

Sheek Studio takes the image display capabilities of their Square online store even further with large, rich images of models showcasing its makeup and hair services. These striking, high-quality images make site visitors feel like they, too, could look amazing with the help of Sheek Studio.

Examples of sites made with Square.

Alongside its services, this company also promotes its line of beauty products on its homepage with a “Discover Sheek Beauty” CTA button that takes visitors to a separate products page, featuring lipsticks, lip liners, and other items. Square markets its website-building platform as an online store builder, and this site clearly demonstrates that ecommerce focus.

The Green Pharmacy (Natural Health Retailer)

Examples of sites made with Square.

The Green Pharmacy gives customers access to a wide range of homeopathic herbs and dietary supplements. Because this small business focuses purely on selling products, its website’s homepage gets straight to the point by highlighting multiple featured and popular products. Site visitors also can use the navigation menu to shop by product category or brand as well as check out the company’s blog.

Another aspect of this Square website example that stands out is its use of a green banner at the top of every page to promote its current sale or special. As soon as someone lands on any page within this site, that banner immediately encourages them to take advantage of a great deal. 

Beauty Marked Vintage (Clothing Boutique)

Square Website Examples

Beauty Marked Vintage offers curated vintage clothing from the 1960s to the early 2000s. The most striking aspect of its website is the use of a long, scrolling image on its homepage to really make visitors take in the beauty of its vintage products.

This high-quality image requires visitors to make multiple flicks of the scrolling wheel on their mouse — or to scroll down their mobile device — in order to see it all. A “New Arrivals” header and a “Shop Now” button appear in the middle, providing a strong call to action for visitors taken in by the product image. Overall, this site exemplifies the strong use of design made possible with the Square website builder. 

Ouid (Cannabis Retailer)

Square Website Examples

Ouid sells smoking blends that combine various herbs with cannabis, which is legal in the company’s home province of Ontario, Canada. Ouid’s visually impressive Square website features multiple bright and engaging image panels on its homepage.

Some of these image panels include photo galleries while others feature animation and one even scrolls separately from a static image on the left. That’s a relatively advanced Square online store design for such an accessible website builder. 

The Funny Farm Restaurant (Local Eatery)

In addition to excelling at creating sites tailored to retailers, the Square website builder also offers restaurant-specific templates. The Funny Farm Restaurant website uses one of these templates to display a full-page image of some of its famous dishes. Right below that enticing homepage header image, visitors will find featured menu items — including several seen on the “Man vs. Food” television show. 

Square Website Examples

This business also needs customers to know where it’s located so it takes advantage of the Square website builder’s map integration tool. Online visitors can easily find the restaurant’s location and hours of operation while an interactive feature lets them get directions, if needed. 

Curriculum (Barbershop)

Square Website Examples

Curriculum offers a variety of personal and household goods, such as clothing and fragrances, in addition to its grooming services — all curated to ensure its customers get nothing but the best. 

One key feature that the Curriculum Square website employs effectively is a pop-up window with a CTA button, inviting visitors to subscribe to its newsletter as soon as they arrive on the site. This is a website design option used by many successful companies to fuel their marketing efforts. It allows you to capture email addresses for future marketing efforts like newsletters. 

Parlour (Salon and Spa)

Examples of sites made with Square.

Vermont hair salon Parlour used the Square website builder to expand its business by creating an online shop for beauty products. 

This website’s navigation menu includes links to Parlour’s service offerings as well as its various product categories and job board. This enables its online visitors to quickly navigate the entire site without scrolling. 

Whistler Wines (Vineyard)

Examples of sites made with Square.

The Whistler Wines site shows how the Square website builder can perfectly suit retailers of all types. As soon as you arrive on this website, you encounter a display of some of the company’s most attractive offerings. The site’s design also makes these high-quality images of wine bottles stand out against a sea of white space behind them. 

If you want to dig a little deeper into Whistler Wine’s online offerings, you can use the items on the fixed navigation menu in the upper-right corner.

Final Thoughts

With so many different website builders now available, it can seem hard to choose the right one. That’s why we do the research for you to help you make the best decision for your business. These Square online store examples demonstrate how you can build a well-designed, high-quality website using a simple tool.

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Get Started With Square

Building a website with Square Online is incredibly easy to do. Refer to our other helpful guides to make sure you get started on the right path:

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