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20 Business Resources for Young Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that young entrepreneurs are the future of small business, but as a teen entrepreneur, it may be tough to know where to find help getting started. Whether you have a million-dollar idea or simply the drive to be your own boss — you’re never too young to start working toward opening the business of your dreams.

To get you on the right path, we have gathered the best resources for teen entrepreneurs on everything that you need to know to start a business of your own, from networking to educational resources.

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Top Resources for Teen Entrepreneurs

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At TRUiC, we believe you are never too young to start working toward your goal of starting your own business. With 77% of teens wanting to be their own boss, resources for teen entrepreneurs aren’t just important — they are necessary! This guide will help you navigate the top resources for teen entrepreneurs to learn the vital skills and information needed to start a business.


1. How to Start a Business - A TRUiC Small Business Guide

All the steps you need to know can be found in our guide on How to Start a Business. From writing a business plan and acquiring funding to marketing your business, every aspect is broken down into easy, actionable steps for new business owners of all ages. Additionally, a visit to the state-specific guide that matches your location will give you more insight into the requirements set forth by your state and get you closer to forming a business legally.

2. How to Form an LLC

Generally, we recommend starting an LLC over any other business structure. Not only are LLCs the easiest to form, but they are also simple to maintain and offer benefits such as personal liability protection and tax perks that other business structures do not. In our guide on How to Form an LLC, we take you step-by-step through the process of forming an LLC in every state.

Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 to form an LLC in most states. Check with your local Secretary of State or equivalent state office to find out your state’s specific requirements for business formation.

3. SBA Business Guide

The Small Business Association (SBA) provides resources for entrepreneurs to start and maintain their businesses. The SBA business guide is an extensive resource with tools to help you navigate every stage of business ownership from start to finish. From writing a business plan to calculating costs and finding adequate funding — the SBA business guide is a one-stop destination for all your business planning needs.


4. TRUiC Business Name Generator

Choosing the right business name is one of the most important and — at times — challenging aspects of planning a business. Your business’s name should be a representation of your brand, clear enough to communicate what your business is while also being catchy and creative. Fortunately, if you’re not sure what your business name should be, our free business name generator produces appropriate names for you to choose from that align with your business type.

5. TRUiC Logo Maker

Once you’ve got your business name squared away, you’ll need a logo to effectively brand your business and increase recognition. The good news is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a great logo for free. Our easy-to-use logo maker allows you to generate a logo for your business that you can use for everything from business cards to marketing materials and more.

6. TRUiC Business Plan Generator

No matter the size or type of business you’re starting, a business plan is an essential component of a successful business. A business plan is essentially a roadmap for the first 3-5 years of your business that outlines milestones and how you plan to reach them. If you plan to seek outside funding, this document is absolutely essential.

Creating a business plan that will help you secure funding and get your business off the ground is easy with our free business plan generator that takes the guesswork out of planning your business and makes it easier than ever.

Financial Resources

7. Kid Everest

Created by kids, for kids — Kid Everest is a crowdfunding platform for young entrepreneurs that makes sourcing the startup capital you need safe and easy. Signing up for Kid Everest is free, and they boast one of the lowest rates for crowdfunding at only 4% of donations. Simply sign up, link your bank account, promote your page on social media or via email, and collect donations to start your business.

8. Indiegogo Entrepreneur Services

Another helpful crowdfunding resource, Indiegogo is a platform that makes generating startup capital online super simple. Not only can you crowdfund your new business, but Indiegogo also allows users to extend their campaigns to continue to raise money even after their business is established. Use this platform to generate funding, talk to experts in your field, and expand your brand.

9. Fundable

Fundable is a crowdfunding platform that offers users two methods to crowdfund their businesses: equity or donations. This means you can choose to provide investors with the opportunity to earn a return on investment through equity or obtain funding on a donation basis with no repayment required. Rather than take a percentage of your earnings, Fundable charges $179 per month to use its platform; however, signing up is free, and payment is not required right away.

Networking & Mentoring

10. Hack+

Organizers looking to launch events and grow their brand can benefit from using the Hack+ platform to schedule and manage events at no cost to you. This free platform offers event insurance, liability waiver management, equipment and software, and free domain hosting.


BUILD was created to help underserved high school students start businesses of their own while simultaneously offering services to help them become successful, independent adults. The focus of this organization is on six key points called “Spark Skills,” which include communication, collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, grit, and self-management. These skills are developed through programs offered by BUILD, such as its Entrepreneur 101 course or the BUILD four-year program.

12. LaunchX

Laurie Stach, the founder of LaunchX, started the company to provide young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create successful startups. LaunchX offers a summer program in person and virtually as well as online courses that provide teens with the education and support they need to start their own businesses. If you can’t make one of the events online or in person, the company also offers a LaunchX Workbook that, like its programs, gives insight into generating business ideas, launching a startup, and more.

13. Youth Business International

Youth Business International works with underserved, aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 to start, grow, and maintain small businesses. Participants can learn how to launch their business, develop products, and reach a global network of experienced entrepreneurs and experts to further their goals.


Starting a business at any age is difficult; getting guidance from experienced mentors can help you successfully start and maintain your business. SCORE offers entrepreneurs of all ages an easy route to finding a business mentor in their area. In addition to this, you can sign up for workshops and browse SCORE’s extensive database of business resources.

15. SBA Mentor-Protégé Program

The SBA’s Mentor-Protégé Program pairs aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors who help them win government contracts and run successful businesses through relationships with established companies. Additionally, participants in this program will gain education on marketing, manufacturing, and accounting as well as financial assistance, strategic planning, and more. To participate in the program, your small business must meet the small business standards and meet additional requirements.

Educational Resources

16. Young Entrepreneur Institute

The Young Entrepreneur Institute provides programs and services to educate children and teens about entrepreneurship. Whether you are looking for a day-long crash course or a semester of entrepreneurial education, aspiring business owners in kindergarten through eighth grade can learn the foundations of business ownership and entrepreneurship to propel their goals forward.

17. E-seedling

E-Seedling hosts a yearly Youth Entrepreneur Camp that teaches young entrepreneurs all the business basics such as writing a business plan, marketing strategies, presenting business ideas, and more. Better yet, E-Seedling prioritizes making business education attainable and fun for all ages.


A resource for teen entrepreneurs and educators alike, provides educational programs and curriculum geared towards students of all ages. By signing up for one of’s programs, you gain access to 21st Century business education on the basics of entrepreneurship, such as business planning using a design thinking method to help students get comfortable thinking outside the box.

19. BizKids

Based on the popular TV show, BizKids is an online resource that provides tools for young entrepreneurs to meet their goals. Educational materials on financial planning, business planning, and marketing are available on the website, as well as interactive games to try your hand at managing a business while having fun.

Whether you are signing up for one of the many courses offered by this platform or simply visiting one of its educational pages, there is a wealth of business knowledge at your fingertips.

20. Generation E

The Generation E institute has resources for young entrepreneurs at an elementary, middle, or high school level. The aim of these programs is to provide children and teens with the educational resources they need to explore various career paths and dream big. At the high school level, these programs even have the potential to be used for college credit, credit recovery, and more.

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