7 Stunning Duda Website Examples

Though Duda is aimed at website design businesses that cater to other small businesses, there’s no reason your small business can’t use Duda to create your own website

So far, over 14 million websites have been built with Duda. Duda’s website builder is easy enough for the novice designer. 

Check out our article on How to Make a Duda Website for step-by-step instructions. 

Below are seven examples of websites, from a variety of industries, all built with Duda. Use these for inspiration when creating your own Duda website.


Examples of websites built by Duda.

StaffPad is an app that’s used for easily creating musical notation. We love how their Duda website uses a video background to showcase the app in action. The website is a one-page site with menu items at the top that link to the related sections of the page. 

Further down the page, StaffPad has embedded a YouTube ™  video demonstrating how the app can play back the music you notate. It also uses Duda’s functionality for frequently asked questions (FAQs), plus it uses Duda’s blog to keep readers up to date about the app.


Examples of websites built by Duda.

Skipio is a platform that helps businesses use text messages to reach their customers. Skipio has cleverly embedded its own app onto its Duda website that allows website visitors to send it a text directly from the website. 

Skipio uses text, embedded videos, and lots of images to illustrate how its app benefits businesses. A contact form gathers visitor’s information so they can text with Skipio about using the platform. Skipio’s “Pricing” page allows visitors to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Legacy Homes

Examples of websites built by Duda.

Legacy Homes is a home construction business in Idaho. It uses multiple gallery pages to illustrate the various floor plans it builds. The “Videos” page embeds YouTube video tours of its homes. The “Contact” page has active phone numbers so you can click to call from your mobile device, plus a Contact form and a map. The footer has icons linked to all of its social media accounts.

Dave’s Pet City

Examples of websites built by Duda.

Dave’s Pet City is a pet supply company in Massachusetts. The bulk of the website uses Duda but it uses Shopify for the ecommerce part of its website. Dave’s has made good use of Duda’s header feature with a bar across the top that has its social media icons, location, hours, and phone number. It has lots of pictures of Dave on the website, making the website feel fun and personable.

Dallas Family Medicine

Examples of websites built by Duda.

This Texas-based family medicine practice has a Duda website that makes it easy for new patients to learn about the practice and request an appointment. You can learn about the doctors, the services they provide, see the office hours, and get directions, all on the website. Patients can also download forms directly from the website that connects to the patient portal, which is on another website. It uses a Contact form to collect reviews and then posts those on the “Testimonials” page.

The Inspired Treehouse

Examples of websites built by Duda.

Ads are a good way to earn money from a blog and the first thing you notice when looking at this website is the abundance of ads. The website is chock full of activities designed by a physical and occupational therapist that help kids develop self-regulation, core strength, and more. The Inspired Treehouse includes a way to sign up for its newsletter in the banner across the top and also makes it easy to find its social media. A search box allows parents to search for activities they can use with their children.

John’s Famous Auto Parts

Examples of websites built by Duda.

This Florida-based auto parts store has a simple website that functions well for new customers. The homepage uses lots of custom photographs to illustrate the business. Each type of service has its own page along with more photos. It has six locations in Florida, each with its own page that contains the address, a button to get directions, contact info, and hours. It uses Duda’s FAQ widget for an FAQ page and it also uses the Contact form as a way for customers to request a quote.

Final Thoughts

Duda is a powerful website builder that allows you to create a clean, crisp, functional website for your small business.

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