Business Overview

Accounting services keep track of income, expenses, taxes, and other financial-related information for organizations and individuals of all types. Accounting services are in-demand for good reason. Professional accountants provide business owners and individuals with a clear picture of their finances, implementation of tax mitigation strategies, and all sorts of other financial benefits for clients.

Who is this business right for?

If you are good with numbers, computers, spreadsheets, and have a passion for business, an accounting service is right up your alley.

What happens during a typical day at an accounting firm?

The typical day for an accounting service business owner involves everything from searching for new clients to creating and modifying accounting spreadsheets, explaining financial information to clients, delegating duties to employees and handling marketing efforts.

What is the target market?

The ideal client is a large business. Other ideal clients include wealthy individuals and business owners with myriad sources of income.

How does an accounting firm make money?

An accounting service makes money by charging clients fees. Some work on an hourly basis while others accept a flat rate for project work. Other accounting services are paid an annual sum of money that covers the entire year's worth of accounting work.

What is the growth potential for an accounting firm?

Accounting is a hot field. As long as businesses and complex finance/tax laws exist, accounting services will play an important role. Prove your worth as an accountant and you will gradually add clients to your roster. It is even possible to expand throughout your region, across the state and beyond. The optimal result is growing your accounting service to the point that it provides services for clients throughout the nation and even the world.