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How To Dissolve An LLC

Why Close your LLC?

Having to close a failed business is a common experience for many now successful entrepreneurs. TRUiC's free LLC dissolution guide walks you through the two-step process of dissolving your LLC in all fifty states.

Tying off your loose ends by officially dissolving your business can save you fines or even unwanted legal trouble. It will also take a weight off your mind and free up mental space to decide the best step forward for your career.

How To Dissolve An LLC

No need to hire a lawyer. You can dissolve your LLC today in two simple steps:

  1. Close your business' tax accounts.
  2. File your Articles of Dissolution.

Dissolve An LLC In Your State

What's Next?

Start a New Business

It's also important to make sure your personal business is aligned with your own life goals and desires. Finding the right business will help you stay motivated during your entrepreneurial journey, even when difficult times arise. We have compiled hundreds of detailed guides written by business professionals to help you build up your dream business.

Find the business idea that best fits you.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires a strong financial base. Having a full-time job can let you build up your personal business without risking you or your family's financial security. There are many job search resources out there, but here are a few we recommend: