Every active West Virginia LLC has various tax accounts that are maintained by different departments within the West Virginia State government. Before you can dissolve your LLC, you must first pay off all taxes and/or fines owed to these accounts.

Here are some of the common taxes your LLC may owe:

  • If you have or have had employees in West Virginia:
    • Unemployment Insurance Tax
    • Employee Withholding Tax
  • If your LLC sells or has sold taxable goods or services in West Virginia:
    • Sales & Use Tax

Closing your tax accounts usually involves simply filing a final return to the appropriate agency. However, some accounts require submitting other official paperwork. If you need assistance in closing your tax accounts, it may be helpful to hire a Certified Public Accountant.

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NOTE: None of your LLC's tax accounts can be closed if they have a remaining balance. All taxes, penalties, fees, and interest must be paid in full before you can dissolve your LLC.


Articles of Dissolution are the forms that you file to voluntarily dissolve your LLC. Once this document has been filed and processed, your LLC will no longer legally exist.

The State of West Virginia requires business owners to submit their Articles of Dissolution by mail.

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File the West Virginia LLC Articles of Dissolution

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Filing Fee:


Mail to:

West Virginia Secretary of State

State Capitol Building

Charleston, WV 25305

You can also have a professional service provider file your Articles of Dissolution for you. Two recommended service providers are: