Simvoly Website Examples for Small Businesses

Simvoly is an intuitive website builder that most any small business owner will find easy to use. But, what kind of a website can you build with Simvoly?

This article will provide eight beautiful examples of professional websites made with the Simvoly website builder. Use these to illustrate what’s possible with a Simvoly website and inspire you with some ideas for your own site.

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8 Beautiful Simvoly Website Examples for Small Businesses

Simvoly is a user-friendly and affordable website builder that provides marketing, webpage, ecommerce and blogging capabilities. Use these Simvoly examples to inspire you to create your own successful business website.

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Check out these useful articles to see if the Simvoly website builder is right for you:

1. Carri Pet (Pet Supply Company)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Carri Pet pet supply company makes fantastic use of media with a website full of videos and photos of cute puppies, kittens, and other pets sure to melt the hearts of all animal lovers.

Every section of this Simvoly website example boasts a video or photo depicting adorable animals. The videos automatically play on a loop, and many of the images feature animation effects. For instance, the images embedded with product links zoom in slightly when scrolled over. Carri Pet clearly knows its audience and effectively uses its webpage to visually appeal to them.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

2. Bas Bas Brand (Merchandise Retailer)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Merchandising retailer Bas Bas Brand uses pop-culture images and its entertainment-related blog to attract visitors to this Simvoly example. A wall-to-wall photo graces the top of the page, depicting characters from Harry Potter, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and popular Netflix shows.

The following sections display photos of the brand’s products, and a blog section entitled The Latest From Our Magazine. Three representative blog links feature stories about Captain Marvel, Harry Potter, and La Casa Di Carta. These blog posts are likely to show up in searches conducted by pop culture fans, drawing them to Bas Bas Brand’s page.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

3. CJ’s Paradise Travels (Travel Agent)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

The Simvoly website for CJ’s Paradise Travels combines eye-catching photos and text blocks with plentiful call to action (CTA) buttons and contact options to engage visitors. 

CJ’s Paradise surrounds gorgeous photos of exotic locales with plentiful white space and text blocks describing the aspects of this agency that make it unique. The page also sprinkles plenty of CTAs to encourage visitors to get involved: Contact Us buttons, a Send Us a Message form, an email subscription button, and social media links.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

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4. Chris Benetti (Marketing Consultant)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Some businesses focus on a product, others on a service. Then some companies center around a personality, like the Chris Benetti website. Marketing and funneling consultant Chris Benetti a great Simvoly example of the latter.

Opening with a video of Benetti introducing himself and a prominent Contact Me button, followed by an About Me section, the page focuses on Benetti’s expertise and personal charisma as a selling point.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Following sections feature animated graphics showing Benetti’s work in progress, a stylish slider of customer testimonials, and a CTA button for joining Benetti’s professional Facebook  page.

5. Billy Bottombomb (Children's Book)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

The Billy Bottombomb Simvoly website created for “Billy Bottombomb and the Great Poo of Pottyville,” a children’s potty training book, is deceptively simple. Consisting of plenty of white space, text blocks highlighting the book’s selling points, and whimsical art from the book, the page is attractive and informative.

An unboxing video featuring the author adds a multimedia element to the page. Another section highlights the charitable cause a portion of the profits support. CTA buttons invite visitors to explore the book further or purchase it in multiple formats.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

6. B.O.S.S. Website Builder (Web Design)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

The homepage for the specialty B.O.S.S. Website Builder uses a distinctive color scheme and photo animation to catch the eye. Gold lettering and CTA buttons stand out on an otherwise black-and-white layout.

Unlike most sites, this page’s header is on the side, and the lettering of each item on the navigation bar turns gold when scrolled over. Several animations show the process of building a website, adding motion to the page in an attention-grabbing manner. Unique four-color icons grace the page in several places, along with plenty of CTA buttons and links.

7. Career Camp (Job Training)

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

The Career Camp Simvoly website uses unique imagery, drop-down FAQ answers, and plentiful CTA buttons to guide visitors through its offerings. A large photo header features a video and a Start Here button. 

The following sections provide plenty of information about the program in various layouts: text blocks paired with pleasant, cartoon-like faces; drop-down information blocks explaining modules and providing answers to FAQs; numbered text blocks; and pull quotes.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Multiple CTA buttons encourage visitors to book a 15-minute inquiry call, and a form at the bottom of the page provides another sign-up opportunity.

8. becfaye (Consulting Firm)

Marketplace growth consultancy firm becfaye uses a soothing color palette, white space, and carefully placed photos to create an appealing Simvoly homepage.

Each of the three sections following the header places text and photos on alternating sides, and the color of the CTA button in the middle section changes in a swiping effect when hovered over.

Further down, potential benefits show up as a checklist, followed by a grid of attractive photos and a final CTA button.

Examples of websites built by Simvoly.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Simvoly review has demonstrated the kind of eye-catching, professional-looking websites you can easily create for your small business.

Check out our step-by-step instructions for creating a Simvoly website, as well as our in-depth tutorial on how to use the Simvoly website builder. If you still haven’t decided if Simvoly is right for your business, read our full Simvoly Website Builder Review and Simvoly Pricing articles.

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