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Creative Webnode Website Examples For Small Businesses

Webnode is a solid choice for many small business owners since Webnode’s website builder is incredibly simple and very easy to use.

If you’re thinking about building your website on the Webnode platform, you may want some inspiration to inform your design and structure. This article highlights seven creative websites built on the Webnode platform

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Webnode Website Examples.

Examples of Creative Websites Built With Webnode

Webnode can be an excellent choice for some small business owners who are looking for an easy website builder. It’s well-suited for those who don’t have a lot of technical skills, or need to get their website up and running in a day.

Use this article to get inspired by what you can create with Webnode for your business website.

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1. 20 Something Lessons (Blog)

Webnode website examples.

This blogger not only has a dynamic logo for his brand, 20 Something Lessons, but also expertly weaves vivid imagery throughout his website. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog — or just want to see how another business owner set up an effective menu structure with Webnode —  definitely check out the 20 Something Lessons website. 

In addition to its elegant design, this site’s blog posts provide a good example of how you might structure a blog post as well as add social media sharing buttons and a “Subscribe” call-to-action (CTA) button.

2. Spennylympics (Fundraising)

Webnode website examples.

If you want to start a fundraising website or other type of nonprofit, check out the Spennylympics website for inspiration. It incorporates a memorable logo, an easy-to-follow structure, and clear CTA buttons.

The homepage also features photos, videos, graphics, social media links, and more — clearly demonstrating what’s possible when you use the Webnode website builder. Furthermore, this website provides a seamless connection to the owner’s chosen fundraising payment processor.

Finally, through its “Sponsors” and “Ambassadors” pages, the Spennylympics site successfully showcases the brands and Olympians with which it partners.

3. Maisha Dyson (Communications Coach)

Webnode website examples.

Maisha Dyson is a communications coach that created a highly engaging website through Webnode. The top menu bar includes her logo, name, and a clear menu structure. The homepage also includes a photo, clear CTA buttons, a “Subscribe” pop-up window, and more. In addition, this site’s homepage features a number of testimonials so new visitors can see how Ms. Dyson’s clients view her services.

This website also includes samples of Ms. Dyson’s work on the “Speaking” and “Coaching” pages, three online course options, and a clear way to reach out to her through her “Book Maisha” page.

4. Sklepy Maratice (Venue Promotion)

Webnode website examples.

Sklepy Maratice — and the next three that follow — showcase what Webnode users can do with the “Marmalade Maker” template. This winery and venue-for-hire business uses its homepage to showcase gorgeous photos of the venue grounds and interiors. It also incorporates a booking tool and contact form directly on its homepage.  

Visitors to the Sklepy Maratice website can easily see the rooms it offers for hire, peruse its accommodation options, and learn more about the venue owners. This website includes a clear structure, compelling CTA buttons, and vivid, memorable imagery.

5. We-Eatse (Food Truck and Catering Company)

Webnode website examples.

The We-Eatse website is another example of a small business owner successfully using the “Marmalade Maker” template. Behind this template’s black header box, you can easily see a vivid image of a food truck. After a brief introduction, visitors reach a stunning photo gallery that highlights many of the company’s food options plus other images showcasing this business.

At the bottom of its homepage, this site features another bold, black box that encourages visitors to contact the company. The We-Eatse website uses a simple, yet effective structure and relies heavily on brand-specific images and colors to encourage visitors to access the company’s services.

6. Craffox (Children's Furniture Company)

Webnode website examples.

Children’s furniture company Craffox successfully uses Webnode’s “Marmalade Maker” template to showcase its brand and products. For example, Craffox uses this template’s black box to incorporate a description of its products with buzzwords like “multifunctional,” “ecological,” and “stylish.” Further down the homepage, Craffox shows how customers can use its products for different purposes, such as a learning tower, a seat, or a stand-up chalkboard. 

Even further down the homepage, Craffox lists its products’ key benefits and makes a clear statement about its commitment to safety. The Craffox website also includes social media links, clear CTA buttons, information about stores that carry its products, and a contact form so visitors can reach the company directly.

7. Zachraň Dobroslavu (Nonprofit)

Webnode website examples.

Zachraň Dobroslavu nonprofit’s website, which also uses Webnode’s “Marmalade Maker” template, focuses on raising money to restore a local chapel. The website’s owners use this template’s black box to clearly state the site’s mission, and the box really stands out against the background of a neo-Gothic piece of art. 

This website also uses a clear menu structure, incorporates a video introduction, and details about how citizens can help restore the community’s chapel.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these Webnode website examples provided some inspiration and clear ideas on how you might set up a Webnode website for your small business. If you still haven’t decided if Webnode is right for your business, be sure to read our Best Website Builders Review.

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