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Tennessee LLC Name Search

You'll need to conduct a Tennessee LLC name search to ensure name availability for your new business.

We’ll help you establish your Tennessee LLC with a distinctive and legally recognized name.

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Check LLC Name Availability in Tennessee

You can use Tennessee’s Business Information Search and the Name Availability Search to check the availability of your desired name.

To perform the most effective search, type in the name you would like to use, excluding identifiers like “LLC”, and leave all other boxes blank. This will return all entities using the same or similar names. If your business name is several words, you can even search just the first two words to ensure you pull up all possible similar names. The name availability search will search for the exact name, while the Business Information Search will also search for variations.

Be sure to conduct a thorough search before completing your paperwork to avoid rejection.

2. Search Available Domain Names

Another important consideration to make when selecting a business name is whether or not your desired web domain name is available.

Having a URL that clearly matches your business name is important. This seemingly small step can make a big difference in how prospective customers find your business.

The best way to determine if your desired URL is available is to search for it online using your preferred domain registry, such as GoDaddy.

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3. Follow Tennessee Naming Guidelines

When starting a limited liability company (LLC) in Tennessee, it is important to adhere to certain naming requirements. Here's what you need to know:

Inclusion of Designators

Your LLC name must include one of the following designators:

  • "Limited Liability Company"
  • Abbreviations: "L.L.C." or "LLC"
  • These designators can be written in roman characters or letters.
  • For foreign LLCs, the name can include designations allowed by the jurisdiction where the foreign LLC was formed or organized.

Examples of acceptable names include:

  • ABC Ventures Limited Liability Company
  • XYZ Solutions LLC

Limitations on Language

Your LLC name should not include language that implies or states the following:

  • Transacting or having the power to transact business requiring authorization under Tennessee law, unless authorized by the appropriate commission or officer in writing.
  • Affiliation or sponsorship with fraternal, veterans', service, religious, charitable, or professional organizations, unless certified in writing by the claimed organization.
  • Being an agency, instrumentality, or affiliation with the United States, any state, or subdivision thereof, unless certified in writing by the appropriate official.
  • Being organized for a purpose not permitted by § 48-203-101 and the LLC's articles.


Your LLC name, whether domestic or foreign, must be distinguishable from the names of other entities on record with the Tennessee Secretary of State. 

This includes true, assumed, reserved, or registered names. The distinction should be evident based on the filings made with the Secretary of State under applicable law.

Use of Non-Distinguishable Names

In certain cases, a domestic or foreign LLC or a person acting on behalf of an LLC that is yet to be formed can request authorization to use a name that is not distinguishable from existing names. The Secretary of State can authorize the use of such a name if:

  • The person holding the previously filed name provides written consent and undertakes to cancel their reservation or change their name to a distinguishable one.
  • The applicant provides a certified copy of a final judgment from a court, establishing their right to use the name.
  • Both the person holding the previously filed name and the applicant provide written consent, satisfactory to the Secretary of State, to use the same registered agent.

Not sure what to name your business? Check out our LLC Name Generator.

Registering Your Tennessee Business Name

Whether you're prepared to launch your LLC or still in the planning phase, we're here to guide you through the process.

Register Your Tennessee LLC Name

Registering your LLC name in Tennessee is a relatively straightforward task. Your business name becomes officially registered when you file the Tennessee Articles of Organization. This critical document marks the formal establishment of your business in the state.

The Tennessee Secretary of State's website provides detailed instructions on how to fill out the form and pay the necessary state filing fee.

Keep in mind: Utilizing a professional LLC formation service can simplify the process by handling the registration of your LLC name and the establishment of your LLC. To learn more, refer to our Best LLC Services review.

Reserve Your Tennessee Business Entity Name

Tennessee’s Secretary of State Business Services Division handles all LLC naming questions and requests. Business names can be reserved for 4 months. If you have yet to form your business entity using the reserved name when the business name reservation expires, you may renew the name reservation.

To reserve a business name, you must file an application by mail. When reserving your name, you will have to pay a filing fee. Checks must be made out to the “Secretary of State.”

After choosing a name for your LLC, take the next step and create a unique logo with our Free Logo Generator.

Tennessee Application for Reservation of LLC Name

File by Mail With the Tennessee Secretary of State

Download Form

Fee: $20

Mail to:
Corporate Filings
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
6th Floor, William R. Snodgrass Tower
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

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Other Considerations

While reserving the name for your LLC is straightforward, there are some other things you should think about when choosing the best name for your business. You may want to do a Trademark and Social Media search for your name to see if it's available for use across the internet. This will help ensure you have full, unrestricted use of your business name.

Trademark Search

Conducting a trademark search of your business name and associated slogans or logos before registering can help prevent costly litigation in the future. Discovering that another entity has trademarked your business name does not automatically disqualify you from using it.

However, it is important to know who is using the name, what industry they operate in, and where they are located to be sure you do not inadvertently infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property rights.

To complete this step: 

  • Search Tennessee’s trademark records to see if your business name or associated slogans, logos, or others are in use by another business in your state. 
  • Search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s electronic records to find any federally registered trademarks associated with your business name.

Social Media Search

Just as important, or more so, than finding a domain name that fits your business is ensuring that your business name is available for use across social media platforms. You can do this by simply searching your business name on each major site, or use a tool such as Namecheckr to search across all platforms at once.

Bottom Line

Having a name for your business is an important first step for creating a successful LLC, and one that is incredibly easy to do. Once you have found your preferred name using Tennessee's Business Information Search and Name Availability Search, you'll want to secure your domain name so that your customers will be able to find your business online. Reserving your name with an Application for Reservation of LLC Name will help you stand out from the competition. With your name secured, you will be ready to take the next steps to formalize your LLC.

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What's Next?

Now that you have your name, it's time to take the next steps to establish your LLC. Check out our full guide on how to form an LLC in Tennessee, where we can guide you every step of the way.

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To perform an LLC name search in Tennessee, you can visit the Tennessee Secretary of State's online business entity search portal. Use their search tool to enter your desired LLC name and review the results to ensure that the name is available and not already registered by another business entity.

Conducting an LLC name search in Tennessee is important to ensure that your chosen name is unique and distinguishable from other registered entities. This step helps prevent potential legal conflicts, trademark infringement issues, and confusion among consumers.

It is recommended to perform an LLC name search in Tennessee during the early stages of forming your LLC. If a significant amount of time has passed since your last search and you haven't registered the name yet, it's advisable to perform a new search before proceeding with registration.

In Tennessee, your LLC name must be distinguishable from other registered entities, and it should include the words "Limited Liability Company," "LLC," or "L.L.C." It should also avoid using words that could mislead the public or imply a purpose it does not serve.

No, Tennessee does not provide a formal name reservation process for LLCs. Once you have confirmed the availability of your desired LLC name through the name search, it's advisable to proceed with the LLC formation and registration process promptly to secure the name.