Business Overview

A counseling center can consist of one counselor in private practice or multiple counselors involved in the same practice. It assists the members of the community by offering mental health services to those who want to lead better lives. Typically, all counselors will share similar educational backgrounds, as well as philosophies regarding the best course of treatment. Therapy may be given to people of all ages, including young children for a variety of behavioral problems. Clients may include those who seek out the services themselves, or those who are mandated to receive therapy by the court system.

Who is this business right for?

This business is good for those who enjoy helping others discover their best selves. Navigating relationships, jobs, and life decisions can be overwhelming, but therapists can make the path that much clearer for those they serve. The best possible people for this job are those who find order in their own lives by helping others find order in theirs.

What happens during a typical day at a counseling center?

A typical day for an owner will involve the following:

  • Registering patients
  • Counseling patients
  • Reviewing past treatment plans
  • Follow-ups with previous medical professionals
  • Advertising the business

What is the target market?

There are few people who won’t benefit from seeing a counselor. The unbiased advice and opinions can be priceless to people who can’t see past their next move in life. Persons who are wrestling with depression, anxiety, anger issues, or other emotional or interpersonal problems can all get relief from regular counseling. However, there is still a stigma when it comes to counseling services in certain areas of the country. The target market is composed of those who are open to the idea of getting outside help for self-improvement, parents who hope to stem behavioral issues when kids are young, or those who were mandated by the courts to receive counseling.

How does a counseling center make money?

Counselors make money by charging for their time. All entrepreneurs need to set their fees based on the therapist’s experience, as well as the overhead costs of the business.

What is the growth potential for a counseling center?

While counselors may be more popular in certain neighborhoods, there is still a lot of growth potential for counseling centers regardless of where you live. In addition to traditional offices and private one-on-one therapy, there are a number of other ways that clients can get mental health services. Between group therapy, online counseling, and regular private sessions, counseling centers have a variety of ways to reach their target market.