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Best Shopify Store Examples to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Creating and running your own ecommerce store can be incredibly exciting. Shopify makes it easy to have your own online store up and running, but it can be tricky to know where to start.

Use these 12 best Shopify store examples to get inspired to build your own successful Shopify store. We chose these Shopify example sites to help you get a better feel for what you can do with the Shopify ecommerce platform.

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Shopify website example.

12 Best Examples of Websites Built With Shopify

We've rounded up the best Shopify stores to demonstrate how gorgeous your online shop can look. We’ll note the templates each site uses so you can more easily find one that feels right for your business. We’ll also highlight any other specific apps or plugins that make these sites truly shine to help you build your own online store capable of attracting repeat customers.

Use these successful Shopify examples to get inspired to start your own Shopify store.

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Silk & Willow (Wedding Decor Provider)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Silk & Willow online boutique for sustainable wedding decor uses the Shopify “Symmetry” theme with the “Chantilly” style. The “Symmetry” theme includes a carousel header, which allows multiple images and offerings to scroll past, giving visitors an instant feel for this business.

Featured products appear immediately below the carousel header for visitors to review. Hovering over each image reveals another photo with more information about that product. This feature also appears throughout the site’s “Shop” pages to give visitors more details as they browse the site.

The Shopify blog feature enables Silk & Willow to keep a journal, write tutorials, and boost its overall customer engagement by showcasing its unique brand for site visitors.

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Adored Vintage (Clothing Retailer)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Adored Vintage is a vintage and vintage-inspired online clothing store that uses a custom theme it uploaded itself to showcase its distinctive and delicate offerings. This business also connected quite a few apps and plugins to make its website interactive and engaging. A connection to the Mailchimp marketing platform, for example, enables this online store to keep its customers in the loop with email marketing campaigns. In addition, the use of the Alert Me! app enables this retailer to provide restock notifications to its customers.

As you peruse the site, a little box will appear in the lower-right corner to showcase a specific item another customer recently purchased. This feature not only highlights popular products from this thriving business, but also creates a sense of urgency to purchase those items before someone else does.

In addition, hovering over product images throughout this site provides detailed close-ups with a better view of the quality of the fabric or item.

Real Fun, Wow! (Artist)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Artist and designer Daren Thomas Magee uses the Shopify “Symmetry” theme with the “Beatnik” style to create the Real Fun, Wow! website. This theme allows three images to rotate through the header area at the top of the site’s homepage.

This online store groups its offerings into different product collections, helping visitors more easily find the item(s) they seek. Visitors also can sort the available products using a variety of filters — from price points and product names to oldest to newest products or vice versa. This makes the shopping experience both inviting and streamlined.

Mr. Magee also upgraded his Shopify store to enable him to sell and ship to more than 200 countries, expanding his business’s reach. He also installed some helpful apps and plugins, including several from Tech Dignity and Hextom, to automate some tasks while still maintaining a beautiful site.

BWAH Shop (Clothing Retailer)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Proving you can convey elegance with a simple site, BWAH Shop's use of Shopify’s “Brooklyn” theme with the “Playful” style features its logo as the main header image with its shop immediately underneath.

This retailer also installed two useful apps on its site to make it easier to manage. First, the Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender app helps customers select the right clothing size for them. Second, the Printful app enables on-demand printing, dropshipping, and warehousing to allow this online store to operate without a physical location or extra effort from the owner.

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Camelback Flowershop (Florist and Gift Shop)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Camelback Flowershop is a Phoenix-based flower and gift shop that uploaded its own custom website theme to create a stylized layout aligned with its brand image. By organizing its site into product collections, this business streamlines the shopping experience for visitors. It also uses the In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell app to help boost sales by offering additional products inside its customers’ shopping carts.

This site also uses the Bootstrap Heroes application to send customers updates and reminders about special offers. This helps encourage repeat visits, boosting the site’s overall traffic.

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Holo Taco (Nail Polish Brand)

Examples of Shopify websites.

The interactive, animated header on Holo Taco's homepage not only highlights its brand personality, but also makes its use of the Shopify “Debut” theme with the “Light” style stand out. Installing the Accentuate Custom Fields app will enable you to add multiple languages, images, and videos to make your online store sparkle and shine like this one.

