12 Beautiful Strikingly Website Examples— Updated 2022

If you’ve been wondering what a finished website could look like using Strikingly, this guide is for you. We went through and found 12 Strikingly website examples from different industries that uniquely show what’s possible with this website builder. Use these as inspiration to get your own gorgeous website started for your small business.

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Isa Catepillán (Textile Artist)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This textile artist/slow-fashion designer taps into a history of traditional weaving to create unique garments. Utilizing a photo slideshow header to expertly showcase different looks and projects. The “Collections” tab in the main navigation menu uses a great drop-down menu feature. This feature keeps things organized and helps customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

The “Custom Orders” page features two buttons, one leads to a form to book a free consultation, the other is a downloadable file of the order protocol. Below the buttons is an elegantly showcased collection of testimonials— a great way to impress potential customers.

Project Punchline (Event Producer)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

Project Punchline is the definition of comedy for a cause. All ticket sales for events produced by this organization and any merchandise purchased helps raise funds for various nonprofits. Using the Strikingly chat box feature, visitors can instantly engage with the company’s CEO.

The “Merchandise” section highlights how easy it is to add ecommerce to any Strikingly website. Project Punchline keeps it simple with photos, a brief description of the products, and what organization it’s helping to fund.

Holistic Apothecary & Wellness (Nutrition Consultant)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This nutrition and wellness consultant has created a wonderful and engaging website with Strikingly. On the homepage, there are ways to purchase products, read customer reviews, and join the community that CEO Shavonne has helped nurture.  

In addition, this site uses Strikingly’s appointment scheduler so new clients can book a consultation call or view available programs. Site visitors are also greeted with a pop-up window offering them a discount, as well as a friendly chatbox to strike up a conversation with Shavonne.

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

Lever & Bloom Coffee (Specialty Coffee Cart)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

The website for this UK-based specialty coffee cart features a large photo as the homepage header to clearly illustrate the set-up and aesthetic of the business. Immediately below is the “About” section, allowing visitors to engage with the story and meaning behind this enterprise.

Not only does this site provide in-depth information on the sourcing of the products used, but there is also a nifty “maps” feature to help visitors navigate their way to the physical location of the kiosk.

Bondi Bandits (Surfing Apparel)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This Australian-based surf apparel company turns discarded materials into unisex, sustainable surf tops. The website for this business utilizes Strikingly’s “Social Feed” to connect its Instagram— allowing visitors to stay further in the loop. This site also uses Strikingly’s ecommerce functionality, which enables customers to place orders for both domestic and international shipping with a simple click of a button.

Momentary (Video Production Company)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This Melbourne-based production company uses a video in the homepage header of its website. Not only does this automatically pull in the attention of site visitors, but it also highlights the message and branding of Momentary

The “Projects” page is a wonderful video gallery, showcasing the work this company can provide. Most importantly, if visitors want to see more work, there is a contact form just below the gallery.

Against the Grain (Blog)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

Pennsylvania blogger Angela Corrado uses this sophisticated yet simple Strikingly template for her agriculture and business marketing blog. Using the Strikingly “Social Feed” feature, Corrado has connected her Instagram feed to her website, to keep visitors up-to-date and spread the reach of her blog.

Whereas there isn’t anything too flashy on this site, it is of note that it utilizes the Strikingly Free plan— showing that even the no-cost option can create a fully functioning website, able to link to social media and keep visitors engaged.

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Connected Women (Job Matching Platform)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This award-winning job matching platform uses Strikingly to create a cohesive and streamlined website to highlight its goals and achievements. Using Strikingly’s popular single-page template, it’s easy to navigate who this company works with, what technology it uses to support its mission, and how to stay in contact.

Not only does it utilize Strikingly’s contact form, but this website also has connected Facebook Messenger as a chatbox feature.

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

Fighting Pretty (Nonprofit)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This nonprofit organization supports women battling cancer through monetary donations, physical gifts, and community. The website uses several drop-down menu pages in the site’s main navigation to keep things organized for visitors. 

In the “Programs” drop-down menu page there are several options for ways visitors can engage or donate. The “Fight Club” section uses a membership feature from Strikingly— allowing customers to donate on a recurring monthly basis. 

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

Peggy Liu (Artist)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This Taipei-based illustrator/photographer uses Strikingly to highlight her vast collection of work. Ranging from physical products to murals and installations she has contributed to, the simple yet effective gallery layout throughout the entire website allows for cohesion and easy viewing. The Strikingly gallery features are a great way to visually communicate; ideal for international businesses and artists alike.

Startup Youth (Business Training Programs)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This Ottawa company provides training sessions and programs for youth interested in gaining more entrepreneurial and business skills. The website uses advanced Strikingly features for the call to action (CTA) buttons. When a visitor clicks on the “Apply Now” button, it will open a Portable Document Format (PDF) of the application form, making it quick and easy to fill out and send.

Startup Youth also takes advantage of Strikingly’s “Social Feed” features, connecting Instagram and Twitter® to its website. It has also made sure to include a separate photo gallery with images from previous events, for visitors who might not have social media but still want to follow along.

Grow Food Where People Live (Community Garden & Volunteers)

Examples of websites built by Strikingly.

This North Carolina organization has made bringing sustainable food structures to rural communities its mission. This Strikingly website has testimonials from previous volunteers and a wonderful photo gallery to show the work in action. 

This website also has an advanced “Donate” CTA button, opening up in a new tab for visitors to make donations to an affiliated non-profit that provides direct funding to Grow Food Where People Live and other organizations like them.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these gorgeous Strikingly website examples offer some inspiration as you consider how you could use the Strikingly website builder for your small business’s website.

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