Best Business Ideas for ESFJs

Best Business Ideas for ESFJs

The typical ESFJ entrepreneur possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and seeks jobs that permit them to use these skills effectively. They appreciate practical work that allows them to see tangible results and prefer more social, structured, and process-driven work environments.

Many types of businesses can suit ESFJ personalities, which are outlined in this list of 20 business ideas. Grouped into five categories, each of these business ideas includes an assessment of the associated startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential.


A wide variety of business-related opportunities can offer extroverted ESFJs the opportunity to leverage their organizational and interpersonal skills. From accounting firms to financial consulting firms, this category provides several great fits for ESFJ entrepreneurs.


Accounting Service Image

Starting an accounting firm can be a great idea for detail-oriented ESFJs with a passion for numbers. You’ll need to become a certified public accountant (CPA) and enjoy working with clients as well as alone. You can minimize your startup costs if you work from home, and you have the potential to earn between $125 and $350 per hour once you establish yourself in the industry.

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Advertising Agency Business Image

Creative ESFJ entrepreneurs with a solid mind for business might consider starting an advertising agency. While formal education isn’t required, a degree in marketing and some advertising experience can prove tremendously helpful. If you initially meet your clients in coffee shops or their place of business, you can limit your startup costs to less than $5,000. Once established, your agency has the potential to earn annual revenue in the six- to seven-figure range.

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Event Planning Business Image

Event planning businesses can be ideal for organized, extroverted ESFJs who enjoy planning and executing events. Good event planners have excellent communication and marketing skills as well as the ability to work with a variety of vendors, clients, and venues. You can easily start your business for less than $5,000, and you should earn an average salary of $75,000 to $80,000 per year.

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Financial Consulting Firm Image

ESFJs thinking about starting a financial consulting firm should already have a thorough understanding of finance and the ability to effectively convey complex financial information to their clients. You also should have some experience working for a financial consulting firm and a Certified Financial PlannerTM certification. If you already possess the necessary education and certification, you can start your business for less than $5,000. This line of work offers the potential to earn a six-figure income.

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Financial Planning Firm Image

ESFJs with a knack for finance and a desire to focus on their clients’ long-term goals might consider starting a financial planning firm. These business owners should have a proven track record in financial planning and consulting. They also need to feel comfortable working with a wide variety of businesses and individuals. You can expect startup costs of less than $20,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

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Human Resources Consulting Firm Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs also might consider starting a human resources consulting firm — especially if they already have a degree and/or experience in the field. This line of work provides an opportunity to use your organizational and interpersonal skills as well as your rational approach to decision-making. You can start this type of business for less than $10,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure income.

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Public Relations Agency Image

ESFJs thinking about starting their own public relations (PR) agency should not only have a background in PR, but also excellent communication, sales, and marketing skills. You can start your agency for as little as $1,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure, annual income once you have a steady stream of clients.

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The health and wellness sector also can provide great business ventures for ESFJ entrepreneurs. From starting a dental office to opening a personal training business, this category offers several compelling options for ESFJs.


Dental Office Image

ESFJs who want to open their own dental office should already have a degree from a dental school, a professional license in their state, and several years of experience. Startup costs can range from $250,000 to $500,000, but dentists have the potential to earn seven-figure salaries.

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Home Health Care Business Image

A home health care business is another venture in which organized, extroverted ESFJs may find success and fulfillment. In order to meet your clients’ needs, you’ll need the ability to cook, run errands, transport them to appointments, and more. You can start this type of business for less than $1,000, and you can charge between $18 and $40 per hour for your services.

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Makeup Artist Business Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs can thrive in this line of work given their extroverted nature and desire to see the tangible results of their efforts. Successful makeup artists have an artistic flair, a good mind for business, and broad knowledge about makeup and application processes. You’ll need about $8,000 to start your business, which has the potential to generate a six-figure income once you secure a steady stream of clients.

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Nutritionist Business Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs with a passion for nutrition can find this line of work rewarding because it gives them a chance to help people improve their overall health and well-being. Nutritionists need excellent people skills, knowledge of human biology and nutrition, and the ability to effectively market their services. You can start your business for less than $2,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

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Personal Chef Business

ESFJ entrepreneurs with a passion for cooking and the ability to prepare a wide variety of dishes might consider starting a personal chef business. Your success will depend on how well you market your services and the quality of your cooking. While formal training isn’t required, any cooking, business, or marketing classes you take will prove beneficial. Startup costs typically total less than $5,000. Most personal chefs earn about $40,000 per year, but some can earn much more based on their location and target market.

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Personal Training Business

ESFJs in excellent shape with an interest in helping others improve their overall health and wellness might enjoy starting a personal training business. Successful trainers have strong interpersonal skills and a proven ability to inspire their clients to reach their physical fitness goals. Your startup costs should not exceed $2,000, and you can expect to earn about $50,000 per year with the potential to reach six figures.

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Insurance-related businesses also can provide excellent options for entrepreneurial ESFJs with extensive knowledge about various types of insurance and the strategies used to sell insurance policies.


Insurance Agency Image

ESFJs interested in the insurance industry and helping other people might consider starting an insurance agency. You’ll first need to decide if you want to start a captive agency or an independent agency because each option has its own pros and cons. Once you obtain the necessary license, you’ll need between $10,000 and $50,000 to start this type of business. No matter which agency option you choose (captive or independent), you’ll have the potential to earn about $80,000 per year.

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Life Insurance Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs interested in the insurance industry, but who want to specialize in one area might consider starting a life insurance brokerage. Successful business owners in this field have solid organizational skills, a strong attention to detail, and a passion for helping others. You can start your brokerage for as little as $5,000, and you have the potential to generate six-figure annual profits after a few years.

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ESFJ entrepreneurs with experience (or an interest) in real estate and the home-buying process may find success in the real estate sector. This category offers two business ideas that could make ideal ventures for ESFJs.


Real Estate Appraisal Image

Real estate appraisal businesses can be a great fit for detail-oriented ESFJs who enjoy working with numbers and appreciate a flexible schedule. You’ll need a professional license for this line of work in addition to completing required coursework and training hours. Once you obtain your real estate appraisal license, you can start your business for less than $1,000. Depending on your business model and your success as an appraiser, you can earn between $30,000 and $200,000 per year.

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Real Estate Brokerage Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs with a background in real estate might consider starting a real estate brokerage. You’ll need a real estate broker license as well as excellent organizational and people skills. Startup costs usually total about $10,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure income once you secure a steady stream of clients.

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ESFJs can thrive in social service businesses given their hard-working, detail-oriented nature and passion for helping people improve their health and well-being. From counseling centers to special needs coaching businesses, this category offers several great options for ESFJs to explore.


Counseling Center Image

ESFJ entrepreneurs’ organizational skills and extroverted nature makes them ideal candidates to start a counseling center. Business owners must have at least a master’s degree to become a counselor and a doctorate to serve as a practicing psychologist. If you start your counseling center from home, you can limit startup costs to less than $3,000. This line of work also offers a high earning potential — once you establish your business — with some centers generating $300 in profits per day.

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Family Counseling Business Image

ESFJs’ drive to help people improve their lives — coupled with their logic and organizational skills — often makes them great counselors. Counselors require a master’s degree or higher as well as a license to practice in their state. If you already have a degree, you can start a home-based business for as little as $1,000. Once you establish your business, you have the potential to earn a six-figure income.

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Special Needs Coaching Image

ESFJs who enjoy working with children and have at least a basic understanding of the disabilities with which they’ll work might consider starting a special needs coaching business. You can start your business for less than $1,000, and you have the potential to earn nearly $60,000 per year.

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