The addition of the Instafeed - Instagram Feed app also enables this online store to display shoppable social media feeds, connecting Holo Taco to a wider audience and streamlining the shopping experience across platforms. This free app provides a great way to reach more customers.

Sew House Seven (Sewing Pattern Company)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Portland, Ore.-based Sew House Seven offers both digital and physical products on its website, making it easier for the company to serve a broad customer base. Specifically, the Sky Pilot app allows this company’s online store to sell its patterns as both portable document format (PDF) digital downloads and physical paper patterns. This makes its products more accessible to a wider audience.

By tweaking Shopify’s “Minimal” theme in order to customize the homepage to suit its sense of style and taste, this company ensures visitors will have a memorable shopping experience.

Tiger Moth Goods (Jewelry and Gift Shop)

Examples of Shopify websites.

The Tiger Moth Goods website uses a personalized version of Shopify’s “Debut” theme to showcase different product collections, alert visitors about restocking events, and preview new items about to arrive in the shop. This customized theme also makes the site’s homepage header more engaging with a rotating carousel of images vs. a static photo to highlight collections and featured items.

Tiger Moth Goods also connected Shopify Payments and several other payment processing platforms to its site to ensure it receives customer payments in a timely manner. From Venmo to major credit cards, this ecommerce business takes full advantage of how easy it is to receive money quickly via Shopify.

To learn how to connect payment options to your Shopify website, read our step-by-step guide.

Little Otsu (Paper Goods Retailer/Publisher)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Little Otsu is a charming stationary and gift store that uses Shopify’s “District” theme with the “Coast” style to take advantage of the carousel header, which alerts site visitors to featured products. This theme also enables Little Otsu to organize its many product collections in a way that helps its customers quickly find what they seek.

By using the Shopify website builder’s “Discounts” feature, this retailer ensures its site can use discount codes to pass savings on to customers and keep them returning for more deals.

Made In (Cookware Provider)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Made In works with specialty makers, craftspeople, and well-respected chefs to deliver high-quality kitchenware directly to consumers. Using Shopify’s “Brooklyn” theme with the “Playful” style, this website features a comprehensive, drop-down menu from its main navigation bar. This allows visitors to hover their mouse over any main navigation item to see organized lists of product collections, simplifying the shopping experience. This layout also enables Made In to showcase its extensive offerings without requiring much effort from site visitors.

This website’s use of Searchanise’s Smart Search & Instant Search app enhances its site navigation with filtering options for specific collections or items as well as advanced autocomplete and “did you mean?” features to help customers more easily find what they seek.

Bésame Cosmetics (Beauty Products Retailer)

Examples of Shopify websites.

Designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez created the Bésame Cosmetics website using Shopify’s “Prestige” theme with the “Couture” style, to elegantly showcase her vintage-inspired beauty products.

With the addition of the Gobot - AI Chatbot + Quiz app, this website features a chat box on the right side of each page to aid visitors. Customers also can complete a quiz within the chat box, adding a sense of levity to narrowing down their search. This functionality not only engages site visitors, but also showcases the Bésame Cosmetics brand personality and products.

Confluence Farms (Subscription Food Box Provider)

Examples of Shopify websites.

With a desire to find a more sustainable way to grow and share their crops, the owners of Confluence Farms use Shopify’s “Avenue” theme with the “Precise” style to highlight their farm’s history as well as how to sign up for delivery and subscription boxes. From flowers and cooking kits to frozen sourdough waffles, this small business embedded the purpose of its farm into the purpose of its website.

The Confluence Farms site also uses several apps and plugins to stay connected to its customers. From the Mailchimp marketing platform to the Bootstrap Heroes app, this business has multiple ways to send reminders and updates to its customers — an incredibly important asset for a business that changes with the seasons.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this collection of Shopify website examples will provide some inspiration as you begin creating your own site. See what you can bring to life and how gorgeous you can make your business website.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for building your Shopify website to get started. If you still want more information about different website builders, check out our Best Website Builder review.

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